Oh Pluto is a song from Being Gentle Makes You Great. It is the fourth Silly Song of The VeggieTales Show. It is sung by Larry the Cucumber.


Larry: Oh, Pluto, where did you go? Little planet oh so handsome, were you kidnapped, held for ransom? Oh Pluto, where did you go? Were there clues and I missed them? Did you leave our solar system? Were you trying to have fun, and went flying to the sun? Are you somewhere here on earth, maybe living in Fort Worth? Singing on an ocean liner, or working in a diner? On a farm raising tubers, in a city driving Uber? You're made of ice and granite, you're my very favorite planet! So, I really gotta know, Oh Pluto, where'd you go?
Archibald: It didn't go anywhere.
Larry: Sorry?
Archibald: Pluto, it's still there. It was re-classified as a dwarf planet.
Larry: Oh...good to know!
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