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Moe is the title character in Moe and the Big Exit. He is played by Larry the Cucumber.


When Little Joe and his brothers passed away, their descendants wound up multiplying like prarie dogs, until the new mayor and the residents of DodgeBall City started to worry that they'd be overrun. So they decided to enslaved the descendants of Little Joe and made them all do lots of strenuous work. The mayor then decided that there were too many workers and too many descendants of Little Joe, so he decided to send all the new baby boys up the river. Now, the mayor thought his plan was awfully clever; but God had His eye on one special baby boy He was going to use to turn this whole mess around. He was eventually discovered by the Mayor's daughter and given the name Moses. He later grew up in the Mayor's office, but then he accidentally sent his brother Bill up the river. So he ran away and soon he got married to Sally.

After he got married to Sally and had a son named Gherkin, Moe was contacted by God through a burning bush. God told Moses that the descendants of Little Joe were to be brought out of DodgeBall City and he needed to talk to the mayor about letting them go because they were suffering too much. For some time, he refused. So, God had another plan. Rather than get Moe to do all the talking, he was going to have his brother Aaron do it for him. But first, Moe had to put on a mask on his face so that nobody would recognize him because when he sent Bill up the river, he became the most wanted man in all of DodgeBall City. He also had to adapt the name of "The Lone Stranger" and got a buffalo named Zippy from his wife Sally! When "the Lone Stranger" and Aaron confronted the mayor to let their people go, he refused many times. So they decided to let God handle it. Eventually, there were several plagues on DodgeBall City. "The Lone Stranger" and Aaron had done everything God had asked, but the mayor still wouldn't budge. So, one more plague was visited upon Dodgeball City and it was the worst and the saddest one of all. It was terrible, but the mayor had brought it on himself. Now God told the children of Little Joe to place a sign on their door to keep them safe. But for the rest of Dodgeball City, the lives of all of the firstborn boys were eventually sent up the river. After he lost his own great grandson, the mayor reluctantly decided to set them free. And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire by night to lead them along the way. However, the mayor changed his mind after his asisstant Wyatt saw "The Lone Stranger" took off his mask and it was revealed that "The Lone Stranger" was actually Moe in disguise the whole time! So, the mayor rounded up his own personal posse to chase after them to settle the score with Moe, the descendants of Little Joe and Aaron too! Moe and Aaron then lead the people to Death Valley, but the people are hesitant about crossing Death Valley, fearing that they'll be barbecued. One of the pea cowboys then look to see that there's trouble following them, before trying to warn Aaron that danger is approaching, but Aaron keeps brushing him off before noticing the danger. It is revealed that the Mayor and Wyatt, accompanied by the zucchini flunkies and three carrot cowboys have been following after them. When Moe and Aaron realize that the Mayor and his posse are after them, the people are worried, fearing that they'll get caught by the Mayor again without a way to cross Death Valley. Fortunately, Moe has a plan to cross Death Valley safely, before calling out for a snowstorm that snows in only one area of the valley, creating a path of snow that allows Moe, Aaron, Zippy, and the people of Little Joe to cross the valley without any problems, much to the surprise of the Mayor and his posse. Soon, Moe and the others then cross into Death Valley on the snow path, though the Mayor and his posse are still chasing after them, as they too cross onto the snow path. Once all of the people have safely made it to the other side, Moe and Zippy then make it to the other side as well, which causes the snow cloud to disappear after that. The Mayor and his posse realize that they are now stuck in the middle of Death Valley as the hot sun causes the snow to melt, leaving the Mayor and his posse at the mercy of the hot desert sun. Moe is then met with Sally and Gherkin and Sally's parents, with Sally congratulating Moe for doing what God told him to do. Now that Moe has led the people out of Dodgeball City, everyone then heads on through to start their new lives.

The Real "Moe"[]

Moe is based off of Moses in the Bible.

For info about Moses, click here


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