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My Baby Elf is the 18th Silly Songs with Larry.

Ear-A-Corn (dressed as Elvis Presley) sings a song about an elvish girl, whose disdain for Ear-A-Corn is mistranslated by him as compliments.


Announcer: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Elves, the part of the show where Ear-A-Corn comes out and sings a Silly Song for elves.

Ear-A-Corn: I asked my baby, my baby elf. A couple questions about myself. If I was handsome, if I was nice. I was lookin' for her advice. She looked at me and shook her head, and this is what she said:

Miss Achmetha: (Subtitles: Do I know you? What did you say? Green one go away! Be silent! Green one! Green one go away! Go kiss a Spork! Stop that! Help!)

Ear-A-Corn: She yelled so loud, she hurt my ears. My eyes all welled up full of tears. But I don't mind none, 'cause she's my elf. My elfity, babity, babity, babity, babity, babity, babity elf. When I go walkin' all by myself, I'm busy thinkin' about my elf. I keep her picture upon my shelf. I'm always dreamin' about my elf. I won't forget the way that she says those words to me.

Miss Achmetha: (Subtitles: When do you leave? Much wind pours from your mouth! Do you feel well? Are you finished? Be silent! I leave now to do laundry.)

Ear-A-Corn: Don't know exactly what she said, just know it kinda hurts my head. I'll take an Aspirin, 'cause she's my elf. My elfity, babity, boopity, babity, babity...

Leg-O-Lamb: (cuts Larry off) Hold on a minute!

(Music stops)

Ear-A-Corn: Huh? What? What? What? What are you doin'? (Leg-O-Lamb pulls off Ear-A-Corn's fake elf ears) Ouch! Hey!

Leg-O-Lamb: I knew it, I knew it!

Ear-A-Corn: What?

Leg-O-Lamb: You should be ashamed of yourself. You're no elf, you're an elvish impersonator! You sicken me, deceitful one!

(Leg-O-Lamb takes Ear-A-Corn's guitar)

Ear-A-Corn: Oh, right. Like you're a real elf. Give the gourd a bow and arrow and he's a real elf!

Announcer: This has been Silly Songs for Elves.

Leg-O-Lamb: Behold, Leg-O-Lamb! Have at thee, my bow shall sing with your pompadour!

Ear-A-Corn: Don't you point that thing at me! Help!

Fun Facts

  • An Elvis (Elvish) impersonator is a term for someone who impersonates the late Elvis Presley. This started in the mid '50s.
  • This is the first Silly Song that's in the same setting as the story.
  • This is also the first Silly Song not to feature the countertop at all.
  • The font used for the elf translation is Papyrus.
  • The broken relationship between Ear-A-Corn and the elf lady makes fun of Aragorn and Arwen's chemistry in Lord of the Rings.