Miss Minchin
  • Species: Green onion
  • Hair color: Brown

Miss Minchin was the former head of The School for Lovely Little Ladies.


In her debut, she was the head of The School for Lovely Little Ladies in London, England. She was present when Sara Crewe arrived there with her father before he went to war. While she welcomed Sara to the school, she was both confused and upset about Sara's constant positivity, and was very strict and mean to her, even after Sara's father died. But Miss Minchin's cold-hearted attitude didn't lower Sara's spirits, nor did it stop her from imagining and believing that God loves her no matter what. This infuriated Miss Minchin even further, especially after hearing that Mister Carisford would adopt Sara after he had recovered her father's fortune.

She was later seen in Cabbageville, hoping to buy the house that Bob had built, only to find out that it was reserved for one of the pigs who had recently moved to the town. Minchin stated that she wanted to live in an award-winning house and revealed to the three builders (Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt) that Bob was likely to win Builder of the Year.



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Miss Minchin is a tall green onion with brown hair. She wears an orange dress with pale orange area at the bottom. The dress also has a pale orange top part with two buttons, along with a big white feather-like collar, a smaller white collar and a black line below the smaller collar that has a light blue jewel with a gold outline in front of it.

She had dark green skin in the original series, and she also had darker green parts on her skin, the latter which she lost starting with Beauty and the Beet.

In The VeggieTales Show, her skin color changed to light green, and she lost the larger, feather-like collar on her dress.



The VeggieTales Show

Voice Actors

Fun Facts

  • She shares the same model as Miss Achmetha. According to the credits on both episodes she was in, her name is not under brackets (eg. Archibald as Jonah), meaning she is a different character entirely. This was also proven by Brian Roberts. So whenever they're both related is unknown.
  • The horses whining whenever her name is spoken of is based after Frau Blücher from "Young Frankenstein".
  • She dislikes children and is allergic to the type of fur on teddy bears.
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