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Moby Blaster is an arcade game in VeggieTales, which was later made into an online game on the official Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie website.

This is Percy's favorite game.

How to play

Similar to "Breakout" and "Arkanoid", use your cursor to move the paddle. Click on the paddle to start the ball bouncing.

You get powerups from breaking the blocks. These include:

  • Bubble gum (sticks the ball to the paddle)
  • Speed (Fast and slow)
  • Extra Balls (Blue is 3 Red is 7 Black is 80)
  • Point bonuses (2x 3x or 10x Bonus)
  • Extra Life (obviously gives you another life)
  • Blue Arrow (Makes your paddle grow)

Custom made game

There is a section on the game where you can create your own level.

Cheat Mode

Hold shift and control while selecting a mode, release when you see 2 white buttons at the top that let you skip to other levels, not only that but you can click the paddle to spawn an extra ball, very useful if you want to see any other levels past that one difficult level you just can't complete.


  • This game is shown in More is More.
  • The structure of the game was previously used in Lyle's Break-Out.
  • The game is no longer available after the website was revamped. However, the game can still be found at Internet Archives.
    • The game is also in the DVD Rom features of the film.