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Mr. Nezzer and Mr. Lunt are often seen together and are often acting as the antagonists (the forces of evil) in most of the stories. Mr. Lunt is often Mr. Nezzer's henchman.

However, there are instances where Mr. Nezzer is Mr. Lunt's henchman, such as in Duke and the Great Pie War. There are also instances where they are on opposing forces, such as in Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier, where Mr. Lunt is the main antagonist and Mr. Nezzer is the Admiral. This is a normal result of casting in the Veggietales cast.

These two have a great relationship, as far as right-hand men and big bad can have. Mr. Lunt obeys Mr. Nezzer, while Mr. Nezzer never treats ill of Mr. Lunt. The same can be said to Mr. Lunt when he's the main villain. Like other right-hand men of evil, Mr. Lunt seems to suck up to his boss a lot, but if you look closely he does so at a reasonable rate and never puts himself down when he does so. Mr. Nezzer also respects him. They obviously have a good relationship, and they are not to be regarded as a simple, bland and trite "Big Bad and Henchman" relationship.

After "His Cheeseburger", when Phil Vischer realized how much fun a character Mr. Lunt can be, his roles started to grow out of simply "Mr. Nezzer's henchgourd". However, in the episodes where he acts like one, he is still the reliable underling that we all know, indicating that their relationship stayed as good, even when Mr. Lunt grew more silly.