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Noah's Ark

Mike Nawrocki


Chris Wall


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Mike Nawrocki

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March 3, 2015


50 minutes

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Noah's Ark is the fifty-first and final episode of the original VeggieTales series. This is the only episode to have the character designs used in the Netflix shows. VeggieTales was cancelled after this episode. However, in 2019, a revival show was introduced, known as The VeggieTales Show.

It is a biblical adaption of Noah's Ark from the book of Genesis.


The countertop opens with Bob and Larry remarking how they look different, and the cucumber telling Bob about the elephant in the room. He introduces his pal Roger, which Bob is puzzled about why there's an elephant on the countertop. Larry hints to Bob that they're telling the story of Noah because they got an email from this kid named Chris who hails from Raton, New Mexico who has a new baby sister, but in truth, Chris wanted a baby brother.


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In 1998 and 1999, Big Idea wanted to do a 45-minute VeggieTales video. They thought about Noah's Ark but then decided on Jonah due to fur being hard to animate. While writing, the story of Jonah didn't even start when on the 17th page, so they decided to make it a full theatrical release instead and they released in 2002 as Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.

According to an episode of The Phil Vischer Podcast, Big Idea went through three different versions of the script before ending up with the version that had 10 songs when 20 were written in total.

According to concept artist Cedric Hohnstadt, when the show was first put into production the characters still sported the classic designs. However, this was changed once the redesigns were introduced. Additionally, concept art from Cedric reveals that one of the initial versions of the script would've been a more traditional Biblical setting for the story with Noah being portrayed as an entirely new character and Shem being portrayed as a little boy, indicating that there likely would've been a flashback sequence.

Further concept art from Cedric reveals that Shem went through several different types of vegetables and/or fruit before ending up as broccoli including a scallion, a banana and what appears to be a gourd.

As confirmed on their Tumblr, Elena and Olivia Ceballos (the twin sisters who redesigned the characters for VeggieTales in the House) provided the redesigns for Katrina and Sabrina (who plays Shem's wife Sadie) from Beauty and the Beet for this show.

Fun Facts



  • "Elephant in the room" is an idiom for not explaining the truth either ignored or going unaddressed. This was clearly joking about the series being redesigned.
  • Bacon and Pork Chop are named for the type of meats based around pork, which is from pigs. This also connects towards Ham, another kind of meat from a pig.
  • Tar is a sort of black liquid, commonly used to mend roads.
  • Job (jobe with a silent e) is a bible story from the Old Testament.


  • This is the only episode for several things:
  • There were a few differences between pre-production and the final version.
    • The credits show different pieces of concept art of the Ark, meaning it was staged differently than the final pitched. Concept artist Cedric Hohnstadt stated in his blog that the characters were changed from what was pitched.
  • During the opening sequence, pictures from almost all of the previous episodes are shown, all of which consist of the artwork on the front cover of each episode (some of the earlier episodes' photos are from the DVD reissues, as opposed to the original VHS artwork), possibly to introduce the redesigns.
    • Given that this is the last episode of the original VeggieTales, this is justifiable.
  • Bob and Larry break the fourth wall by referencing they have new designs, unlike the other episodes.
    • Shem also breaks the fourth wall by crumpling up a blueprint which is a time card.


  • In spite of VeggieTales redesign, several characters and animals retain their previous designs (ie; Qwerty, the penguins, pigs, etc.)
  • The back of the DVD states it includes sing-along versions of No More Rain and God's Got Plans.
  • In the Studio Store section, the original character designs were kept in.
  • Shem & Sadie are able to bike with the pedals still going, even though they don't have any legs.


  • One shot shows Katrina losing her lipstick.
  • Shem loses his eyebrows in one shot, but regains them on the next shot.

Inside References

  • A few nods from Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie were used here:
    • The camels originated from Reginald.
    • A puzzle of the movie poster can be seen.
    • The whale appearing when the wave was about to hit the Ark.
  • The characters use umbrellas just like the one in Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella.
  • During the opening countertop scene, Bob and Larry lampshade the fact they have been redesigned. Larry then says they must address the elephant in the room, only to dance around outright stating they were redesigned by addressing an actual elephant.

Real-World References

  • Nell's line "Hasta la vista, leakies!" is a parody of one of the lines from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. A similar variant of that quote was previously said in Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed.
  • The monkey eating the puzzle pieces is probably a reference towards the Curious George story Curious George Goes to the Hospital.
  • "Your heart will go on!" is a reference to the song in Titanic (1997).
  • The scream used when the squid attacks the Ark is the iconic Wilhelm Scream. It originated from the movie The Charge at Feather River by actor Sheb Wooley. It has been used in countless movies, television shows, and video games.
  • Shem's fourth wall break is similar to Patrick's in the SpongeBob episode "Wet Painters"

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