"I am Night Pony!"
— Laura as Night Pony
Night Pony
  • Species: Carrot
  • Hair color: Blonde

Night Pony is a ninja superhero who protects others from evil, and is a member of the League of Veggie Heroes. She is the alter ego of Laura Carrot.


After exposing herself to Laura, Granny Asparagus decided to tell her backstory as Aspara Justice and that she needs someone to take over. Laura wasn't too sure as she thinks she is too little, but Archibald Asparagus tells her that you don't have to worry about your size. Once she heard from Mrs. Fuzzyface that Granny was kidnapped by Motato, Laura decided to take action. Before her kidnapping, Granny passed down her old costume and became Night Pony! She eventually rescued her, but not without dealing with Motato and his Radish minions.

She later joined up with Larry-Boy, Junior Jetpack, and JimmyBoy to form the League of Veggie Heroes.

After their recent capture of Motato, the other members excluding Larry-Boy decided to plan a surprise party for the plunger-headed hero for his 100th capture, and celebrated with him.

When Bob joined the team and messed up their efforts to stop Motato, Night Pony was the only one to sympathize as she was still new to the superhero business. Though they were able to get the formula of Motato's mustache fiasco.

Physical Appearance and abilities

Night Pony is a carrot with blonde hair and blue eyes. She sports a magenta jumpsuit with silver belt that has pink circles and a "P", a helmet that has a translucent visor and ears, a heart shape backpack, and uses a staff.

Her special abilities is that she can wall jump and do agile ninja moves. She can also use her staff for various things (sword fight). She often uses a skateboard as a mode of transportation.


Fun Facts

  • She borrows a few elements from other superheroes/villains.
    • Her backstory is similar to various legacy characters (eg. Robin, Catwoman, Ant-Man).
    • Her abilities from using a staff is somewhat similar to Marvel's Daredevil.
    • Like Dark Crow, her name is based on "Black Panther".
  • She is one of the few members of the team for a few things:
    • She and SuperMato are the only ones to not have their names be similar to their real life ones (eg. Larry/Larry-Boy)
    • She and Larry-Boy are the only ones with helmets that have visors.
    • She is the only female member.
    • The only one not be influenced by Larry-Boy.
    • The only one not to carry anyone else.



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