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Precious Child is a song from It's a Meaningful Life. It is reprise of Precious Girl. It is sung by Gabe and Stewart Green (Larry).


Gabe: Precious child

Stewart Green

You're worth much more than you may seem

God has made more of your life than your unbeated dreams

Precious one, so special too

When you doubt God's plan for you, just take a look around you

At all the joy you'll bring!

The way you live the love you give

To those around you

The lives you touch

You're worth so much

And that is just how God made you

Stewart: I know what my choice is.

Gabe: Oh, you do?

Stewart: I can choose to stay in this world of What If....

Gabe: Or?

Stewart: Or I can choose to go back to Rockwell, and face my problems, knowing that God has a plan for me.

Both: Even when I/you don't see it.

Gabe: And that plan for you is better than anything you could come up with on your own.

(Stewart winks at Gabe and started turning tracks over the right and started the train.)

Gabe: I like unfamous Stewart.

(Gabe gave Stewart the train whistle.)

Stewart: Can I really have it?

Gabe: Oh, yes. I do believe you're ready.

(Stewart then blows the whistle)

Gabe: All aboard!

(The train continues the tracks again)

Stewart: I can see is love for me

Your words are wise, my new friend

I'll hope in God's good plan alone

In Him I can depend

Gabe: Take a look out the window. The view might just take your breath away.

(The view shows that there are Art, and Barney growing up and has kids. And it shows that Emma grew up as an adult and the little girl gave flowers to Emma and gave her a hug.)

Gabe: You are worth so much and

It's just by being yooooooo-oooooooou.

(The train stops at the station and Stewart gets off)

Stewart: Do-do-do