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No One's as Sweet as Clampy is a song from the VeggieTales in the House episode, Gone Lobster. It was sung by Motato.


Motato: No one's as sweet as Clampy

No one can beat my Clampy

I'd never eat my Clampy

I'd never eat my Clampy

Ooh, but think of the meat on Clampy

We have a great relation

He's an excellent crustacean

Clampy I won't be tastin'

Though in butter, he'd be a sensation

He's my favorite lobster

He's never any bother

And so it wouldn't be proper

To put him in boiling water

I tuck him in for a nappy

Even though his claws are snappy

Sure, he'd taste good with scampi

But we're like a son and his pappy

I won't let him get caught in a trappy

Clampy, Clampy

No one's as sweet as Clampy

Clampy, Clampy

I'll never eat my


(voice wavering)


(takes deep breath)


(struggles to high note)