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Bigthan and Teresh Peaoni are the secondary antagonists of Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen. They are the most wanted criminals of Persia.

They are played by the French Peas.


The Peaoni Brothers are part of the wanted list and their wanted posters are on the wall. Later, they are plotting a scheme to get rid of King Xerxes in order to take over the throne. Bigthan pretends to be a baker, using a wedding cake as a bait while Teresh holds a piano with a rope and pulley in order to drop it on the king’s head. Mordecai and Esther warn the King about the trap, and Xerxes moves out of way just in time. The piano then falls onto the cake, but misses the King. Haman then orders Mordecai to seize the criminals, which Mordecai succeeds in doing. The Peaoni Brothers are then revealed to be the most wanted peas in Persia, and for their punishment, Haman banishes them to the Island of Perpetual Tickling. The narrator then explains that in Persia, attempting to drop a piano on a King's head and appearing before him uninvited are both serious crimes.


Fun Facts[]


  • The Peaoni Brothers are based after the crooks from the original Bible story.
  • Also, in the original story, they weren’t actually brothers and were only discussing their plot, and they were hanged. However, because VeggieTales is a kids show, they couldn’t show that.


  • An archived version of the Big Idea website shows images of the Crony pea in the Peaoni Brothers' bio.
    • However, it is possible that this was one of their disguises.