• Species: Potato
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Pink (left), Green (right)
  • Gender: Male

Motato is a recurring villain of Larry-Boy. He is the main antagonist of VeggieTales in the House and the secondary antagonist of VeggieTales in the City.


In his first appearance, Motato kidnaps Ichabeezer so he can steal his stuff, including his Super Go-Go Mover. He later forces the zucchini the code for his safe, but Ichabeezer says he won't. Larry-Boy eventually came to stop the spud and recuse Ichabeezer from Motato's clutches.


Physical Appearance

Motato is a potato who has dark brown hair, eyebrows, and a mustache. He wears a green and blue striped collar jumpsuit with the letter "M".

Voice Actors


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Fun Facts

  • He shares similarities with Awful Alvin. This includes:
    • Recurring villains towards Larry-Boy.
    • Bushy eyebrows
    • Different shaped eyes
    • Hammy personalities
  • According to Doug TenNapel, his name is a mix of "mutated potato".
  • He is the fourth recurring villain of Larry-Boy in the entire franchise, and the first to appear more than two times.
  • He is the only villain from the Netflix series to not have his debut episode named after himself.
  • He had a pet lobster named Clampy for a short period of time.
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