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Despite knowing each other, Ichabeezer doesn't get along with Pa Grape very well. This is mostly because he thinks that Pa's store doesn't have all he needs/wants, though there might another undisclosed reason.

However, there are times where they can get along.


  • Pa Grape's Son - He tells Mr. Lunt that the store service is terrible.
  • A Gift for Singing- Ichabezzer makes his own song about how bad Pa's store is in his opinion.
  • Larry Lives it Up - While running as mayor, Ichabeezer tells Pa to change the name of his store for being a knockoff.
  • Delivery Boys - Ichabezzer orders 1,000 pizzas, in order to shut down Pa's pizza business if he gets them for free.

Getting along

  • When the Dust Bunnies Came to Town - They including Granny Asparagus researched why the grate was closed, and later prepared themselves to capture all the dust bunnies.
  • Motato Gets a Job - Larry and Pa help out Ichabeezer by pointing out where the golf pants are.
  • Motato is My Neighbor:
    • Pa advises Ichabeezer to be careful when being around Motato.
    • After Motato turned Pa's store into a giant lawn, Ichabeezer says he'll repay Pa back by buying another store excatly like the old one.
  • Yambot - Pa tells Ichabeezer that getting back at Motato won't help, and later helps him on calling Larry-Boy.
  • Burgers for Sale - Pa advises Ichabeezer that being polite to others is good for life, because people matter to God.
  • Employee Fun Day