Perfect Puppy is the 40th Silly Songs with Larry. Larry wants to have the best dog that fits him.


The Announcer: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song

(shows Bob and Larry in a room looking at books and a newspaper)

We join Larry in his search for a vegetable's best friend.

Larry: The perfect puppy

I woke up dreaming of a friend

Perfect puppy

The happy hour we could spend

I've been a little lonely

I thought, if I could only

Only look up and see

The perfect puppy for me

Bob: How 'bout a French poodle?

It's very smart and curly

Larry: Je ne parle pas francais

I hear they wake up early

Bob: Maybe Dalmatian

It rides around on fire trucks

Larry: Those spots make me dizzy

Those sirens drive me nuts

Bob: You like chihuahua

It's as tiny as can be

Larry: Si senor, it's mucho small

I might squish it accidentally

Bob: Okay, a Great Dane

It's really, really big

Larry: Yeah, but feeding it, and feeding it

Would become my only gig

Bob: Uh oh, that wouldn't be good.

(switches to them at a jeep)

Larry: The perfect puppy

To always be right by my side

Perfect puppy

To find those toys that try to hide

My heart is so wide open

I spend each moment hopin'

Hopin' I'll look up and see

The perfect puppy for me

Bob: Have you ever seen a Shar Pei?

It has really wrinkled skin

Larry: I'd like to iron out those wrinkles, but where to begin?

Bob: A Chow Chow?

It looks like a lion, but it's nice

Larry: I only got time to feed it once

And a Chow Chow eats food twice

Bob: Havanese?

Larry: No

Bob: Pekingese?

Larry: No

Bob: Maltese?

Larry: No, none of these

Bob: Shih Tzu?

Larry: No

Bob: Cockapoo?

Larry: No, these won't do

Bob: What's wrong with you?

(switches to the outside of the animal center)

Larry: Maybe I'm afraid of hair

Pick up poo, I wouldn't dare

But my biggest fear might be

Will I love it

And will it

Looovvveeee meeeee

Bob: Larry

Larry: Sorry

(the building prop turns into the inside of the animal center. Larry spots a dog that looks like him, they both hop to each other, in slow motion)

He's awesome!

Hey pall, I'll tell you what

Some say you're just a mutt

But when I look up I see

The perfect puppy for meeeeeee!

Dog: Arrroooowwww!

The Announcer: This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Bob say...

Bob: He looks familiar to me...

Larry: I think he might be a Cuke-a-poo.

Bob: ...Does he look familiar to you?

Fun Facts


  • Dalmatians are often animal mascots for firehouses.



  • Larry states he didn't want a poodle, even though he didn't have issues with them before.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The music piece that was used when Larry met the perfect dog is "Fantasy Overture" from Romeo and Juliet done by Tchaikovsky.



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