Monster Truck Flower Delivery

Wes Halula


Bill Breneisen

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
Laurie Johnson


September 25, 2015


11 minutes

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Monster Truck Flower Delivery is the first half of the third episode from the second season of VeggieTales in the House.


Mr. Pea is putting together a jump ramp, at the same time that Bob is attracting the people by making an announcement about a Monster Truck jump, telling the people to see the highest Monster Truck jump in the world. A carrot man asks Bob what the giant ramp is for, if they're ramping something. Bob answers that it's a Monster Truck and that he was just yelling about it, before explaining that Mr. Pea is about to break the world record for the highest Monster Truck jump. While explaining this, Bob is handing out fliers to the passersby while Larry also rides by on his bike, telling the carrot man, "Have a flier," before Bob resumes announcing about the Monster Truck jump. Larry then gives a flier to Silly Pea, asking him if he would a like a flier, before Silly Pea throws the flier on the ground and rides it like it's a magic carpet, to which Larry quips, "Now that's what I call a flier." Larry then tells Mr. Pea that he should come to his Monster Truck jump and that it's going to be amazing when he breaks the world record. Mr. Pea then answers that the only thing he cares about breaking is expectations, while Larry answers, "But if I expect you to break my expectations, can you still break my expectations?" Mr. Pea then answers that he wants to be more than just a Monster Truck champion, which Larry becomes confused by after a few seconds.

At Petunia's house, Petunia is talking on the phone, telling the person on the phone that she'll get right on the flower delivery as soon as possible, saying that they always say, "Over the woods or through the river, Petunia's Flowers always deliver!" After hanging up, Petunia tells her assistant Tina to "chop-chop," because they have lots of orders to fill. Tina asks Petunia how many a lot is, Petunia answering a bunch, and when Tina asks how many is a bunch, Petunia answers a lot. Tina then asks Petunia that if it's so many deliveries, why isn't she nervous? Petunia then answers that it's because she ordered them a brand-new flower delivery truck to speed things up. Tina asks when the truck comes, Petunia answering, "Soon," and when Tina asks how fast soon is, Petunia is about to answer when the sound of a horn honking is heard, before she says, "Now!" Tina then dubiously asks "Soon is now?", before following after Petunia. Petunia and Tina then arrive at the front door and become surprised when they see that Mr. Lunt has delivered to them not a flower delivery truck, but rather a Monster Truck. Petunia tells Mr. Lunt that that's not her truck, but Mr. Lunt tells her that she ordered a Monster Truck and that it's right in his carefully organized filing system. However, Mr. Lunt wasn't watching where he was going as he ends up flying in the air after running into a trash can. The wind then picks up as it starts blowing some of Mr. Lunt's papers away, with Mr. Lunt giving chase as he cries out, "Get back here, carefully organized filing system!"

Petunia is frustrated with the Monster Truck that Mr. Lunt gave her, telling Tina that "There's no way we can deliver flowers in a monster truck," saying that Mr. Lunt had better straighten this out. Mr. Lunt then comes up to Bob, Larry, Mr. Pea, and Silly Pea, telling them that he got their flower truck, which the foursome are surprised to see when they see that they got a flower truck instead of a Monster Truck. Larry quips that "It doesn't look very monster-y," while Bob tells Mr. Lunt that Mr. Pea ordered a Monster Truck, not a flower truck, Mr. Lunt insists that it says so in his carefully organized filing system, before leaving, but goes up the Monster Truck ramp as Bob tells him to be careful. Mr. Lunt, unaware of the danger, reiterates "Carefully organized filing system," before falling down again and crashing to the ground. Bob says that this ruins everything, but Mr. Pea, on the other hand, thinks that it's perfect, which confuses Bob, before Mr. Pea explains that everyone expects him to break the world record in a Monster Truck, but if he breaks it in a flower delivery truck, then that would be impressive. Bob tells him that that would be impossible, just as Mr. Pea gets into the flower truck and starts driving around in it. Meanwhile, Petunia tries to call Mr. Lunt, but she ends up getting Mr. Lunt's voicemail, the message saying, "I'm not here so leave a message in my carefully organized voice mailing system! Goodbye!" However, Petunia just hangs up, while Tina suggests that they just try the Monster Truck, but Petunia says that she refuses to deliver flowers in a Monster Truck, before her phone rings again. Thinking that Mr. Lunt finally called back, Petunia answers, but it turns out to be Pa Grape, who tells her that she was supposed to deliver those flowers an hour ago. Petunia apologizes to Pa, telling him that she's sorry and that they'll be right there, before hanging up again, then asks Tina, "How are we gonna get there without our flower truck?"

Petunia and Tina are now driving the Monster Truck, but because the Monster Truck is too much for either of them to handle, they end up swerving out of control, with Petunia asking Tina, "Why did I let you talk me into this?", with Tina telling her to slow down. The Monster Truck swerves past more of the vegetable citizens, at the same time that Archibald is greeting a carrot boy, a corn boy, and a broccoli girl, telling them not to be late for school, then greets Madame Blueberry who also passes by. The Monster Truck then drives towards Archibald, who becomes enamored by the Monster Truck, but his admiration quickly turns to fear when he sees the Monster Truck swerving towards him as he jumps into a trash can, just as the Monster Truck drives past, before Petunia apologizes to Archibald. Archibald comes out from the trash can, all while telling Petunia and Tina, "Keep up the good work, ladies!", before noticing that he found a jelly bean. Captain Mike, Lisa, and Junior get into their car, just as Petunia and Tina drive up to them while still in the Monster Truck as Lisa calls out to Petunia, who then pulls the Monster Truck up to the Asparagus family's car. Lisa then tells Petunia that they have "a super-duper important delivery for Granny," before Captain Mike also adds, "A birthday orchid on her doorstep, just like Dad used to do," further explaining that "Her house is quite a bit up North though," which Lisa agrees with, saying that it's on top of the fridge then asks Petunia if she can do it. Petunia and Tina look up at the top of the fridge, where Granny Asparagus's house is, before Petunia answers that she doesn't know and that she can barely control the Monster Truck, but before she can continue voicing her concerns, Lisa takes it as a yes, thanking Petunia, before the family drives away afterwards.

Petunia then asks how they're going to get an orchid all the way to the top of the fridge. Tina is able to remind Petunia with her motto, "Over the woods or through the river..." before Petunia finishes with "Petunia's Flowers always deliver." Tina then announces "To the fridge," before driving off in the Monster Truck once again. Back in the center of town, a crowd, consisting of Bacon Bill, Jean-Claude, Phillipe, Jimmy, and Jerry, gathers around, while Bob asks Mr. Pea if he's sure that the flower truck is going to work, with Mr. Pea answering, "Nope! Let's do this!" Bob then hops onto the podium next to Larry and asks the crowd, "Who came here to see Mr. Pea break the world record?", which the crowd cheers about, before Bob asks, "Who came here to see him do it in a flower delivery truck?", which the crowd becomes confused about, before the carrot man from before points out that the flier said Monster Truck and that they should boo, which the crowd starts to do, while Bob says, "That's what I was afraid of." Despite this, Mr. Pea starts to drive the flower truck down the ramp, but when the flower truck jumps the ramp, it doesn't jump very far before just falling right in front of the ramp. Despite this setback, Mr. Pea says, "Again!" The flower truck jumps off the ramp again, but it again just lands in front of the ramp, losing a tire in the process. The next time, the flower truck just rolls off the ramp and tumbles forward before landing upside-down. The next attempt has the flower truck just land right-side-up in front of the ramp again, before another attempt has Mr. Pea land in front of the ramp, before the flower truck also lands in front of the ramp next to Mr. Pea, before another attempt also results in the flower truck catching on fire with Mr. Pea running around in a panic, while another attempt results in the ramp getting flipped over and crashing on top of the flower truck, then another attempt also has Mr. Pea just crash the flower truck right through the front of the ramp, then another attempt with Mr. Pea attempting to put out the fire on the flower truck with a garden hose. No matter how many times Mr. Pea tries to make the jump in the flower truck, the flower truck keeps falling down again and again and again. By that time, the crowd has finally had enough as they keep booing before they leave after that, but not without the carrot man saying "Boo!" before he also leaves as well.

Mr. Pea then drives the battered flower truck in front of Bob, Larry, and Silly Pea before the truck then rattles and coughs and falls over, just as Mr. Pea gets out afterwards. Bob tells Mr. Pea that "Everyone left and you're out of gas," suggesting that they sort things out and try again tomorrow. Mr. Pea agrees with Bob's suggestion, though he decides to make some improvements in order to make the flower truck airborne, while Bob tells him that he meant getting the right truck. Meanwhile, Petunia and Tina still drive out of control in the Monster Truck, as a few of the flowers start to fall out of the Monster Truck which Tina notices. Tina tries to salvage some of the flowers, but the Monster Truck then hits a rock, which causes the Monster Truck to start spinning out of control before stopping right in front of Pa Grape's Store then starts up again and drives up the side of the walls and drives right towards the front of the store. Inside the store, Pa has almost finished stacking several cans of sardines when the sound of the Monster Truck crashing right into the store causes the stack of sardine cans to fall to the floor, which Pa is disappointed about. Petunia and Tina then come into the store afterwards after the harrowing ride, as Pa asks then what that was, Petunia answering that they bumped into his store a little. When Pa asks if it was with a whale, Petunia answers that it was with a Monster Truck, before apologizing to Pa. At first, Pa takes this in stride, before becoming surprised when he hears that it was with a Monster Truck. Petunia takes out a ruined flower, explaining to Pa that the flowers are ruined and that everything is ruined, and that there's no way that they'll be able to do all of their deliveries in the Monster Truck. Tina then suggests that they change their motto to "Over the woods and through the river, we ruin everything!" Pa tells Petunia and Tina to hang in there, as well as telling them that the Bible says in Matthew that God knows what you need before you ask him.

Tina then finds a flier on the counter, before reading it, which reads, "Watch Mr. Pea break the world record for highest monster truck jump in a flower delivery truck." After hearing this, Petunia becomes angry, having confirmed her suspicions that Mr. Lunt messed up their orders, then tells Tina that they should "drive uncontrollably over there and get our truck back!", which Tina agrees with, before both females leave the store afterwards. Mr. Pea drives the flower truck to the edge of the ramp, asking Bob, Larry, and Silly Pea if they're ready. Bob then announce that Mr. Pea wants to do the jump and that it looks like that nothing will change his mind about it. Mr. Pea then starts to drive the flower truck down the ramp, and this time, he is finally able to make the jump, flying directly over the town, which everyone is surprised and amazed to see, while Mr. Pea proclaims that he did it. Bob is amazed that Mr. Pea broke the record and that he's still going. Petunia and Tina drive up in the Monster Truck in time to see Mr. Pea still soaring through the air in the flower truck, Tina asking Petunia if she's seeing this. Mr. Pea continues soaring through the air in the flower truck until he soars directly out the window of the house, while Petunia elatedly says, "He did it!", while Tina adds that he did it in a flower truck. Petunia then apologizes for being "such a stinker," before realizing that God did give her the Monster Truck for a reason, before telling Tina, "let's deliver these flowers! And let's do it in a monster truck!"

Tina then yells "Cue the music!", before she starts singing a song about how even if the things that God gives you aren't exactly what you're expecting, you have to learn to put your trust in God and that things will work out in your favor, while at the same time, Petunia and Tina are able to make flower deliveries to Jimmy, Madame Blueberry, Pa Grape, Ichabeezer, Laura, Archibald, and Jean-Claude and Phillipe. After the song ends, Petunia and Tina drive off while they still have one last delivery, Petunia saying that with the Monster Truck, they have a way to make that delivery. Petunia and Tina then drive up to Bob and Larry, telling them that they need to borrow the ramp, needing it to make the jump to get to Granny Asparagus's house. The Monster Truck drives down the ramp before making the jump and reaching the top of the refrigerator where Granny Asparagus's house is. After Petunia and Tina have made the jump, they approach Granny who asks them what they're doing here, before they both answer, "Over the woods or through the river, Petunia's flowers always deliver," giving the orchid to Granny, who is ecstatic, saying "Just like Grandpa used to do!" Petunia realizes that God really does give us what we need, even if we don't always see it, which Tina agrees with, before she and Petunia both do an invisible high-five for their success. That night, Bob and Larry are returning home, while Bob admits that he was wrong about Mr. Pea breaking the world record in the flower truck, before he wonders where Mr. Pea is. Larry then speculates that Mr. Pea is probably somewhere far away, like Timbuktu or Kalamazoo or the moon. Bob can only laugh at this claim while telling Larry not to be silly and that there's no way Mr. Pea could have made it that far and that it's impossible. However, in space, it turns out that Larry's claim was correct after all, as Mr. Pea soars through space while saying, "Best... jump... ever!", then lands on the moon.


Fun Facts


  • This is the first episode for several things:
    • The first appearance of Tina Celerina.
    • The first time we see Granny Asparagus's house.
    • The first episode to feature Laurie Johnson's music. The track heard is a remixed version of the APM track "Happy-Go-Lively" is heard after Mr. Pea is happy with the flower truck.


  • Despite being their cousin, the French Peas aren't really supportive on Mr. Pea's attempt at jumping with a flower truck.
  • Petunia and Tina didn't really need a ramp to jump as the monster truck is capable on sticking on walls.
  • Running Gag: Mr. Lunt saying his things (such as his files and voicemail) are carefully organized, when they keep getting disorganized.


Shot of Laura's eyes glitch.

  • In some shots, either Petunia or Tina (or both) would not be in the monster truck.

    The plant's leaves clip through Petunia's mouth.

  • When Laura looks at the flyer, her eyes are glitched.
  • Part of the plant's leaves clip through Petunia's mouth while screaming with Tina.

Real-World References

  • "Over the River and Through the Woods" is the name of the song made by Lydia Maria Child in 1844.

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