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Mom Carrot
  • Species: Carrot
  • Eye color: Blue

Mom Carrot or Mrs. Carrot (real name Carol) is Laura Carrot's mother.

Physical Appearance

Mom Carrot is a tall yellow carrot. Originally, she was depicted with blonde hair, a peach-colored nose, pink eyelids with black eyeliner, pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace. In Babysitter in DeNile, her model was recolored from one of the Joppa citizens from Jonah. From Saint Nicholas to Princess and the Popstar, she was given a newer hairstyle, along with a lighter peach-colored nose and matching pupils, as well as red lips.

In VeggieTales in the House and City, she was given a redesign to match the style of both shows. She has blue eyes and part of her hair is tied in a bun. She also wears a lavender shirt, blue pants, and a black belt with a silver oval buckle.

As of The VeggieTales Show, she now has the same design as one of the background characters.



VeggieTales in the House

VeggieTales in the City

The VeggieTales Show

Very Veggie Silly Stories

Voice Actresses



  • Klodi Keco (Albanian, Babysitter in DeNile)
  • Heba Soliman (Arabic, Babysitter in DeNile and Princess and the Popstar)
  • Carol Crespo (Brazilian Portuguese, Babysitter in DeNile)
  • Carol (Brazilian Portuguese, VeggieTales in the City)
  • Jette Sophie Sieversten (Danish, VeggieTales in the City)
  • Bettina Holwerda (Dutch, VeggieTales in the City)
  • Melanie Isakowitz (German, VeggieTales in the City)
  • Vivian Ruiz (Latin Spanish, Babysitter in DeNile)
  • Sarah MacDonald Berge (Norwegian, Princess and the Popstar)
  • Catherine Bang Norum (Norwegian, VeggieTales in the City)
  • Nooshafarin Rahimi (Persian, Babysitter in DeNile)
  • Charlotte Ardai Jennefors (Swedish, VeggieTales in the City)

Fun Facts