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Place Trading
Directed by

Bill Breneisen

Written by

Wes Halula

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


September 25, 2015


11 minutes

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The Imposters

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Place Trading is the second half of the tenth episode of the second season of VeggieTales in the House.


Bob panics that he's running out of time as he starts organizing his socks, while calling out to Larry that the Air Corgi party is in three hours. Bob asks Larry where he is and that he has to put away his comics because they have pies to cook, pillows to fluff, and cheeses to slice. Unbeknownst to Bob, Larry is hiding on the ceiling while riding his bike, telling himself that he hides on the ceiling, then maybe Bob can't find him and that he'll do all the work. However, Bob still sees Larry, which causes Larry to fall off the ceiling, before Bob tells Larry that they have to get cleaning. Larry tells Bob that he can't do it because he has a "super-important cycling appointment" with himself. Larry starts riding his bike around Bob, who tells him that he has to work at Pa's store this afternoon, which Larry claims that he forgot, then says that he wishes he could hire a butler to do the boring stuff for him. However, while riding his bike, Larry rides into the sock pile as one sock gets in his face, which causes him to swerve out of control on his bike before crashing into the comic books, the chairs, and the TV. Larry asks Bob what he did, but Bob tells Larry that he did it himself and that he has to clean up this mess too. Larry tells Bob that he'll do it when he gets back from Pa's and that his life is so hard.

In town, Larry is riding his bike before he rides up to Ichabeezer's mansion, where he sees Ichabeezer relaxing on his lawn in a lawn chair while drinking lemonade, while laying next to several stacks of gold bars. Larry is envious of Ichabeezer because of his mansion and his gold, and that he doesn't have to do any boring work, saying that if he had his life, his troubles would be over. Ichabeezer then throws a gold bar for Rooney to fetch, before Mayor Archibald pops out from behind the tree, asking Ichabeezer if he would like to donate the gold bar that he threw to his re-election campaign, but Ichabeezer turns him down and tells him to get off his lawn after Rooney fetches the gold bar, then goes back inside his mansion again. Ichabeezer then says that the problem with being rich is that everyone bothers him all the time asking for free gold. Ichabeezer then looks out to see Larry still riding his bike, becoming envious of Larry as well, because he thinks that Larry lollygags without a care in the world. At Pa Grape's store, Madame Blueberry enters the store and is greeted by Larry, as she thanks him. After Madame Blueberry passes by, Larry says that the long days are killing him, asking Pa if his shift is over yet, but Pa tells him that he started 30 seconds ago. Larry is upset to hear this, then asks seconds later if it's over now, which Pa is frustrated about. Ichabeezer then approaches Pa, telling him that Rooney needs three gallons of butterfly milk, but Pa tells him that they still don't stock that. Ichabeezer is upset when he hears this, saying that his life is so hard, which Larry scoffs about, saying that he couldn't goof around on his bike all day and that he now has to work at Pa Grape's store so that he can get money to buy snacks.

Ichabeezer tells Larry that he would love to have his "easy-squeezy-cheesy" life, while Larry responds to Ichabeezer that he'd trade places with him any day, which Ichabeezer agrees to. Pa tells Larry and Ichabeezer that the Bible says that we shouldn't covet our neighbor's goods, but Ichabeezer tells him to cork it, asking Larry if he's in, which Larry agrees with. Because of that, Larry and Ichabeezer have switched places, while singing a song about how they're better at being the other than the original was. After the song ends, Larry enters Ichabeezer's mansion while doing multiple backflips, before becoming amazed when he sees Ichabeezer's segway as he jumps onto the segway and starts riding it around the mansion. While riding the segway, Larry bumps into the suit of armor bust, which then lands on Larry's head, obscuring his vision and causing him to crash from inside the mansion, ending up tangled up in the chandelier on the ceiling as a result. Larry laments that he made a mess, and that he has to clean stuff instead of doing stuff. After falling off the ceiling, Larry then approaches a door and opens it, becoming amazed at how many gold bars there are in the closet, saying that since he's rich, he'll hire a butler. Meanwhile, Ichabeezer enters Bob and Larry's house, satisfied that he now has freedom and decides that it's time for a snack. Ichabeezer then comes out from the kitchen while carrying a tray with ice cream, cookies, and cheese on, commenting about "the life of a dimwitted snoozer." Ichabeezer takes the first bite of the ice cream, but ends up spitting it out in disgust, realizing that it's sardine ice cream, before he throws these foodstuffs away. Despite this, Ichabeezer takes Larry's bike out of the closet while saying that at least no one bothers him while asking for money.

Ichabeezer then starts riding the bike and rides it on the ceiling, saying that this is paradise. Back at Ichabeezer's mansion, Larry goes to answer the door when the doorbell rings, revealing a carrot butler who introduces himself as Chauncy, then asks Larry how he'll assist him. Larry tells Chauncy that there's no need to assist him, just to clean up the mess, which Chauncy does in record time, surprising Larry when he sees how quickly Chauncy got the place all cleaned up. Larry compliments Chauncy for doing a great job, though mispronounces his name as "Chunky," before Chauncy corrects him. Larry then tells Chauncy that he doesn't have any regular money and that he just has the gold bars. Chauncy becomes so excited when Larry gives him the gold bar that he literally starts bouncing all over the room before regaining his composure once again and thanking Larry for the gold bar. Chauncy then asks Larry if he's hungry, and Larry answers that he's always hungry and that he'll know when he's stuffed. Chauncy rushes off then comes back while holding a tray with a sardine sandwich and a glass of garlic nog on it. Larry eats the sandwich and drinks the garlic nog before saying that he now wants to watch some cartoons, which Chauncy grants, asking Larry if he would like to watch all of them at the same time, which Larry is in awe about, when he sees Chauncy stacking up several flat-screen TVs on top of each other. Larry then calls Bob, telling him that he has to come over to Ichabeezer's place and watch cartoons, before it is revealed that Ichabeezer is actually answering the phone, telling Larry that he only gets golf channels.

When Larry turns on the TV's, he is immediately shocked when he sees that Ichabeezer is indeed right, as every channel has nothing but golf on TV. Larry then asks what he's supposed to watch with his friends, before Ichabeezer tells him that he doesn't have friends because Larry is him. When Larry is surprised to hear this, Ichabeezer tells him, "No cartoons, and no friends!", which causes Larry to give off a Big "NO!" Meanwhile, Bob is carrying some balloons, before becoming surprised when he sees the pile of food that has been thrown outside the house, before the TV also gets thrown out as well. This causes the balloons that Bob has been carrying to become deflated, before Bob enters the house while carrying the TV. Bob becomes surprised to see Ichabeezer in the house, asking him what he's doing. Ichabeezer asks Bob if he's heard that he's Larry now, and Bob tells Ichabeezer that that makes no sense, before telling him not to throw their TV out the window. Ichabeezer tells Bob that that TV was broken, and offers to buy one of those golf-only TV's, but Bob tells him that the TV set that they own is fine, then tells Ichabeezer not to touch it. Ichabeezer can only respond with, "Fine, rot your brain with that garbage!", then asks Bob what he has to eat. Bob then tells Ichabeezer that he threw their food out the window, telling Ichabeezer that if he's going to be Larry now, then he has to clean up the mess that he made, before adding that they have company tonight. When Ichabeezer hears Bob say this, he becomes surprised, before he also likewise lets out a Big "NO!" as well. Back at Ichabeezer's mansion, Junior enters the mansion while pulling a wagon, which Larry is happy to see, before Junior tells Larry that he's hear to see if Ichabeezer wanted to buy a candy bar for the baseball team. Larry says that he's Ichabeezer now and that he'll take one as he gives a gold bar to Junior. Junior is excited when he sees the gold bar, then asks Larry if he wants to buy all of the candy bars, which Larry accepts.

Soon, Junior's wagon is now full of gold bars as he thanks Larry, while calling him Ichabeezer, before he leaves after that while pulling the wagon of gold bars with him. However, after Junior leaves, Larry tries telling Junior to stay because he needs company, but it's too late because Junior has already left. Chauncy then approaches Larry while pushing a wheelbarrow with more gold bars, which Larry decides to buy more friends with, but Chauncy tells Larry that this portion of gold bars is his because he's quitting due to Larry paying him enough to buy Canada. Larry is surprised when he hears this, which Chauncy confirms, while Larry tells him that he thought they were friends, but Chauncy tells him that he paid him money to be his butler, not his friend, before leaving. Chauncy then says that he is now rich and is leaving to Canada, which he does, while Larry says that "I'm sure gonna miss good old what's-his-name." Back at Bob and Larry's house, Ichabeezer is throwing out all of Larry's comics, thinking them to be worthless. Down below, a corn boy is passing by, when some of the comics drop down in front of him, as he says, "Best day ever!" Ichabeezer also starts throwing out the cans of sardines as well, which this time (off-screen), causes the corn boy to change his tune and say, "Worst day ever!" Bob is surprised when he sees what Ichabeezer is doing, while Ichabeezer asks Bob if he wanted him to clean out the house or not. Bob tries scolding Ichabeezer, but Ichabeezer tells him that he's Larry now, though Bob tells Ichabeezer that he's not acting like Larry, but rather throwing out his stuff. Ichabeezer asks what the big deal is and that he'll just buy more stuff, before Bob tells him that the real Larry doesn't have any money and that the real Larry was supposed to go work at Pa Grape's store for 15 minutes ago.

Ichabeezer is surprised at the prospect of work, before Bob tells him that if he's going to be Larry, then he has to go to work, which causes Ichabeezer to realize that trading with Larry is sounding like a big rip-off, which Bob can only sigh about. In town, Larry is pushing the wheelbarrow full of gold bars, telling the townsfolk that he's the new Ichabeezer and that he has gold, telling them that if they need some, then to talk about it. This causes the surrounding townsfolk to become immediately attracted to Larry's offer as they approach him afterwards. A broccoli woman asks Larry if he can pay for her kitty's pedicure, which Larry says that he can as he gives the broccoli woman a gold bar, and he asks if she wants to play video games, but the broccoli woman tells him "some other time," then leaves after that. A carrot man, followed by Corn Woman, Mayor Archibald, and a female pea also approach Larry, as the carrot man says that he's with the Society of People Who Want Free Stuff. Larry then gives the carrot man a gold bar, and tells him to tell him a little about himself so that they can develop a friendship, but the carrot man leaves as well. Larry quips that no one is chatty today, mainly because people care more about his gold than they do him. The female pea tells Larry that she wants to go to Clown College or the moon as Larry gives her a gold bar, but she also leaves as well. Larry then looks to see that he has no more gold bars in the wheelbarrow, telling the townsfolk "No more gold bars," which causes everyone to leave after that.

Larry says that he's out of gold, and asks anyone if they want to go get lunch, but there is no one there, leaving Larry completely alone. Rooney then comes up to Larry, before Larry tells Rooney that they'll go for a walk. As soon as Larry puts the leash on Rooney, Rooney then rushes off, dragging Larry with him. At Pa Grape's store, Corn Woman enters the store, before Ichabeezer grumpily greets her, saying that Pa's store is horribly overpriced, which causes Corn Woman to leave in a huff after that. A carrot man next enters the store as Ichabeezer asks him what sort of rip-offs he's looking for, but that also causes the carrot man to leave as well. Pa tells Ichabeezer that he can't talk to the customers like that, saying that Larry is "friendly and smiley." Ichabeezer thinks that that's gross, then he asks Pa why Larry does that. Pa answers that it's because Larry loves people, though Ichabeezer tells him "Good luck with that!" At that moment, Larry enters the store while still getting pulled by Rooney and crashes into the stack of sardines. Pa then asks Larry and Ichabeezer if they've learned not to covet each other's lives yet, before Ichabeezer tells Larry to clean up the mess right now, though Pa tells Ichabeezer that Larry is a customer and that Ichabeezer is an employee, then tells Ichabeezer to clean it up. Ichabeezer angrily says that he doesn't want to be Larry anymore and that he quits, while Larry asks if it means that he gets to be himself again, and Ichabeezer says that he never wants to be anyone else again because he's thankful for what he has. Larry uneasily tells Ichabeezer that he spent all of his gold, though Ichabeezer tells him that he has more in a Swiss bank account, but still yells at Larry for that, which causes Larry to run off. Larry then returns home, before becoming surprised when he meets up with Bob, Junior, Madame Blueberry, Mr. Lunt, and Bacon Bill, who welcome him back home. Larry is excited while Bob tells Larry that he missed him, before checking with Larry if he's himself again, which Larry confirms, saying that it's great to be home, before everyone cheers after that.


Fun Facts


  • "Eh" is a Canadian term for either "Excuse me?" or "Huh?". Chauncy used the latter term.



  • Because both the moral and titles are similar to the first season episode Trading Places, it might get some viewers confused.
  • Larry seems disinterested at working at Pa's, despite the fact that he had no problem working there in Puppies and Guppies.
  • It was never revealed who was supposed to come over to Bob and Larry's.
  • Despite having a name, Chauncy is credited as "Butler Carrot."
  • Mr. Lunt and Bacon Bill are not credited despite speaking when Larry came back. Though this is because only Bob, Junior, and Blueberry's voices came out.


  • The words on Pa's store sign and streets are missing.

Real-World References

  • The music playing while Chauncy is telling Larry that he bought Canada, due to Larry paying him so much, is "O Canada," the national anthem for Canada.