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This is Tim Hodge and Rob Corley doing a commentary on More is More.


Tim Hodge: Hello, again, everyone. This is Tim Hodge, and my good friend.

Rob Corley: Rob Corley!

Tim Hodge: Here to comment incessantly on your cartoon, so you can't listen to it.

Rob Corley: Get ready!

Tim Hodge: Eh, you noticed the comic book there said "Ron Eddy" on it, that's a, um, Ron Eddy is one of our artists in the design department here. And the comic book cover was actually an old gift for him when he resigned years ago. He has since come back. But, uh, they--they did a little gift for him.

Rob Corley: Yeah, because we had it, we used it for the show. So, that was very convenient.

Tim Hodge: It was cheaper than getting someone to draw a new one.

Rob Corley: Hey, I was wondering, does he always, like, shower in his uniform?

Tim Hodge: Uh, don't you?

Rob Corley: Okay.

Tim Hodge; Uh, I, I think that again, that was probably an expense thing. Try to design Zidgel without clothes is--

Rob Corley: Uh, yeah.

Tim Hodge: We, we were in a rush, if you remember correctly.

Rob Corley: No nude penguins.

Tim Hodge: (laughs) Cuz they're not nude in nature.

Rob Corley: Well, they're not in space, either.

Tim Hodge: The bendy thumb actually, uh, it was a gag that, that Broose Johnson, our writer, had come up with years and years ago. I remember joking, I, uh--he would often talk about bendy thumbs as a superpower.

Rob Corley: His, oh, that, if he had bendy thumbs?

Tim Hodge: Well, ten years ago, he was--he was coming up--come up with stupid superpowers.

Rob Corley: Like useless powers.

Tim Hodge: Yeah.

Rob Corley: Oh. Bendy thumb.

Tim Hodge: He finally got to work it into a script. (laughs)

Rob Corley: Mmm-kay.

Rob Corley: Yeah, friend of mine had a, um, we were having a--same kind of conversation, like "What kind of superpower would you like to have?" And, uh, mine was like, you know, the obvious, superstrength. And his was always be able to have the right thing to say at all times.

Tim Hodge: (laughs) Actually, that would--that would come in handy.

Rob Corley: That would be pretty good, pretty smart.

Tim Hodge: (laughs)

Rob Corley: Yeah, isn't that great?

Tim Hodge: I can fight crime with witty comebacks.

Rob Corley: Or not.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, I always wondered about Aquaman, you know, he's got superpowers, but--

Rob Corley: What does he, just speak to fish?

Tim Hodge: It's like, undergr--underwater. Is their, is the crime so high?

Rob Corley: I, yeah, who's, yeah, who's ripping off the crabs?

Tim Hodge: (laughs)

Rob Corley: So, here we are, Rob Corley.

Tim Hodge: And Broose Johnson.

Rob Corley: And Broose Johnson.

Tim Hodge: Who is far away from us.

Tim Hodge: Who did the cover of that comic book? Was that, uh, was that Cedric?

Rob Corley: No, that was a local artist, um, Brian?

Tim Hodge: Okay.

Tim Hodge: Yes, Cedric does a lot of work for these.

Rob Corley: Yeah. He, he was great on the other shows. I think he was actually on another show when we were doing this one, so. Another new cover there.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, I think we used that in another episode, as well.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah, that, that's another one there, had to create, like, superheroes.

Tim Hodge: The Attractive Gravity Team.

Rob Corley: Yeah, that's right.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, there was a, um, we had to trim the script down cuz it was a little long. Always happens with on T.V., but, um, there was a plot element early on that the Sugar Frosted Black Holes were actually being manufactured by Cavitus, and that's why they were dangerous and created the vortex, and it was all a plot.

Rob Corley: That's right.

Rob Corley: But it was an important plot, so we decided to cut it out.

Tim Hodge: Yeah. (laughs)

Rob Corley: I love that.

Tim Hodge: I think it's one of the best gags in the whole series.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah.

Rob Corley: So, this show was about gluttony.

Tim Hodge: Yes.

Tim Hodge: And having too much good--too much of anything is a bad thing.

Rob Corley: That's right.

Tim Hodge: So, if you're sitting, watching cartoons all day, like three episodes in a row on one DVD,

Rob Corley: That's, that's not a good thing?

Tim Hodge: Um, no, obviously, don't eat popcorn the whole time, because you don't wanna be glut--no, watch all our DVDs you want.

Rob Corley: Oh!

Rob Corley: Right, right.

Tim Hodge: And buy lots and lots for your friends.

Rob Corley: And I love--

Tim Hodge: What? Were you gonna say you love Cavitus' ship?

Rob Corley: Yeah, exactly.

Tim Hodge: Same, same thing. Yeah, um, Michael Spooner designed that.

Rob Corley: Oh, wow.

Tim Hodge: And I love the way it looks like a--an old Packard or something--the old ship he is.

Rob Corley: Like the grill work of an old car?

Tim Hodge: Yeah, yeah. Which kinda goes back to the whole Penguins! motif, the Penguins! ship was a--feel like a, you know, a Hot Rod.

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, I think that--this is the only episode that actually has that lever in it. The--(laughs)

Rob Corley: Oh, right

Tim Hodge: We--we get controls whenever we need them, and then they disappear for the next episode.

Rob Corley: Well, we need a lever, and a button, right here. Yet, you never see it again.

Tim Hodge: Well, I think it's like any spaceship on any set, they just have a bunch of buttons and the actors just push them anyway, like, this button does this week.

Rob Corley: And yeah, actually had to pay someone to design that lever.

Tim Hodge: Yeah.

Rob Corley: That one shot.

Tim Hodge: It's not like we had a closet full of levers we could--

Rob Corley: Well, that's actually, you know, is the nice thing about the shows, because so many had been done. You obviously can pull from other episodes.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, yeah.

Rob Corley: And, uh, helps with the, uh, being able to make things done faster.

Tim Hodge: You get, like a virtual propshop.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Tim Hodge: Well, the comic books, those come up in other episodes, so, instead of drawing new ones, like "Didn't we have a comic book?", cuz it's all a digital database, now.

Rob Corley: Yup, we just pull from those files.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, originally, when, um, the original idea for Colonel Strap was, he was gonna be an actual penguin design. And, uh, there is a drawing of him that exists somewhere, but I thought it would be more fun to never see him.

Rob Corley: Just to have the voice.

Tim Hodge: And of course, it's a lot cheaper to just model a box.

Rob Corley: (laughs) It's true. Well, actually, I like the box idea. It's, it's almost, it's nicer not to be able to see him at all.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, well, like a tweed cover of an old Fender amp, and, um--

Rob Corley: Just this disembodied voice.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, it was kinda like Charlie in Charlie's Angels.

Rob Corley: (laughs) Wow, I don't think anyone watching this is gonna even know what you're talking about.

Tim Hodge: Oh, I'm old.

Rob Corley: Charlie's Angels.

Tim Hodge: And, and that speaker kinda goes anywhere it needs to, cuz if you look at the ceiling of the, of the Penguins! ship--

Rob Corley: There's nothing up there, right?

Tim Hodge: Yeah. It's a big window. (laughs) It's a skyline.

Rob Corley: Ah, the things you can get away with.

Rob Corley: (laughs) I love them just standing there. Kevin.

Tim Hodge: I love, um, Zidgel just kinda trying to figure out how close it was, the thing he solves so literally. He, he gets caught up in the middle of things.

Tim Hodge: Yes, the, the nutritious breakfast idea.

Rob Corley: I, I can't--where exactly did that breakfast come from?

Tim Hodge: This is all, like, from Cavitus' garbage chute or something. When he pulled away, it was supposed to pull, uh, out the innards out of his--

Rob Corley: Oh.

Rob Corley: It dumped the, it dumped out of the ship.

Tim Hodge: He was--yeah.

Rob Corley: Okay.

Tim Hodge: And that, I--again, that was a hold from the original idea that he was dumping all the cereal that he made to distract them.

Rob Corley: Right.

Tim Hodge: (laughs)

Rob Corley: Oh, I love that. Should've had some dust, you know, (imitates dust bomb).

Tim Hodge: Oh, why didn't you think of that earlier?

Rob Corley: Didn't have any money?

Tim Hodge: Oh. There's always that.

Rob Corley: Yeah, we don't have any dust in any other shows, we can't do it.

Tim Hodge: Oh, I got some dust here and there.

Rob Corley: Oh.

Tim Hodge: I was able to borrow some.

Rob Corley: Lucky.

Tim Hodge: You know, been sweet talking some artist sometimes, like "Please?" Well, the artists are always very willing to give a little bit more cuz they want the show to look great.

Rob Corley: Oh, sure.

Tim Hodge: It's--kinda have to go around their bosses. (laughs)

Rob Corley: Oh.

Tim Hodge: They're like "No, no, no, no!"

Rob Corley: Yeah, well, next time, I'll know that I need to beg a little bit more for dust.

Tim Hodge: Yeah.

Rob Corley: I need dust.

Tim Hodge: You know, the more dense you can make Zidgel, the funnier he gets.

Tim Hodge: And I think I wrote it in the writer's guide that, uh, Zidgel has more confrontational conflicts with Kevin. It's probably cuz of their IQs are so close.

Rob Corley: He just happens to be the captain.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, yeah.

Rob Corley: Now, this is, um, the mayor?

Tim Hodge: Uh, how do we call him?

Rob Corley: Chancellor.

Tim Hodge: The chancellor.

Rob Corley: Yeah, the chancellor.

Tim Hodge: The chancellor, yeah, every planet, it seems like, had a leader, and we got tired of saying "emperor" or "king".

Rob Corley: Okay.

Tim Hodge: So, we were coming up with a bunch.

Rob Corley: These were done by Cedric, um.

Tim Hodge: Oh, the character designs.

Rob Corley: Yeah, the designs that the character and--

Tim Hodge: And the, um, the room here, that was done by Mark, um, McDonnel, right?

Rob Corley: Yes, Mark McDonnel.

Tim Hodge: I love this.

Rob Corley: Yeah, same.

Tim Hodge: How many times go back and forth? The more it goes, the funnier it gets.

Tim Hodge: The painting was done by Cedric too, wasn't it?

Rob Corley: Yes, it was.

Rob Corley: Jack of all trades. And a really nice guy, too.

Tim Hodge: Yes, very nice.

Tim Hodge: That one eye is kinda creepy.

Rob Corley: It works, though.

Tim Hodge: Yeah. Yeah.

Tim Hodge: And it keeps him from being too pig-like, cuz we have an episode much later with an actual pig in it.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah, with the nose and everything, and, and body type.

Rob Corley: This was, uh, I remember, when we were doing storyboards for this particular bit of action here with the soda can, it was kinda, it was one of the hard--you know, the storyboard artist, you know, couldn't quite get the, the bit of action right. With them fighting back and forth with the can, but I think it turned out pretty good.

Tim Hodge: Well, the whole idea that the planet is tilted, and every--cuz it's overweight on one side, with the--that was a hard concept to pull off.

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: All the video games they're playing?

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: Those are all from, um, the Big Idea website. I don't know if they're all available anymore, but, um, we pulled some old games, and, uh--

Rob Corley: So, the Veggies.

Tim Hodge: They're all Veggies, and LarryBoy.

Rob Corley: I see Jonah back there on the chart.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, yeah.

Rob Corley: Oh, that's great.

Tim Hodge: It's very well hidden cuz again, you know, we needed the--the script called for a wall full of video games, and all those had to be designed by tomorrow.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah, so, where are they at? Where can we pull them from?

Rob Corley: The website.

Tim Hodge: But we have video games.

Rob Corley: Is it--isn't it amazing? He's like--for things like this, unless you pointed it out, or someone was very familiar with the website, or the other Veggie stuff, you just don't--

Tim Hodge: Yeah. Well, you don't think about--

Rob Corley: You don't look at it. Yeah.

Tim Hodge: Cuz you know, in life, like "All the T.V.s are on". Like, okay, well, they're on.

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: But you don't realize, okay, if you're making a show, and you have to have something playing, and where are you going to get that? You can't just show somebody else's T.V. show, that's--they would get upset.

Rob Corley: Yup.

Tim Hodge: Or want money, which, you know.

Rob Corley: Yeah. There's always that.

Tim Hodge: Now, who designed the cereal box there? The packaging.

Rob Corley: That was the, uh, same guy that did the one comic book of the Super Attractive Gravity Team.

Tim Hodge: The person we can't remember his name?

Rob Corley: Brian?

Tim Hodge: Brian.

Tim Hodge: Let's hope he's not watching this commentary. We're gonna get a nasty letter from him. But, um, anyway, the thing I was asking, it looked like there was a game on the back, and I wanted to know if it was actually playable.

Rob Corley: I don't believe it was. I think the script called for, you know, it was like any cereal box, where you have little extras on the back, you know, mazes, find the characters.

Tim Hodge: That would be a good DVD extra, too. To throw that, you know, like, kids, print that out.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah! Like, is an actual--can actually play it.

Tim Hodge: Hmm.

Tim Hodge: It was my idea!

Rob Corley: Okay.

Tim Hodge: Pay me!

Tim Hodge: That's a funny line. "I don't want gluttony, I want more!"

Tim Hodge: Yeah, this was an epis--uh, script problem, we didn't want to go to the Comet Lounge every episode and start out there cuz it gets a little monotonous. But we always wanted Sol to be the voice of reason at the beginning and to give the lesson. So--

Rob Corley: So just having him at the ship's monitor?

Tim Hodge: The idea was, yeah, they can call him, can't they?

Rob Corley: That's good, breaks it up. That works. Really nice.

Tim Hodge: I love the sound effects on the ship, too. Just sounds like a VW or something.

Rob Corley: Oh, there we go.

Tim Hodge: I love this shot! I love the belly button on the South Pole. (laughs)

Tim Hodge: And the--

Rob Corley: Yeah, we went back and forth on that, it's like is it gonna look too gross? To have this belly overhang?

Tim Hodge: Always perfect. Now, now who was it that, um, you remember who came up with the idea of using the Saturn-type rings to, to be a belt? The hang over? Cuz I don't remember if that was in the script or not, or if it was just--

Rob Corley: It actually wasn't, we just went back and forth with, who did we work with, Mark McDonald, the layout artist. And, uh, we did several designs and, and I did some samples, and it's like what about this? What about that? I think he--it was probably his original idea.

Tim Hodge: Oh, yeah, he just made it. Just the--

Rob Corley: Yeah, it was really clever.

Tim Hodge: To have a fat belly, hanging overbelt.

Tim Hodge: I love the way, you know, his clothes are all bursting at the seams because he's so--even his hat.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah! Yeah.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, that was--wait, what were you gonna say?

Rob Corley: Oh, I was gonna say about the, the extra characters there watching T.V. It was, uh, again, it was an economy thing, where, you know, shoot them from behind, um, course, they had to all be designed with, you know, fully clothed and, uh, all the details there, but, you know, it was like how can we shoot them to save some time, so you get a little bit of--

Tim Hodge: Well, it is consideration. You figure "Well, it's animation, you can do anything, right?" Well, it all takes time, so it's just like a real show, if you're gonna hire--if you wanted crowd scenes, that means you gotta hire a bunch of extra actors, so you try to work around that when you can.

Rob Corley: Yeah, time's money, you know.

Tim Hodge: How can we make it funny without spending as much?

Rob Corley: Well, I think it actually, you know, in some ways--oh, that's great. I love his eyes. You know, it actually works pretty good because you can, uh, you have to be clever. You have to, sort of, think around things in a way that you normally probably wouldn't have if you had an unlimited budget, so.

Rob Corley: You don't always like to work that way.

Tim Hodge: No, no.

Tim Hodge: Again, buttons that do whatever you want them to do.

Rob Corley: (laughs)

Tim Hodge: And I think, every other episode, he pushes those same buttons, but they, you know, they turn on the screen, or they activate some other device we need.

Tim Hodge: I love this, he's getting ready to fall to his death.

Rob Corley: Yeah, he still wants to eat--

Tim Hodge: The cereal! Must have the cereal!

Tim Hodge: (laughs)

Rob Corley: And it, it's amazing when you design these extra props and, and pieces, um, you can't just assume that they're gonna--the animators or the designers are gonna know--

Tim Hodge: Yeah.

Rob Corley: How a T.V. set plugs in, or the shape of a box, or--

Tim Hodge: Yeah, or, or you forget that you have to design the cords too, because it goes in animation.

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: We had to add some of those late, you know, late in the game, cuz, the T.V.'s popping out from the wall, and I, looking at the animation, "Where are the cords?"

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: It's like, "Nobody said anything about cords!"

Rob Corley: (laughs)

Tim Hodge: Again, if you have a prop, it's already there, but--

Rob Corley: Right.

Tim Hodge: In real life.

Rob Corley: Yeah, everything has to be figured out.

Rob Corley: Now, again, according to the first version of the script, uh, Cavitus was producing the cereal.

Tim Hodge: Yes. So, we had to, kinda alter that subplot, cuz it was taking too time, so we just, "Well, it was just sugary cereal".

Rob Corley: It was--yeah.

Tim Hodge: And I think kids can relate more to sugary cereal anyway. I know mine can.

Rob Corley: I, I do too.

Tim Hodge: Remember when all, all the cereals had the word "sugar" in their name?

Rob Corley: Uh.

Tim Hodge: Growing up, everything was sugar this, sugar that.

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: And finally, somewhere in the 80s or early 90s, there was "Uh, let's, let's--don't put that word anymore".

Tim Hodge: (laughs)

Tim Hodge: Again, something, if he pushes a button, and a hole in the floor opens up.

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: (chuckles)

Tim Hodge: We'll never see that hole again.

Rob Corley: And never use it again.

Tim Hodge: And this week, that button turns on the screen. (chuckles)

Rob Corley: I thought he pushed the other button.

Tim Hodge: (laughs) I think that should be my screensaver for a while there.

Rob Corley: That face. It's interesting how they did the vortex too. The, uh, it's almost like, 2D.

Tim Hodge: Well, to be really, really honest, that was a reuse.

Rob Corley: Really?

Tim Hodge: That was from the original series, the same effect, they just recolored it and put new texture on it. It was from, uh, The Amazing Doom Funnel Rescue.

Rob Corley: Wow.

Tim Hodge: That was, uh, sucking out the, the trailer park in space.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah. Well, that was convenient.

Tim Hodge: Yup, yeah.

Tim Hodge: Is that a fried egg? Oh, no, that's cheese! That's a mistake, there should be a piece of pizza in that V shape.

Rob Corley: In that V shape. I was just looking at that. I thought it was, like, a dead bug, or something.

Tim Hodge: I thought it was, like, the egg white, cuz it looks like the yolk, the yolk that actually is a pepperoni. But, yeah, I think there's a missing geometry.

Rob Corley: Yeah, we missed a piece of pizza.

Tim Hodge: Oops.

Tim Hodge: We'll, we'll fix that right away.

Rob Corley: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: And none of his milk spills out.

Rob Corley: Where's his spoon?

Tim Hodge: Oh, that got sucked up in the vortex.

Rob Corley: Oh, okay.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, it's funny. Effects like that, I'm putting a million things in the air. It was very, very expensive. It's, it's, uh--

Rob Corley: It's just duplicates of--

Tim Hodge: Yeah.

Rob Corley: Several--

Tim Hodge: It's easy for the animators, effects artists to do. But, something, you know, simple like water or grapping, you know. That gives them a headache.

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah. No water.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, like milk splashing out of his bowl. That would have been more difficult, than all that debris flying up into the vortex.

Rob Corley: Wow.

Tim Hodge: Oh, this little sequence was added late in the game, cuz remember, we got finished with the--

Rob Corley: That's right, we were gonna do a movie theater sort of set-up, and then, just to kinda recap.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, because the, the show was running, like, ten seconds short.

Rob Corley: That's right.

Tim Hodge: Again, that's why they--all the dialogue is from behind, because we recorded it late.

Rob Corley: And we couldn't show the mouths.

Tim Hodge: Yeah.

Rob Corley: That's right.

Tim Hodge: Now, this is a holdover from the original, uh, draft of the script, too, where Kevin and, um, Jason both are dressing up as superheroes onboard the ship. That was a carryover from when they were--

Rob Corley: That's right.

Tim Hodge: Reading the comics, coming up with superpowers, they were going to actually--

Rob Corley: Wear the dress-up.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, yeah. We still even have designs of Kevin in his superhero outfit.

Rob Corley: I remember that, that's right.

Rob Corley: I did direct this, but it's been a while.

Tim Hodge: Yeah.

Tim Hodge: Mmmm.

Tim Hodge: Those look really good.

Rob Corley: I'm hungry.

Tim Hodge: Those are, like, graham crackers and cereal and marshmallows and chocolate.

Rob Corley: It just looked like sugary goodness.

Tim Hodge: And we love sugary goodness, but not too much.

Rob Corley: Yeah, we don't want to be gluttons now. Remember that.

Tim Hodge: And eat your fruit.

Tim Hodge: Oh, there's a line coming up here, too, with the, the network's made sure we were adding in too, because there's a way to end, "Make sure you brush your teeth." Isn't that up there?

Rob Corley: Oh, yeah, I remember that even added, or there was that request.

Tim Hodge: I hope it's in there now.

Tim Hodge: Yeah, I think we did go back and forth with this, cuz he's eating, and we don't see go and brush his teeth.

Rob Corley: Oh.

Tim Hodge: So, kids, brush your teeth after you eat, uh--before you go to bed. Or you'll be paying a dentist a lot of money.

Rob Corley: Or your parents will.

Tim Hodge: Well, that's not so bad, cuz my brother's a dentist, and--

Rob Corley: Oh! You know, well there you go.

Rob Corley: Oh, so they both do it.

Tim Hodge: No, no, no, they save it for morning, remember.

Rob Corley: Oh.

Tim Hodge: We'll put it right here by the elephant lamp.

Rob Corley: Who would want--who'd want to eat it after it sits there all night?

Rob Corley: Okay.

Tim Hodge: There we go.

Rob Corley: There it is.

Tim Hodge: And now, we see everybody's names as, uh, real fast. Freeze frame it, so you can read the name, cuz people like it when you read their names.

Rob Corley: Brian Gall.

Tim Hodge: Brian Gall. Thank you, Brian!

Rob Corley: Brian did the designs of the cereal boxes and some of the comic book pages, all the props that we had. New props on the show.

Tim Hodge: I knew those credits were gonna come in handy.