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Noah's Ark Sing-Along Songs
Music by

Kurt Heinecke, Drew Fornarola, and Christopher Davis

Distributed by

Big Idea


March 3rd, 2015


21 minutes and 31 seconds

Noah's Ark Sing-Along Songs is a VeggieTales CD paired with Noah's Ark.


  1. Come in Twos
  2. I've Got Plans
  3. Trust Song
  4. Welcome You Aboard
  5. Welcome You Aboard Reprise
  6. No More Rain
  7. I Had Plans
  8. Dove Song
  9. God's Got Plans
  10. Who Built the Ark? (from More Sunday Morning Songs with Bob & Larry)
  11. Stand Up! (from Rack, Shack and Benny)
  12. My Golden Egg