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Playground Tales
Directed by

Tim Hodge

Written by

Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


September 25, 2015


11 minutes

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Playground Tales is the second half of the eighth episode of the second season of VeggieTales in the House.


Junior is running as fast as he can, because he is late for school, hoping that Mr. Beanbum didn't notice. Outside, the corn teacher, named Mr. Beanbum, is trying to catch an olive dog that had eaten his whistle, at the same time that Junior arrives at the playground. Junior is about to say that he can't believe he got away with it, then becomes surprised when he sees most of the other kids laying on the ground looking rather beaten up and most of the playground equipment overturned. Junior asks what happened, the carrot boy answering, "Gary Garlic happened!", which Junior is surprised about, before the carrot boy tells him that he's the new kid and that he ruined the playground. The carrot boy then further asks how they will play and live, before Junior tells the carrot boy to get a hold of himself, then asks him to tell him what happened. The carrot boy tells him that "it all started a long time ago," but Junior corrects him that it was only five minutes late, before the carrot boy says that "it all started fives minutes ago." A flashback starts up, as Mr. Beanbum tells the students that it's time for gym class, but just as he is about to blow his whistle, an olive dog eats the whistle, which Mr. Beanbum says is his favorite whistle as well as his only whistle. A corn boy asks the teacher what they should do for class, and Mr. Beanbum tells them to play games and stuff, before he starts chasing after the olive dog to get his whistle back.

The kids cheer when they hear that they can play, while the carrot boy says that he calls dibs on the swings. However, before he can get on the swings, a tough-looking garlic kid suddenly appears in front of him, saying, "Gary Garlic's the name and destroying playgrounds is my game! And ruining fun and being an all-around meanie is my game!" Junior interrupts the flashback, skeptical that Gary actually said that, thinking that that sounds unnatural, but the carrot boy tells him that that's what he heard, and asks Junior to let him tell the story. The flashback resumes, as Gary laughs, before he approaches the corn boy who is playing tetherball, before he grabs the tetherball and throws it, before the tetherball hits the corn boy which sends him flying. Next, Gary approaches another carrot boy who is riding on the merry-go-round, then spins around so fast, which causes the merry-go-round with the second carrot boy to spin out of control. The first carrot boy pleads to not let Gary Garlic approach him, but Gary approaches him anyway, as he asks the carrot boy if he needs a push. The carrot boy tries telling Gary that he doesn't need a push, but Gary pushes him anyway, which causes the carrot boy to get spun, which is how he ended up getting tied up on the swing set. The flashback ends after that, while the carrot boy says that he's been tied up ever since. Junior asks the carrot boy where the new kid is now, and the carrot boy answers that Dave was the last kid to have seen him and for Junior to ask Dave, which Junior thanks the carrot boy for. After Junior leaves, the carrot boy asks if someone could let him down, before the swing unties him.

Junior approaches the corn boy, named Dave, asking him where Gary Garlic came from, and Dave also tells Junior what happened. Another flashback starts up, showing the same event with Mr. Beanbum getting his whistle eaten by the olive dog. Mr. Beanbum tells the children to play amongst themselves while he tries to get his whistle back, which the children do, as Dave goes to play basketball, making the first basket, but when he tries to make another basket, the ball bounces off the hoop and bounces over to Gary, who picks up the ball. Dave approaches Gary, asking him if he's new, then introduces himself to Gary, though Gary tells him, "Looks to me like your name's weak!", which Dave is confused about, before Gary tells him, "You're so weak you open bags of chips with scissors! You're so weak you can't even do a push-down! You're so weak you're seven days in a row!" Dave tries to deny this, but is surprised when he sees Gary doing a push-up without any problems, before Gary calls him weak, but Dave tries telling him that that's not true. Gary spins a basketball on his invisible finger while lifting up a broccoli girl and a pea boy in the other 'arm' while still calling Dave weak. Dave says that he's not weak, but Gary reads a book while holding up a sign reading 'weak', which Dave is at a loss for words about, before the broccoli girl tells him that the sign says 'weak', though Dave tells her that he knows what it says, before taunting Gary that he thinks he's so strong and for him to prove it. Gary accepts Dave's challenge, before he picks up a basketball then throws it so hard that it flies right out of the playground, while Dave protests that that was their only basketball.

Gary challenges Dave to throw farther than him and he'll go get it for him, while Dave boasts that he can throw way farther, which he tries to do with a football, but ends up failing. Gary starts laughing about it, while Dave claims that he didn't get a good grip, before Gary tells him that he needs a grip on reality, all while calling him 'kid'. Dave is surprised when Gary calls him 'kid', telling him that they're in the same grade, though Gary tells Dave that he looks like a baby to him, just as Dave's flashback ends. Junior is surprised from hearing this, before Dave tells him that he had a great comeback, but can't remember it right now, adding that Gary left after that and that he's at the other end of the playground, plotting his next attack most likely. Junior is not so sure about that, thinking that it sounds far-fetched, but Dave tells him that it's true and that it was terrifying, then tells Junior to ask the toddler preschool kid because she saw it. Junior next approaches a preschool-aged female pea, asking her if she saw what happened today, and the female pea confirms that she did 'saws' it, and that it was 'weal scawy'. Another flashback starts up, from the female pea's perspective, with Mr. Beanbum spouting gibberish in the female pea's perspective, before the olive dog steals his whistle once again. The kids are playing on the playground while talking about what they like to do, when Gary shows up, telling them "fun over," which the kids are scared about, before Gary starts spinning towards them and knocking everything out of the way. Gary then approaches the female pea and says, "Scawy," just as the female pea's flashback ends. The female pea says that it was "so, so scawy," and Junior agrees with the female pea, telling her that he's sorry that that happened, though the female pea tells him that it's okay.

Junior and the female pea then approach Dave, and Junior asks him if he's done there, which Dave confirms, while Gary is standing at the far end of the playground next to the overturned merry-go-round. Junior says that he's going to talk it over with Gary tomorrow. Junior arrives home and meets up with Captain Mike, who asks him how school was. Junior tells him it was fine, though Captain Mike tells Junior that he should tell his face, then laughs at his own joke, while Junior can only stare disapprovingly at him. Captain Mike assures Junior that he's just kidding, then he asks Junior what happened. Junior then explains to his dad about Gary Garlic, and that he thinks he's a monster. Captain Mike is surprised to hear that a monster enrolled at Junior's school, though Junior tells him, "No more dad jokes!" Captain Mike tells him no promises, while Junior says that Gary is just so mean to everyone on the playground. Captain Mike then asks Junior if Gary was being mean to him, though Junior doesn't think so, because he wasn't there, but he heard about it, because apparently, Gary threw a basketball really far, having no idea how far it went. At the same time Junior is explaining this, Mayor Archibald comes by, before getting hit by the basketball that Gary threw earlier. Captain Mike asks Junior if he should try talking to Gary, which Junior is a little bit unsure about. Captain Mike then calls out to Lisa, asking her to help him out with a Bible verse, which Lisa does after coming out of the House, as she quotes 1 Samuel 16:7, "People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." Captain Mike thanks Lisa for the verse as Lisa goes back inside the house again, before Captain Mike tells Junior that maybe Gary is mean, but it's really easy to only look at someone's outward appearance, which Junior takes to heart.

The next day at school on the playground, Junior is approached by Dave and the carrot boy, and Dave asks Junior if he's going to talk to Gary today. Junior looks at Gary, who is bouncing a basketball by himself, before scaring away a pea boy and another carrot boy when they approach him. Junior confirms that he is, before he goes to confront Gary, who says, "Watch out! I'm so strong I could break anything!" Junior then approaches Gary, who asks him who he is and what he's doing here, then roars ferociously. Junior tells Gary that he was wondering if he wanted to play, which Gary roars ferociously again in response to, but stops when he hears Junior ask him this, asking Junior if he's heard that he's a monster. Junior tells Gary that he'd rather figure that out for himself, then asks Gary again if he would like to play, but Gary sadly says, "What's the point? You'll only end up hating me," which Junior is confused to hear. Gary explains that he thought that the other kids wanted him to play, but they all ended up hating him. Because of this, Junior tells Gary to tell him what happened, which Gary proceeds to do. Another flashback starts up, as Gary explains that it all started when Mr. Beanbum took them outside for gym class, just as Mr. Beanbum tells the children that it's time for gym class, before the olive dog steals and eats his whistle, which causes Mr. Beanbum to lament how he'll end class, and that without that whistle, kids will run around forever and have no control, then starts chasing after the olive dog.

Gary explains that some kid asked him to push him on the swings, which Gary obliges to, but pushes the carrot boy too hard that it causes the carrot boy to get tied up on the swings, though Gary says that he didn't do it on purpose. Gary next explains that another kid asked him to play tetherball with her, which Gary does, but throws the ball too hard that it hits the broccoli girl. Gary explains that it got much worse, when he gives a pea boy a spin on the merry-go-round, but spins it too hard, which causes the merry-go-round to become airborne. Dave, the carrot boy, and a pea boy next approach Gary, while Dave asks Gary if he's so strong, telling him to see how far he can throw the basketball, then tosses the basketball to Gary, who throws it so hard that it flies directly out of the playground. Because of this, Dave angrily tells Gary that that was their only ball, though Gary defensively tells Dave that he told him to throw it, but Dave tells him to go play by himself, which Gary says that he will, because he doesn't want to play with them anyway. After Gary leaves, Dave tells his friends that he'll show them how to throw a ball, as he picks up a football, but when he throws it, it only falls a foot in front of him, which his friends laugh about, while Dave says that he didn't get a good grip on it. The flashback ends while Gary tells Junior that that's what really happened. After Gary explains this, Junior realizes that Gary was just trying to fit in, which Gary confirms, saying that he lost control of his strength, which makes him so angry, then roars ferociously again as he uproots a tree from the ground.

After his little fit, Gary apologizes before putting the tree back in the ground once again, sadly saying that he's a monster. However, Junior doesn't think that Gary is a monster, but rather a good kid, and that he just needs to learn how to control his strength. Junior then offers to help Gary out, and that they'll show the other kids who Gary really is, which Gary is happy to hear, while Junior says that he'll help. Junior and Gary approach the other kids, and Junior asks them if they can join their game. But the carrot boy asks Junior what he's doing, while Dave says that Gary will destroy them all, but Junior tells the other kids to listen up, explaining that Gary Garlic is his friend, which Dave is surprised to hear. Junior says that Gary is great, then asks Gary to give Sean a push on the swings, though the carrot boy, named Sean, is nervous about this, but Junior tells him that it's okay and not to worry about it, before Junior tells Gary to try pushing on both sides. When Sean gets in the swing, and Gary pushes him, this causes Sean to get swung around, but this time, Gary is able to catch Sean on both sides, while pushing him from opposite sides of the swing set, which this time Sean thinks is awesome and that it's the best swinging he's ever done. Next, Junior tells Dave to toss him the ball, which Dave does, before Junior picks up the ball and tosses it to Gary, telling him that he bets that he can't hit the merry-go-round back in place. Gary proceeds to do just that, tossing the ball onto the merry-go-round, which causes it to fall back down in place once again, which the other kids cheer about.

After that, Junior tells the other kids that Gary has something to say, before Gary apologizes to the other kids for what he did to them because he can't control his strength sometimes. The other kids also apologize back to Gary for not being very friendly to him in the first place, which causes Gary to say that they should let bygones by bygones, though Dave is confused, asking if that's French, but Junior tells him that it means 'let's be friends'. Soon, Gary starts singing a song about how his strength is awesome, but prefers to depend on the strength of God for things he can't do himself as well as the strength of character, all the while, making amends with those that he accidentally inconvenienced. After the song ends, all of the other kids have soon accepted Gary for what he is. Mr. Beanbum then tells the children that gym class is over, after having gotten the olive dog that had eaten his whistle. After the children go back inside the school, the olive dog spits the whistle back out, while Mr. Beanbum tells him, "Not my favorite whistle!"


Fun Facts


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Gary Garlic.
  • This is the first episode where both Larry and Bob do not appear.

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