Pa Grape Render



Pa Grape
  • Species: Grape
  • Hair color: Gray
  • Age: 82

Pa Grape is one of the main characters from VeggieTales. He has a Brooklyn accent.


Pa Grape was originally from the hills of West Virginia. In his first appearance, he and his family's car bumped on a tree stump by Junior's house. They first made fun of him, but then forgave him later.


Pa Grape is a borderline-senile yet loveable old grape. He is Tom and Rosie’s father, and is married to Ma Grape.

Physical Appearance

Pa is a green grape and a purple nose with gray eyebrows and a gray mustache, with silver glasses. He is wearing a top hat in his original version.

Since VeggieTales in the House, he gained beady black eyes. He also has an orange clown nose, and his glasses are gold.



The VeggieTales Show

Voice Actors

Fun Facts

  • Like Larry, he had a slightly deeper voice during his first two appearances in God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?! and Are You My Neighbor? (in the Silly Song), then his voice got a little higher starting in Dave and the Giant Pickle.
  • He originally had southerner mannerisms, but this was later changed into Jewish mannerisms.
  • In the VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!, when Pa Grape says that he can't read the card that says "VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular will be right back!", he admits he has no eyes.
    • During the production of Big Idea's second feature film, Universal requested Big Idea to give Pa eyes to give him more emotion. However, Phil refused to and persuaded them that he doesn't need eyes, so they used his eyebrows and glasses instead.
    • He eventually gained eyes in the Netflix series.
  • His interview with What's The Big Idea? states that he was held back in the 2nd grade for 13 years. Wouldn't laws have mandated that he move on to the 3rd grade by the end of the 2nd year? Also, by the time he reached 7th grade he'd have to get his education at home or elsewhere as no public system would take a student beyond age 21.
  • According to the official Jonah website, if he weren't an actor, he'd be the inventor of the pneumatic toothbrush.



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