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Pa Grape is a wise old green grape who is one of the main characters of VeggieTales.


Pa is originally from the hills of West Virginia. Despite his origins, he speaks with a Yiddish accent and has some stereotypical Jewish mannerisms such as saying "oy" and "oy vey". He is married to Ma Grape and has two children named Tom and Rosie.

Pa first appeared with his family in the VeggieTales episode God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!, where he portrayed a country bumpkin-type, filling in for the role of the "Pa Jode" character in the Grapes of Wrath parody. This appearance established a very senile personality that would persist in his appearances throughout the early VeggieTales episodes. He was also mean to people until Mike Asparagus taught him and his family right from wrong.

However, after taking on the role of Melvin in King George and the Ducky, Pa began to become a much more intelligent and wiser character. Since then, he has gone on to be a main player in the VeggieTales series, playing a wide range of characters that reflect his paternal but peculiar personality. Some of his most well-know roles include Abraham in Abe and the Amazing Promise, Seymour Schwenk in The Star of Christmas, Mordecai in Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen, as well as being the leader and captain of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

Outside of acting, Pa has shown an interest in inventing and tinkering.


Pa Grape is very wise and down-to-earth, often being a source of good advice to his friends and peers. He enjoys helping his friends and encouraging them to do what is right. In contrast, Pa isn't afraid to have fun and be silly, which can make him look rather odd in the eyes of his peers. But at the end of the day, Pa is someone who the VeggieTales crew can always rely on and trust through and through.

Physical Appearance

Pa is a pale green grape. He has a lavender nose with a bushy, light gray mustache and eyebrows. Despite not having any visible eyes, Pa often wears a pair of glasses with silver frames (though he occasionally wears a pair with gold frames as well). He also dons a black top hat with a red (or gray) hat band around the crown.

For VeggieTales in the House, Pa was redesigned along with the rest of the VeggieTales cast. He was given a pair of beady black eyes (much like the French Peas), a bigger nose, and more rounded and stylized facial hair, with a mustache that permanently covered his mouth. Pa also gained a new larger and rounder pair of glasses without any temples as well as a smaller top hat.

Despite Pa's body, nose, and glasses not changing color in the Netflix series, his is incorrectly colored (dark green, red, and gold, respectively) in his promotional art used for the series and VeggieTales' social media accounts.

Since his return in The VeggieTales Show, Pa has returned to his original design. However, he no longer wears his black top hat.


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Casting History

English Voice Actors

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Fun Facts

  • Pa started in the series with a slightly deeper voice, and like Larry, it was during his first two appearances in the show (God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?! and Are You My Neighbor? (The Hairbrush Song only)). Starting with Dave and the Giant Pickle, his voice was pitch-shifted a little higher and eventually became more refined over time.
    • He is the second character in the show, after Larry, to start off with a slightly deeper voice before it becomes more higher pitched later, the third is Mr. Lunt.
  • Pa is one of the few VeggieTales characters to lack any visible eyes. Because of this, he often has trouble seeing clearly.
    • One example of this is after stumbling through his words in the VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!, he admitted he couldn't read his cue card, saying, "How am I supposed to read the card? I ain't got no eyes!”
Pa grape w eyes

Concept sketches of Pa Grape with eyes for The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

  • During the pre-production of Big Idea's second feature film, Pa's outfit was initially designed to more closely resemble his classic pirate attire with no glasses and his eyebrows covered. Universal executives requested that Pa would be given eyes to let him show more emotion since he was the lead character. After having artists experiment with various concept sketches of Pa with eyes, the Big Idea team ultimately found the designs very unappealing. In the end, a compromise was met by letting Pa wear his glasses with his pirate costume.
  • In an interview with What's The Big Idea? Pa stated he was held back in the 2nd grade for 13 years.
  • His voice is based on the blue aardvark from "The Ant and the Aardvark".
  • According to his official bio, if he weren't an actor, he'd be the inventor of the pneumatic toothbrush.
  • In Little Things Matter, Pa revealed he has an aunt named Agnes who likes to kick a lot.
  • He is one of few main characters to have died in a story, sometime in between The Ballad of Little Joe and Moe and the Big Exit and represented by his getting the hook in The Power of Love.
  • Up until his return in The VeggieTales Show, he was never seen without a hat on. If not his iconic black hat, it was his hat he wore as captain of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything; the design on the front of which changed in each appearance.



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