Munchy Dream is a cereal brand that was sponsored by Morty Bumble in It's a Meaningful Life. Not much is known about it, other than that it's very sweet and it's not a toy.


If you're like me, you often dream of crunching while you eat ice cream.

It's Munchy Dream, it's not ice cream. It's creamy crunchy sweet!

It's an explosion made of taste. It's like a horse race in your face

It's no disgrace. So buy a case

Of creamy crunchy crunchy creamy taste buds in a bunch of dreamy sugar sweety…

CRUUUUUNCHY Munchy Dream!!

Fun Facts

  • The animation is done by T. Dan Hofstedt. Brian Roberts states he was going to do the animation, but he didn't have enough time to start working on it.
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