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Not On My Outside, But On My Inside is a song from the VeggieTales in the House episode, You, Me and Tiny Pea. It was sung by Tiny Pea.


Tiny Pea: Although outside to you, I must look very small

But inside of me, I'm not too small at all

So they call me Tiny Pea I'm taller than a tree

Not on my outside but on my inside

I can lift airplanes,I'm faster than a jet

Not on my outside but on my inside

The ocean isn't round enough for me to take a bath

Mountains form and cities shake every time I laugh

The Grand Canyon's not a canyon it's just a tiny path

You ask how many feet

Well, it's one million-trillion and a half

I'm sure the world will one day be always looking up to me

Outside and inside they will know

Just wait and see I'm the biggest pea in history

Not on the outside but on the inside