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This is the transcript for Noah's Ark.


Opening Countertop

(The episode opens on Bob and Larry on the countertop. But this time, they're sporting their Netflix designs.)

Bob: Hi kids! I'm Bob the Tomato.

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

Bob: Welcome to VeggieTales!

Larry: Bob, I gotta say, you look nice today. Did you get a haircut?

Bob: Well, yes I did, as a matter of fact! Nice of you to notice. You look a little different too. Have you been working out?

Larry: Yeah, I've been doing some push-ups.

Bob: Hmm. Thought so.


Larry: You know what, Bob, I think we should just address the elephant in the room.

Bob: You think so?

Larry: Yep. Hey, Roger!

(Roger appears beside Bob and he trumpets loudly)

Larry: Thanks for coming! Did you bring your friends?

(Roger trumpets affirmatively)

Larry: Awesome.

Bob: He seems nice. I just have one little question: WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU BRING AN ELEPHANT ONTO THE COUNTERTOP?!!!!

Larry: Bob! You didn't... NO-AH? (winks)

Bob: I didn't... Oh! Ah! I get it! Noah? We're telling the story of Noah?!

Larry: Yep!

Bob: I love the story of Noah! It's one of my favorites.

Larry: Mine too. I thought of it right away when we got this email from Chris, from Raton, New Mexico. Uh. Excuse us, Roger.

(Roger walks away)

Larry: "Dear Bob and Larry, my new baby sister just came home from the hospital. The thing is, I prayed for a baby brother. I had big plans for a brother! NOW what am I supposed to do!? Why would God do this to me? Your friend, Chris."

Bob: Ahh, kids. Oh! OK. I see what you're doing here, Larry -- does this have something to do with God's plans? I think you're right on track.

Larry: Thanks, Bob. Plus, I think Chris is really gonna love the orange ark, the giant squid and the really cool dirigible.

Bob: The what, the who and the wha?

Larry: The orange ark, the giant squid and the--

Bob: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard what you said. But if I recall correctly, none of those things were mentioned in the story of Noah.

Larry: Well, you know, I imagined what it would've been like for Noah's family, for his wife and kids. And what Shem would've thought of the whole thing as he returned from his honeymoon.

Bob: Ok. Now I'm really confused.

Larry: Did I mention my imagination is very imaginative?

Bob: Oh, boy.

Larry: Don't worry, Bob. This is gonna be great.

(Roger trumpets loudly)

Larry: Roll film!

(fades to black)

Noah's Ark Act I

(title card appears)

(Shem and Sadie laughing)

Shem: Ok, Ok! My turn. Knock, knock.

Sadie: Who's there?

Shem: Orange.

Sadie: Orange who?

Shem: Orange you glad to be heading home?

(they laugh again)

Sadie: Oh, Shem, I can't wait to get home to the old orange grove and start decorating.

Shem: Well, first, I'll need to build our house. I'm thinking a big rec room.

Sadie: Or a walk-in closet?

Shem: And a barbecue pit!

Sadie: Or a flower garden?

Shem: You know what, Sadie? Whatever makes you happy. We're a team!

Sadie: Now that we're MARRIED!

Shem: Yeah! Oh, wait till you see my plans for the porch. I'm gonna build a swing. And right next to that swing, I'll build another swing!

Sadie: Why would you do that?

Shem: Cause the best things in life come in twos

Sadie: Aww!

Shem: Like salt goes with pepper, and carrots with peas,

a sock with its mate--

Sadie: Macaroni and cheese

Shem: A cup and a saucer

Sadie: Or a pair of shoes

Shem: The best things in life come in twos

Shem and Sadie: They come in two-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oos,

they come in two-oo-oo-oo-oo-oos

Shem: Look, two bunnies!

Sadie: Cute!

Both: Two-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oos, the best things in life come in twos

Sadie: Skunks!

Shem: Adorable.

Both: It's cookies with milk, and it's ham with eggs,

two birds of a feather, your arms and your legs,

it's making "we's" out of "me's" and "you's",

the best things in life come in twos,

they come in two-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oos,

they come in two-oo-oo-oo-oo-oos

Sadie: Were those giraffes?

Both: Two-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oos

Shem: Emus??

Both: Two-oo-oo-oo-oo-oos

Shem: Bison? Crocodiles?

Sadie: Penguins?

Shem: What's going on??

Sadie: Maybe they're putting in a zoo. The animals are all headed in the same direction.

Shem: Yeah, to the orange grove. To the orange grove?! Ugh, I hope this isn't one of Dad's little projects.

Sadie: Oh, I don't think it's little at all!

Shem: No, no, no, no, no, no!

Sadie: I gotta hand it to Noah: when he does something, he does it all the way.

Shem: All the way off the deep end! That giant orange slice is right where our new house is supposed to go! Hey! Hey, Ham! Japheth!

Ham (Larry the Cucumber): Hey, welcome back, guys!

Japheth (Bob the Tomato): Yeah, welcome back! Guess what we've been doing the whole time you've been on your honeymoon?

Ham: Grab a tool. It's hammer time!

Shem: And this is a...

Ham: It's a boat.

Japheth: Actually, it's an ark.

Shem: No, I mean, why are you building it?

Nell: SADIE!!!

Sadie: Nell! Dot! It's so good to see you.

Shem: Hi, you two. Can you tell me what's going on here?

Nell: Not before Sadie tells us about the honeymoon.

Dot (Petunia Rhubarb): Come on, girl. We wanna hear all about it.

Nell: And don't spare the details!

Sadie: Shem's gonna build me a walk-in closet!

Girls: OOH!

Ham: Hey, guess what? I adopted a pig.

(The pig named, Bacon enters, carrying some wood)

Shem: Great. He's cute. Now, why are you building the boat?

Ham: Ark.

Japheth: Yeah, Dad wanted to talk to you about that.

Shem: (scoffs) You do understand that this is where my house is-

Ham: Did I tell you I named my pig Bacon?

Bacon: (oinks)

Shem: Lovely name, all right! Do you know where Dad is?

Japheth: Up top. On the boat.

Ham: Ark.

Japheth: Dad says he heard straight from God on this.

Shem: Okay, I'm going to tell Dad that this crazy project has a stop, we'll unbuild this monstrosity and everything could get back to normal! Cool? Sound good? Good? Great! Thanks! (walks off)

Japheth: Straight from God, Shem!

Ham: Hey, Shem, when you see him, ask him when we're breaking for lunch, okay?

(Shem walks around the Ark to find his dad, the one and only, Noah (played by Pa Grape), who was standing into the light. He jumps off the light as I've Got Plans starts playing)

Noah (Pa Grape): No one said it would be easy building this old ark

But anything sure is possible When God gives you the spark.

Set it down there, please.

God's got plans for me and you

Great big things for us to do.

God has plans, don't ask him why.

When he says build, you say "How many cubits high?"

Cause God's got plans!

Shem: (spoken) Hey, dad!

Noah: Welcome back son! How was your honeymoon?

Shem: Great. Hey, dad, um, explain to me why you're building a giant orange slice boat...

Noah: Ark.

Shem: …ark right where my new house is supposed to go.

Noah: Isn't it wonderful? God told me it has to be big!

Shem: The mess you're making?

Noah: No, the ark we're building! One morning, I was talking with the Lord, and he said "Noah, you gotta build an ark. A really big one." So here we are!

Shem: Dad, you're the best. You walk with God. You're honored and revered.

Noah: Nice of you to say.

Shem: But build a boat in the desert, don't you think that's weird?

Noah: You should be wearing a hard hat.

Shem: I've got plans to build a life

And spend it with my awesome wife

And your big plans are in my way

We'll build your boat, but let's do it another day

Cause I've got plans!

Noah: Put those on the top deck, my dear. Be gentle.

Dot: Of course I will! I'm a lady!

Noah: God's got plans for me and you.

Shem: (simultaneously) Dad... I've got plans too.

Noah: Great big things for us to do.

Shem: Yeah, but your big plans are in my way!

Noah: (God's got plans)

Shem: I've got plans

Noah: So it's anchors aweigh!

Shem: Not today, I've got plans!

Noah: God's got plans!

Shem: I've got plans!

Noah: God's got---

Both: God's/I've got plans!

(song ends)

Noah: Now where did I leave that drill?

Shem: Wait, Dad, hold-(throws his hard hat aside) Dad, wait up!

(Noah opens the hardware store to find his drill)

Shem: Wow! You bought the whole hardware store.

Noah: Always have the right tool for the right job, son! Of course, it helps to know where it is!

Shem: So, Dad? About this monstrosity-

Noah: Ark.

Shem: The Ark you're building? I get that God told you to build it, but did He say why?

Noah: Sure He did! Why do you think I'm in such a rush?

(Ham enters)

Ham: 600 years old and you still can't slow Him down.

Japheth: Shem, look who we brought you!

(Noah's wife named, Naamah (played by Madame Blueberry) enters the scene)

Naamah: You're finally here!

Shem: Hey, Mom! (hugs Naamah) Oh, Mom, it's good to be home! Even if I barely recognize it.

Sadie: How are you handling all this Naamah-I-I mean, Mom?

Naamah: I'll admit, I heard what God told your father I was a little rattled, but I trust him, and I trust God. Now, why don't you sit down and eat?

Noah: (finally found the drill) A-ha! Found it! Relax everybody, it was only a drill. (laughs) Get it?

Naamah: Oh, Noah, you're such a card! Walks with God and tells jokes!

(We cut to Noah and his family walks up to the dinner table outside.)

Ham: Mom, this looks delicious!

Noah: Okay, who wants to say Grace!

Shem: Hold on, Dad! Please! I've got something I've been trying to ask you and you've got to listen to me, okay?

Noah: All right, son. What is it?

Shem: Why did God ask you to build this boat?

Noah: (sighs) Because the Earth is going to be flooded, Shem.

Shem: Okay. (realizes) What the...?! WHAT?!?

Noah: God has seen that no one cares about doing what's right anymore. So He's gonna start over.

Shem: You-You really-(laughs disbelievingly)

Noah: The Ark will save us from the flood. This is God's plan.

Shem: Dad, this is the craziest most unbelievable thing I've ever heard!

Noah: We must trust in God. If we do, I know that He will see us through!

(Trust song starts playing)

Noah: There are things we believe

But can't touch with our hands

Like the way we know this seed will grow

With water and with light

If you choose to have faith (choose to have faith)

You must trust in God's plan (trust in God's plan)

And have confidence that come what may

They always turn out right (always turn out right)

It's the proof of what we pray for

And the things we hope each day for

So we trust (we trust) that God will keep his promise

Trust (we trust) because he always does

Trust (we trust) God's word's the surest thing that ever was

So we trust (we trust) that God will be besides us

Trust (we trust) he'll care for us and guide us

Even when he's sometimes hard for us to see

That's when we must trust

It's the proof of what we pray for

And the things we hope each day for

Everyone: Oh, so we trust (we trust) that God will keep his promise

Trust (we trust) because he always does

Trust (we trust) God's word's the surest thing that ever was

So we trust (we trust) that God will be besides us

Trust (we trust) he'll care for us and guide us

Noah: Even when he's sometimes hard for us to see

That's when we must trust (chuckles)

(song ends)

Shem: I think I need more than oranges to trust in something this big.

(The two bunny rabbits and two skunks enter the scene)

Sadie: Oh, hey! It's you guys again! Aren't you cute!

Noah: The passengers are starting to arrive.

Sadie: I thought we were the passengers.

Noah: We're not the only ones God is saving.

Shem: Whoa, whoa! Heh, You're not gonna take some animals on board too, are you?

Noah: (chuckles) Oh, no. Not "some" animals. "All" the animals!

(Two donkeys, two giraffes, two monkeys, one elephant, one hippo, and other animals enter the scene)

Noah: God promised He would send two of every living creature, anything that crawls or flies is coming on board!

Japheth: Open the doors! Open the skull!

Neil: Get the shovels!

Noah: Hold on everyone! We're not quite ready yet! Give us a second!

(We cut to the blueprint background as the title says, "One Moment Later". Then, we cut to Noah and his family. They are now dressed as sailors.)

Noah: (chuckles) Now we're ready! Welcome to the Ark!

(Welcome You Aboard starts playing)

Noah: Animals and friends, we thank you all For coming to this place.

The weather's dry, and it seems like I might be a bit off base. We know it may seem odd, but we're listening to God.

We're grateful for your willingness to try. Which is why...

Naamah, Ham, Japheth, and Noah: We...we...we...we...we welcome you aboard. We welcome you aboard.

Noah: As you will see, no detail's been ignored. Take a look around, we know that you'll be floored.

We welcome you aboard!

Japheth and Ham: Ooooo, yeah!

Japheth: There are water slides,

Ham: And theme park rides.

Neil: The bedding's all brand new.

Dot: The gym is great!

Noah: The spa's first rate!

Japeth and Ham: There's karaoke too!

Everyone: Everything is top-notch, and big enough for two

The only thing we don't have yet is you. Oh, it's true!

We welcome you aboard! (x2)

Cabin design, inspired by the Lord. Thanks for having faith, this is your reward

We welcome you aboard!

(song ends)

(We cut to Noah and his family standing on top of the Ark)

Noah: Sons and daughters, you make me proud! We got the boat! We got the animals! We're almost ready for this Historic Voyage! You are now in the Lord's Army! Uh, Navy.

Sadie: (giggles)

Noah: Lord's Navy! And to keep His ship as shipshape as the ship should be, we will all have a job to do! Neil and Japheth, you're in charge of mammal feeding time!

Neil: Check!

Japheth: I'll need to know if anyone is on a diet or gluten-free?

Noah: Sadie, you're on housekeeping and deck-sweeping!

Sadie: As long as it rhymes!

Ham: Can I be the lookout of the crow's nest?

Noah: We don't have a crow's nest, Ham, except for the nest with actual crows. And sitting there is not the job!

(We cut to the Crows hawking on the nest, that is on top on the Ark)

Noah: But you and Dot will take care of all bugs and reptiles!

Dot: Ooh, creepy!

Noah: I'll be on leaks and repairs! Naamah will be Animal Exercise and First Aid!

(As Noah is speaking, the Giraffe pops out of nowhere and starts sneezing)

Naamah: Gesundheit!

(Naamah gives the tissue to the giraffe as they leave)

Noah: And Shem, you're in charge of the Aviary!

Shem: You mean the birds?

Noah: Yes, all our feathered friends will be your feathered friends. I have a feeling you'll be suited for it!

(The birds enter and got on to Shem's sailor hat.)

Shem: (sarcastically) (sighs) Great. My job is literally for the birds.

Noah: And to answer your net big question, we will all help with animal cleanup.

(We cut to the shovels and buckets. The buzzing sound is heard. Everyone is disgusted by it.)

Everyone: EWW!!

Japheth: You got a name for this ship?

Noah: I'm keeping it simple, Ark.

Dot: That really does sound catchy.

Neil: Iconic.

Sadie: I think it should be called "Noah's Ark!"

Ham: Ooh, that's good!

Everyone: Noah's Ark!

(Everyone cheers as they leave to start taking care of the animals. Naamah sees Shem upset.)

Shem: My life with Sadie just started and this...this isn't what I wanted for us.

Naaman: Sometimes our plans need to wait, Shem. The world is about to change.

Shem: I know Dad heard from God, but I didn't.

Naaman: It could be God tries to speak with you. Maybe you just haven't been listening. You're more like your father than you think. You build, you invent, you question, that's all wonderful! All you need to do is get to know God the way Noah does. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to give a giraffe a neck massage. It's going to be a long one. (exits)

(We cut to the turtles entering the Ark.)

Sadie: Okay, my little turtle friends. I think that's the last of them, Noah-I mean, Dad!

Ham: Maybe two by two doesn't apply to pets that were already in the family? Shouldn't there be a friend for a little Bacon?

Noah: Indeed, and there she is now!

(We cut to the pig, who has a blue bow, and has eyelashes, who enter the scene. Bacon falls in love with her and runs up to her.)

Ham: Aw, Bacon! I'm so happy for you! (to the female pig) And what's your name, little lady? I think I'll call you Pork Chop.

Noah: That should be everyone! Let's do a final check!

Japheth: Hippos by the Rhinos, Sloths by the Koalas, and the cats and dogs are finally separated.

Neil: Lizard, lizard, snakes, snakes, gekko, gekko, frogs!

Shem: Birds the feather, flocking together!

Ham: Ham and hamsters, ready to go!

Japheth: Captain, all crews and critters accounted for!

Noah: (spoken) Okay, everyone's on board. You know what that means?

Shem: Lunch and a long nap?

Noah: No, more singing!

Everyone: Oh, oh, oh, ohhhh We love it on the ark! We'll dance until it's dark

It's like a floating amusement park How can we complain, we're ready to embark!

We love it on the ark! (x3)

Shem: (spoken) Okay, now what?

(cut to black)

My Golden Egg

Announcer: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry. The part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song. We join our veggie friends for their annual Easter tradition.

Bob: Okay, kids. Ready for the Easter egg hunt?

(Junior laughs and Laura cheers)

Larry: I got my hat. I got my net.

I got binoculars, metal detector. I'm set

For a expedition. I'm a cuke on a mission. (Laura: Yay!) The greatest Easter egg hunt yet.

I'm good to go. I'll find the prize.

At the safari store, I bought all their supplies.

Life will be sweet when my beautiful treat

Is right before my eyes.

My golden egg has my name on it.

It would be mine. All mine. All mine because I want it.

It's there for the pickin’. (Bob: Ready? Go!) From a bunny or chicken.

Soon I'll be holding my golden egg.

The French Peas: Golden egg. Golden egg. My golden egg.

Larry: In the deepest darkest jungle, there are many scary things.

I am always on the lookout for whatever bites or stings.

I run or crawl deep down low. I go wherever eggs may roam.

Remember, I'm a professional. So don't try this at home.

No luck? Okay. My search will widen

To just beyond this lava pit. I'm sure that where's it's hiding.

I'm overcome each hardship. I make it through each mess

Because I might possess

My golden egg has my name on it.

It would be mine. All mine. All mine because I want it.

It's there for the pickin’ from a bunny or chicken.

Soon I'll be holding my golden egg.

I missed it.

Laura: Oh look! I found it!

Larry the Cucumber: And now she has her happy hands around it.

I'm defeated. A lot of nothing’s what I got.

Laura and Larry: But maybe.

Larry: But maybe.

Laura and Larry: But maybe not.

Larry: I still have my golden egg. Thanks to the caring

Of my competitor who's heart believes in sharing.

Laura: This was made for peeling.

Larry: What a wonderful feeling.

Everyone: Cause now we are holding our golden egg.

The French Peas: Golden egg. Golden egg. Golden egg. My golden egg. (repeats three times)

Announcer: This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Larry say...

Larry: This is awesome. I love eggs.

Noah's Ark Act II

(We fade back to the story as we see Shem sitting on the clouds in Heaven. Then, he notices something he is riding on, and it's the dove, and when he sees something exciting, he woke up, hitting his head and falls off of his hammock.)

Shem: That was weird.

Ham: Good mornig, Shem. Sleep well?

Bacon: (oinks)

Japheth: Next time, fall a little quieter. You're gonna wake up the moose.

Shem: I had a dream. There were birds all around me...

Ham: Maybe because your pillow's made out of bird seed?

Japheth: Or maybe, you're just going a little stir crazy?

Shem: I can't imagine why. Oh! Maybe you've been cooped up in a boat on our front lawn for seven days! And oh, has it rained one drop? No!

(It also wakes up the moose)

Japheth: Yep. You woke him up.

Ham: Keith, my socks dry yet?

(The moose grunts and answers his question by looking up Ham's clothes.)

Shem: It hasn't rained and who knows if it's ever going to?

Japheth: God knows.

Shem: Right!

Japheth: No, I mean God knows! He really does!

Shem: (sighs) Don't you guys want to be in control of your own destiny? Make your own plans? Write your own story? Hmm?

Japheth: Straight from God, Shem.

Ham: I'm happy with my pig and my popcorn.

(Bacon eats the popcorn)

Shem: Fine, pick out with your pig, I'm going outside for some fresh air, on dry land.

(Shem grabs the rope, but before he do, he has to make sure no one is around to see him, and then he climbs down and he's going straight to the bottom until...)

Sadie: Shem, get back here!

Shem: I'm gonna go start planning our Dream House! You can get me if it starts to...(the rain drops on him)

Naaman: Shem, we need to stay on the Ark, even it's not raining yet!

Shem: It's not-(raindrop drops on him again) It's not gonna rain, Mom!

(Then, the clouds appear, the sky turns gray, and it starts to rain. Shem has spoken too soon.)

Shem: (has spoke too soon) Okay, it might actually be raining now.

Noah: It's beginning! Get back in the Ark, Shem, where you'll be safe!

Dot: Come on, Shemmy!

Ham: Don't mess around with this, bro!

Neil: Yeah, let us pull you up!

Shem: (scoffs) I will get off that Ark when I am good and ready and fully convinced-

Sadie: Shem. Get on the boat!

Shem: Okay.

(Shem gets back up as the wind grew stronger!)

Noah: Tie everything down!

(Shem looks at his house sadly.)

Shem: (sadly) Goodbye house. Goodbye porchswing.

(The lightning strikes the house)

Shem: AAHH!!

(The ground is breaking)

Ham and Shem: AAHHH!!

(The water appears as the flood everything, especially the porchswing, and the house.)

Noah: Hang on, everyone, it'll be all right! This is what God prepared us for!

(The blue blanket starts to rip)

Noah: Shem, Ham! Help me tie this down! We can't let the water into the hole! It'll sink us!

(The blanket gets down as Shem and Ham get on it.)

Shem: We need more rope!

Ham: Bacon, Pork Chop! Fetch!

(Bacon and Pork Chop grab the rope and hand it to Ham)

Ham: Good piggies! Everything's better with Bacon!

(Japheth walks as the water floods him. Ham catches Japheth with the rope.)

Ham: Gotcha, bro!

Shem: Here comes another one!

(Then, another flood drowns Japheth, Shem, and Ham, and now it stopped. Mommy Walrus hides their babies inside the ark.)

(Dot puts the blanket on the elephant, since she's cold. Naamah puts the blanket on the lion. But there are leaks inside the Ark. They also got the two hamsters.)

Dot: (shudders)

Naamah: That's why we packed the top!

Sadie: But there are so many leaks! We'll never get to them in time!

Neil: Because the old man, we had the right tools for the job! (grabs the caulking gun) Caulking guns! Everybody, grab one! Filled them with tar! Hasta la vista, leakies!

(Sadie, Naamah, Neil, and Dot shoot the caulking gun at the leaks, and the tar stops the leaks. Then, everyone is relieved, until there is another leak.)

Japheth: I don't know how much more of this I can take!

Ham: I'm scared!

Noah: Hang in there, boys! It's going to be all right, I promise!

Shem: It's just rain, right? I mean, how long can it wait?!

(We cut to the blueprint background and it's 40 days later)

Shem: (shocked) How is this possible?!

Noah: Don't worry, son. God promised that it would rain for 40 days and 40 nights! And this is the 40th day!

Shem: So that means the rain would stop today, right? So far, I don't see any signs of-

(Before Shem can finish the sentence, the sky turns to normal, and it stops raining.)

Noah: Well, look at that! Another promise kept!

(Everyone got on top of the Ark, to make sure the rain has stopped. No More Rain starts playing)

Shem: No more rain?

Ham: No more rain?

Everyone: No more rain!!!

Shem: Just when it looked

Everyone: Like we are at the end of our rope!

Shem: That our goose had been cooked

Everyone: And that everyone was giving up hope.

Shem: The sky turned blue and bright,

the whole world filled with light,


Everyone: Oh the sun came back again!

Shem: Just when we feared

Sadie, Nell and Dot: Our umbrellas would be open for years.

Shem: Then the storm finally cleared

Sadie, Nell and Dot: And our worries have turned into cheers!

Shem: Even though the wait was long,

life's great burst into song

Everyone: Hooray the rain has gone away!

Shem: Now there's no more rain! (No more rain!)

Now there's no more rain! (No more rain!)

And I can't contain (Can't contain)

How good I'm feeling (Oh so good)

Now there's no more rain! (No more rain!)

We thought we were down and out but then

Everyone: Oh the sun came back again!

Shem: Golly, I'll tell you we won't miss

The very worst weather in Genesis

But we'll never forget how we felt when

Everyone: Oh the sun came back again!

Oh the sun came back again!

Shem: The sun came back again, yeah!

Haha! Won't be long till we get off this boat!

(6 Months Later, the ark didn't get strand, it's still underwater. We cut to Shem with an umbrella. There's bird poop on it.)

Shem: Well, there's still one good use for these umbrellas.

Sadie: I've gotta say, I'm impressed that you've kept so clean from any target practice.

Shem: I've even had dreams about birds.

Sadie: Really? Maybe they mean something.

Shem: Yeah, they mean I've been hanging around birds too long.

Noah: Don't dismiss it, son. Sometimes this is how God speaks to us!

Shem: Did God tell you about what's next?

Noah: Nope, just that we should wait. Keep tending the animals and wait.

(We cut to the zebra, the alligator, the elephant, and Naamah. They are doing the limbo. We cut to Japheth and Ham playing Ice Hockey)

Shem: It's not like I'm ungrateful for all this beautiful sunshine, it's better than the storms, of course, but we've been floating out here for months now.

Noah: We may be out here for several more months or even years.

Shem: I just can't live on this Ark for the rest of our lives! We're running out of hobbies to pass the time!

Neil: He's right. We only have one jigsaw puzzle, and this is the fifth time I've put it together, and I can't even find all the pieces! I keep losing more and more of them.

Noah: God will reveal the rest of His plan in due time.

Shem: God's got centuries to wait! I don't!

Dot: And I'm running out of animals who let me braid their hair.

Noah: No one said it would be easy, we just have to trust in God.

(Shem looks at the water and thinks for a bit)

Shem: I just cannot sit around! I've got to do something!

(We cut to Japheth and Ham walking to meet Shem. Ham is eating his sandwich)

Ham: Shem said to meet him here.

Japheth: He just said "Meet me by a pile of randomly stacked crates?"

Ham: Yeah, that was pretty much it.

(Shem, pops out of the crates, startling Shem and Ham)

Shem: You made it.

Ham: AHH!! (gobbles the sandwich) Don't scare us like that!!

Shem: Enter the Workshop of Genius!

Ham: In there? That's a really small workshop.

Shem: No, that's a door.

Japheth: Ooh, this is like the clubhouses we used to build when we were kids!

(Shem, Japheth, and Ham get in the workshop and looks at the sight of it.)

Shem: Boys, I'm getting us outta here! Oh, yeah! Behold, plan B: A flying Machine to take us to the air and away from the seasick life!

Japheth: Into the air and where?

Shem: To land! We'll have a much easier time finding land from a bird's eye view and there's going to be room for everyone!

Ham: Dad'll be so impressed! Is this part of God's plan?

Shem: It's improving on it. I'm just...helping Him along!

Japheth: God just called every animal in the world and flooded the Earth. He doesn't seem to need help.

Shem: I'm a doer, Japheth! Just like Dad! I use tools and invent just like him. Once he sees good old Plan B, he's going to be impressed!

Ham: We should show him right now!

Shem: No! (gulps) Not yet. I want to test it, get it ready! I want to prove to him that it will work!

Ham: Okay, but I'm not good at keeping secrets.

Shem: Listen, every time you think you might tell him, just shove a piece of food in your mouth!

Ham: Got it!

Japheth: (worried) I don't know, Shem!

Shem: Technically, you're redirecting for later like keeping a surprise birthday party a secret.

Japheth: A surprise birthday party, huh?

Shem: Let's get started!

(Shem, Ham, and Japheth gets to work as we do the montage. Then they're inventing an invention that can spin around and fly, until they hit the ceiling, making a hole. The hamster appears, giving Shem an idea for the next invention. Then, we cut to the hamster, wearing goggles, and aircraft helmet as Japheth and Ham took it to fly but instead, it goes down. The plan failed. Then, the elephant was about to use the big hit with the hammer, but pounds it quietly. Then, Shem and Japheth slingshots the hamster it flies really well, until it hits the wall. The female hamster gasps worriedly. The male hamster glares at Shem, who is smiling nervously. Then, Ham walks with his tools with his lack of hand. Noah notices him.)

Noah: What have you been up to all day?

(Instead, of Ham telling Noah what he's doing, he shoves a big sandwich in his mouth and leaves. This makes Noah confused.)

(We cut to Noah and his family in the dinner table)

Japheth: To be technically exact, I have not been involved with any set project that is not slated to be shared in given time when such time is relevant to the project. (smiles nervously)

(Noah looks at Japheth awkwardly)

Noah: Pass the soup.

(Then, we cut to Shem, Japheth, and Ham, making a Hot Air Balloon. They let go of the Balloon, causing it to fly. Then, the wheelspin get really fast that the balloon starts to spin. The balloon got out of the clubhouse as Shem, Japheth, and Ham and the female hamster follow it. As they are about to catch up to the hamster, it's too late. It soars to the sky. The hamster says goodbye to the female hamster, who starts to cry.)

Ham: (sadly) It'll be okay, Mrs. Hamster. Your heart will go on.

(As the female hamster walks away sadly, Japheth and Ham glare at Shem)

Shem: Well, at least we know it works, right?

(We cut back to the clubhouse)

Shem: If the little one flies, so will the big one!

Ham: So, what are you gonna do now?

Shem: Ha, I think it's time to reveal Plan B to the rest of the family!

Japheth: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

(Then, the alarm blares offscreen)

Shem, Japheth, and Ham: Huh?! What's that?!

(Shem, Japheth, and Ham walks to the family as Noah sees something interesting.)

Naamah: What is it?

Noah: The biggest wave I've ever seen!

Sadie: What do we do?!

Noah: We can ride it! I just hope we can get over that crest! If we don't keep the bar low in the water, that wave could flip us!

(The whale from "Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie" and "Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn't" gets back underwater for safety)

Noah: We need to push everything to the front of the boat! Anything that waves a lot!

Japheth: Let's go!

(They exit to get the animals help)

Noah: Hurry!

Nei;: Hi-ya Hippos! Giddyup Elephants!

(Noah's family pushed the crates over the front of the boat.)

Naamah: Easy does it! Everyone, follow me! Up to the boat!

(Noah notices the wave is getting closer to them)

Noah: Finish tying up!

(Shem gets back to the clubhouse to put his plan on the hook that goes with the rope. He heads back with the others)

Naamah: Where's Shem?!

Sadie: He was right behind me!

Shem: I'm right here!

Noah: Hang on!

(Shem gets to the others just in time. The ark rides the biggest wave ever, then it went into the water. Then, it was floating. The other but Shem cheers)

Sadie: No more Waves!

Dot: No more waves?

Everyone: No more waves!!!

Shem: Stop it! Stop the music! Enough already!

(DJ record sound effect is heard)

Shem: This is crazy! What's wrong with you people?! What's next?! A tornado?! Meteorites?! Attack of the giant squid!??!

Sadie: Whatever it is, Shem, we'll survive.

Shem: I don't want to survive, Sadie! I want to live, with you, with everyone! Off this boat!! Don't any of you see this floating zoo is going to be the end of us? But I've invented a way to get out of here!

Noah: What?!

Shem: I give you...(The Hot Air Balloon appears) Plan B! An Airship designed by yours truly! No more seasick waves, no more endless drifting big enough to fit all of us. And when we find land, we'll come back for the animals! Pretty great, right?

Noah: I'm...astounded.

Shem: (laughs) Thanks, Dad! I worked hard on it.

Noah: Shem, this is a very creative idea, but how can you do this? Have you heard anything I've said?

Shem: I'm trying something new.

Noah: This plan is not God's plan.

Shem: Anyone who climbs aboard my craft will be safer than on this boat! Who's with me?

(Everyone thinks about what they're choosing)

Shem: It's a simple choice!

Naamah: Shem, don't do this.

Shem: I-I'm leaving! Right now! You have choose! Guys!? Sadie, you'll come with me won't you?

(Then, Sadie looks at the squid, in fear. Shem looks at the squid also. It destroys Shem's project.)

Shem: Aw, come on! I was kidding about the squid!

Noah: Everyone, get to the load deck!

(The family gets out of the way as the squid eats the balloon)

Shem: No! NO! No, no, no, no, not Plan B!

(Too late, the Balloon has already been eaten. Then, the squid's head inflates as it burps loudly)

Ham: (terrified) I've never been so amused and so terrified at the same time!

Japheth: We've gotta save the ark! (grabs the fish) Grab something! Anything! And charge!

Noah: Son, put that down before you'll hurt yourself! I'll take care of this!

(Japheth puts down the fish)

Noah: Hey, beak-lips! (The squid picks up Noah) This is the Bible story of the ark! Noah's ark! And you are not in it! (The squid puts Noah down) So go home. You can come back for Job.

(The squid then goes back underwater)

Shem: (looking at his destroyed invention) I-(sighs)

(Shem gets back to the workshop sadly.)

Shem: I had plans... I always do.

Great big dreams, they all fell through.

And all those plans that I have made...

Have left me here alone, adrift, afraid.

(Shem lays down on the blanket and sleeps. We fade to the same dream Shem has last time. He sits on the dove again)

Shem: Aw, not again.

(Then, the creaking noise was heard, causing Shem to wake up)

Shem: AHH! WHAT!?! (notices the dove) Ahh! Get off!

(Shem walks to the others)

Shem: Is anyone okay?

Sadie: I think we've hit something.

Shem: Please don't be another squid.

Noah: It seems as though we've run the ground!

Ham: A ground? As in "The" ground?

(The ark has been landing on the rock)

Japheth: This is fantastic!

Neil: Where could we be?

Dot: Some mountain. We should name it.

Ham: How about "Mountain Where-We-At?"

Neil: It's catchy.

Ham: You know, cuz it's where we at.

Noah: How about "Mount Ararat?"

Ham: Sounds like you're just copying me.

Naaman: The waters must be receding.

Japheth: But how fast? How will we be able to get off the ark?

Noah: Only God can tell us, but for now, at least our drifting has stopped!

(We cut to the nighttime. We cut to the same logo from earlier, "6 Months Later", as Shem crumbles the blueprint and throws it in the water. He notices something from the water, but he shrugs and leaves.)

Crow: (hawks)

Shem: Hey, Dad. I think they like you.

Noah: They like you too. You've taken good care of them.

Shem: I, uh, I went to check on the water, I think it might be going down.

Noah: Think?

Shem: Well, I can't be sure, I can't see the water with all the fog.

Noah: Well, I figure the water is going down. God will give us the sign when it's safe to get off the boat.

Shem: Uh, Ark.

Noah: Whatever.

(Noah and Shem chuckle.)

Shem: Dad, I'm wondering if these birds might be part of God's plan.

Noah: Maybe. Why would you think that?

Shem: I guess it's that dream I've been having.

Noah: Ah. So, uh, what do you want to do?

Shem: Send a bird out to find land!

Noah: Good idea! I like it!

(Noah and Shem chuckle.)

Shem: No, no, that was a joke!

Noah: Let's give it a try!

(Crow gets on Shem's head)

Shem: Well, I am the bird guy around here, right? Let's do this!

(The sun goes up outside. Noah's family walk up to Noah and Shem.)

Japheth: Are you sure this is going to work?

Dot: Yeah, it feels weird putting our faith in a bird.

Shem: No, we're putting our faith in God.

Neil: What do you mean?

Shem: Well, God keeps his promises. He promised the rains would stop after 40 days and 40 nights and they did. He promised to keep us safe and here we are! And He promised to send us a sigh when it's time to get off the ark. The birds are gonna help us out! I'm gonna trust God on this one.

(Dove song starts playing)

Shem: We send our hopes out into the air

On kind of a literial wing and a prayer.

Trying to trust, wishing you'd just give us a sign.

(The dove flys away as we fade to black. We fade to the dove coming back)

Shem: Here she comes.

(The dove gave Shem the leaf.)

Ham: Guess that didn't work.

Shem: Well, we'll try again.

We send our dreams out into the sky

And know with your care that they'll take off and fly.

We'll be all right but maybe you might give us a sign. (talking) I see something!

(The dove came back once again.)

Ham: How do you know this is gonna work?

Shem: Because, God keeps his promises.

We've got to remember the rain will stop.

We've got to remember the storm will end.

We've got to remember blue skies are just around the bend.

God provides all we need when we step back and let Him lead. (talking) I hope those turtles enjoy that.

Noah: Are you kidding? That's the most excitement they get all day!

Shem: So, uh, any sign of the Dove yet?

Noah: Not yet.

Shem: Hey, thanks for being patient with me, Dad.

Noah: I've been taught by the Best.

(The Dove appears again)

Shem: Would you look at that!

(The dove lands on Shem's head)

Shem: Hey, buddy!

Noah: The little guy has brought us a present!

Shem: Better yet, a sign!

(singing) Our story starts from this humble boat.

We hope that they soar or at least that they float.

We're praying they do while watching for You to give us a sign.

(song ends)

Ham: Those birds aren't coming back, are they?

Dot: Maybe they found a place to nest.

Noah: I'd say so. And that means there's enough land out there for all of us! The birds, they were part of God's plan!

(Then, The Ark door opens, as Noah, his family, and the animals get out of the ark safely.)

Noah: (praying) Thank you for bringing us safely through our journey and thank You for keeping Your promise, as You always do. Amen.

Everyone: Amen.

Ham: Who wants a s'more?

(Bacon and Pork Chop oinks as Shem notices something interesting)

Shem: Look everyone! What's that?!

(The rainbow appears)

Everyone: Wow!

Noah: The Lord is making us one more promise!

Ham (quoting Madame Blueberry): What does it mean?

Noah: The rainbow is a sign of God's covenant with us! It's His promise to never allow the whole earth to be flooded again!

Japheth: So, what's next, Dad?

Noah: Time for us to start over.

Naamah: You kids go forth and multiply.

Shem: I have no idea what that means.

Sadie: I'll explain it to you later.

Shem: God's got plans (trust, we trust) That God will keep His promise.

God's got plans (trust, we trust) Because He always does.

God's got plans (trust, we trust) God's word's the surest thing.

God's got plans (we trust, we trust) With a smile and a open heart.

God's got plans, God's got plans God's got plaaaaaaaans!

(The hamster happily greets her female hamster again)

Shem: Knock-knock!

Sadie: Who's there?

Shem: Olive.

Sadie: Olive who?

Shem: "Olive" you!

Sadie: Aww!

Shem: (chuckles)

(Shem and Sadie exit as we pan to the ark and the rainbow. Then, we fade to black, ending the story.)

Closing Countertop

(Fade back to the countertop to Bob and Larry who are now dressed in their characters' sailor costumes from the story.)

Bob: You were right, Larry! That was great!

Larry: See, I told you!

Bob: I gotta say, you've got quite the imagination.

Larry: I'm the talking cucumber.

Bob: That's true. Well, God did tell Noah to build an ark. And he did keep his promise by saving Noah's family and the animals. It's all there in Genesis 6-9.

Larry: Check it out kids!

Bob: Let's see if QWERTY has a verse for us.

(The What Have We Learned song plays as Bob and Larry head over to QWERTY and Roger happens to be there)

Vocalists: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today,

and God has a lot to say in His book.

Bob: Heya, Roger.

(Roger trumpets. during the second half, he picks up bob by the trunk and rocks him)

Vocalists: You see, we know that God’s word is for everyone,

and now that our song is done, we'll take a look.

Bob: Uuuh Larry?

Larry: Oh, excuse us, Roger.

(Roger walks away)

(Qwerty then pops out a verse and it says...)

Bob: "For the word of the Lord is right and true; is faithful in all he does. Psalm 33:4."

Larry: That's right, Bob! In our story, Shem learned that just like his dad Noah, he could trust God's plan. Because when God says he gonna do something, he does it.

Bob: God's plans are much better than our own.

Larry: Because he loves us and knows what's best for us. Right, Bob?

Bob: That's right.

Larry: So there you go, Chris. I know you really wanted a brother but God's plan was for you to have a sister. And Because God loves you and knows what best for you, you can trust it's the best plan. You know what I'm sure one day, you'll be really glad to have a sister. You'll see.

Bob: Absolutely.

(as they are speaking Roger walks over the two)

Bob: Uhh Larry?

Larry: Excuse us, Roger.

(Roger walks away yet again)

Bob: Seriously Larry, you gotta get that elephant out of the rock before he-

Larry: Woah.

Bob: Oh dear. Well that's all the time we have for today. Always remember God made you special-

Larry: And he loves you very much.

Both: Bye!

Bob: Well, sailor, have fun swabbin' the deck!

(Bob walks away)

Larry: Really, Roger?

(end of transcript.)