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Netflix, Inc. is an American media company based in Los Gatos, California. Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, it operates the over-the-top subscription video on-demand service Netflix brand, which includes original films and television series commissioned or acquired by the company, and third-party content licensed from other distributors. Netflix is a member of the Motion Picture Association—having become the first streaming company to become a member.

Netflix initially both sold and rented DVDs by mail, but the sales were eliminated within a year to focus on the DVD rental business. In 2007, Netflix introduced streaming media and video on demand. The company expanded to Canada in 2010, followed by Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2013, the service began to acquire and produce original content, beginning with the political drama House of Cards. By 2022, original productions accounted for half of Netflix's library in the United States, and the company had ventured into other categories, such as video game publishing via the Netflix service.

The company is ranked 115th on the Fortune 500 and 219th on the Forbes Global 2000. It is the second largest entertainment/media company by market capitalization as of February 2022. In 2021, Netflix was ranked as the eighth-most trusted brand globally by Morning Consult. During the 2010s, Netflix was the top-performing stock in the S&P 500 stock market index, with a total return of 3,693%. As of January 2023, Netflix had over 230 million subscribers worldwide, including 74.3 million in the United States and Canada; 76.7 million in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 41.7 million in Latin America and 38 million in the Asia-Pacific region. The Netflix service is available worldwide aside from Mainland China, Syria, North Korea, and Russia.

They started streaming episodes of VeggieTales in 2010, all of which have since been removed. The original series, VeggieTales in the House remains exclusive to the service until September 23, 2022, while its spin-off VeggieTales in the City remains exclusive until September 16, 2023.



NOTE: All episodes above are no longer available.

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