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"The Bible says we should love our enemies.
Love? Love our enemies?
Everybody can't go around all the time trying to get even. That would leave the whole world in a mess!
— Marten to Cuke
"The Search for Samson's Hairbrush"
Directed by

Tim Hodge

Produced by

David Pitts

Written by

Tim Hodge
Robert G. Lee
Joe Spadaford (uncredited)

Music by

Kurt Heinecke

Distributed by

Sony Wonder
(Mass market)
Word Entertainment
(Christian market)


June 25, 2005
(Christian market)
June 28, 2005
(Mass market)


43 minutes

Previous episode

"Duke and the
Great Pie War

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"Lord of the Beans"

"Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush" is the twenty-fifth episode of VeggieTales and the first Minnesota Cuke episode.

The main feature is a parody of the Indiana Jones films by Paramount Pictures and Lucasfilm, specifically "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and is also based on the 2003 video game Minnesota Cuke and the Coconut Apes, and has elements from the story of Samson.


Countertop Intro

On the countertop, Bob and Larry both get letters from two different kids. Bob gets a letter from a kid from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Larry gets a letter from a kid from San Antonio, Texas about being bullied and what God says to do about it and start a couple of stories.

Bully Trouble

full plot

Silly Songs with Larry

Pizza Angel

Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush

Minnesota Cuke (played by Larry) is searching for the "Golden Carrot Nose of the Indomitable Snowman of the North." However, after a chain of events, his arch enemy, Professor Rattan (played by Mr Lunt), ends up swiping the Golden Carrot Nose and declaring, "Finders keepers!"

At the Moose Lake, Minnesota Children's Museum, Minnesota complains about Rattan to his assistant, Martin (played by Bob). Then, a Parkman from New York City (Played by Scallion #1) arrives to inform Minnesota about a plot to steal Samson's hairbrush, which is believed to possess the great powers of Samson. Apparently, Canadians want to use the power of the hairbrush to take over both halves of Niagara Falls. Minnesota decides he wants to use the power of the brush to get revenge on Rattan.

The first stop in his search is an ice cream shop in Malta. He seeks advice from an old friend, a former archaeologist named Julia (played by Petunia). She gives him an address where he can find out more. Shortly after he leaves, Rattan arrives seeking the same information. When Julia refuses, Rattan sets the freezer to melt causing strawberry ice cream to flood the entire shop. Minnesota returns to save Julia, and she informs Minnesota they must go to Seville.

In the Barbershop of Seville, they are welcomed by barbers Figaro and Leo, who tell Minnesota of the Catacombs where the hairbrush is secluded. They offer him a map, which Rattan immediately steals. However, they also inform Minnesota of a shortcut to the Catacombs. Minnesota finds the hairbrush, but is confronted by Rattan and the Parkman (who was working for Rattan the entire time) who have captured Julia. Minnesota offers him the brush for Julia's freedom. Martin calls and claims that the brush has no power, that Samson's power came from God rather than the artifact. Minnesota and Julia escape the Catacombs but again run into Rattan and the Parkman. Figaro and Leo arrive with two Canadian Mounties (played by Jimmy and Jerry Gourd) who attempt to arrest Rattan, but Minnesota shows compassion by convincing them to let him go. This redeems Rattan, who offers the brush in return for friendship.

Countertop Outro

Back at the countertop, the lessons learned are that sometimes we can't do anything to change a bully and that God doesn't want us to try to get even because that just makes us bullies too, but God wants us to love them, as well as the fact that it's a good idea to stand up to your enemies and/or tell your parents about the problem.





  • Percy: Have you ever been pounded?
  • Lil' Pea: A cousin of mine was. He's soup now.

Home Media

Main article: Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush/Home Video

Trailer Appearances

Fun Facts


  • Don't be mean back to your enemies as it will make you no better than them, if not worse. Instead, show them kindness.
  • Two wrongs don't make a right.
  • Stand up to bullies and don't live in fear, but still talk to a trustworthy adult about the problem.


  • White, wheat, and sourdough are different types of bread.
  • The stops Minn made before he went to Malta were Lombard and Franklin. Lombard was the previous location where Big Idea was located before, and Franklin is the city where the company was located at the time.
  • Capisce is Italian for "You get it?" or "You understand?"
  • Mamma Mia is Italian for "Oh my".


  • This is the first VeggieTales episode to be based on a video game which was based on an original story, not a tie-in.
  • The story was pitched by Joe Spadaford, but according to a tweet he made, David Pitts never gave him any credit.
  • In the original Samson story he wasn't allowed to drink.
  • This is the first episode for several things:
  • This is the last episode for several things:
    • The last episode where Kristen Blegen voices Laura Carrot.
    • The last episode where music plays over the 1997-2005 Big Idea logo.
    • The last episode where Sean Sutton did the DVD authoring.
    • The last episode to have the script in the DVD-ROM features.
    • The last episode to start production in Big Idea's original location in Illinois, according to the script and the 2004 teaser trailer.
    • The last episode featuring Petunia Rhubarb, Laura Carrot, Annie Onion, Percy Pea, Lil' Pea, and Mike Asparagus to be released on VHS.
    • The last episode to be dubbed in Cantonese, European Portuguese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese.
  • "Bully Trouble" will return in Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!, and Growing Courageous Kids!.
  • In some shots of Malta, there's a poster about a missing falcon.
  • This is the only Minnesota Cuke episode for a few things:
    • The only Minnesota Cuke episode to be released on VHS.
    • The only Minnesota Cuke episode to entirely not be animated by Big Idea and by Jam Filled Toronto.
      • Because of this, it's also the only Minnesota Cuke episode to have two story segments.
    • The only Minnesota Cuke episode to feature Annie Onion, Laura Carrot, Junior Asparagus, Mike Asparagus, Percy Pea, Li'l Pea, and Scooter.
    • The only Minnesota Cuke episode to be distributed by Sony Wonder for mass market stores.
    • The only Minnesota Cuke episode to start production in Big Idea's original location in Illinois.
      • This is also the only Minnesota Cuke episode to have the DVD-ROM features, such as the coloring pages, web links, and the show's script.
    • The only Minnesota Cuke episode to be done in fullscreen.
    • The only Minnesota Cuke episode to be dubbed in Cantonese, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese.
  • There are some differences between the 2004 teaser trailer and the final episode:
    • Originally there were going to be Pea warriors similar to the Hovitos from Raiders of the Lost Ark as shown in concept art from the 2004 teaser trailer. This was scrapped for unknown reasons.
    • A background carrot (as shown from the DVD menu) is sitting on a barber's chair in the concept art.
    • According to the concept art, the pea is looking at Minnesota and Marten in the Moose Lake Children's Museum. This was scrapped and was replaced with Scallion #1 as the Park Guy for an unknown reasons.
    • The episode was originally set to release in May 2005, but on March 5, 2005, the release date was pushed to late August 2005. It was finally released on late June.
  • This is the first and only episode where the story ends on a cliffhanger, where Marten asks Minnesota Cuke if he can find Noah's Umbrella.
  • The script for this episode was finalized on August 10, 2004, just a couple of weeks before Sumo of the Opera was released.
    • Additionally, the script for said episode had some differences to the final.
  • This episode was featured on the Regal Cinemas weekend matinee program during May in 125 major market theatres.


  • The canisters returned, but only two came back. The third would return in "Gideon: Tuba Warrior".
  • Scooter's nose is in a different color in this episode.
  • In the dream sequences, Annie isn't wearing her glasses.
  • After Marten shows the newspaper to Minn, he puts it away behind him, and it disappears, as it was hammer space.
  • It would be unlikely for Minnesota Cuke to get working cellular out in snowy mountains, especially video-quality calls.
  • It was never explained why Julia gave up being an archaeologist in the first place.
  • Minnesota sort of breaks the fourth wall when the camera was looking at the bottom.
  • The melted ice cream in the malt shop is portrayed as a yogurt-type liquid. In real life, the ice cream would've been more frothy. The crew acknowledged this in the audio commentary.
  • Fans would not be able to cut things up, especially at the speed it was running at in the actual episode.
  • After Minnesota rescues Julia, the table that she was standing on that's about to be shredded was already in pieces.
  • The DVD's main menu has Larry's High Silk Hat playing, even though that song is not in the episode.
  • Despite being up to his neck in melted ice cream, Minnesota's clothes have no ice cream stains.
  • Professor Rattan's hat disappears after he was combing his hair.


  • When Minnesota and Marten are looking at the map of Niagara Falls, the map is at first facing towards them and away from the audience. A few shots later, the map is facing away from them (towards the audience), then it switches back again.
  • In one shot, Professor Rattan is seen without his teeth.

Inside References


Real-World References

  • Junior's dream in the beginning and end of "Bully Trouble" is a spoof on Robin Hood.
  • Mr. Nezzer's dream outfit is a spoof on Mike Ditka's.
  • Minnesota mentions Rattan once stole Salvador's dolly. This is most likely referring to the painter Salvador Dali.
  • The music that plays when the Mounties enter the barber shop is Canada's national anthem "O Canada."
  • The line "I have the brush, I have the power" sounds similar to lyrics from "The Touch," a song from the 1986 Transformers movie.
  • Junior's spaceman fantasy is similar to the Spaceman Spiff fantasies from Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Because it is a spoof on Raiders of the Lost Ark, several references were made:
    • Minnesota being chased by the snowman's head is a reference to the scene where Indiana is being chased by the giant boulder.
    • Rattan stealing the Golden Carrot from Minnesota is a reference to Belloq stealing the golden idol from Indiana Jones.
    • Minnesota’s line "I had it in my hand." After his failure to get the golden carrot to the museum and losing it to Rattan, was a reference to Indiana Jones telling Marcus about his failure to deliver the golden idol to the museum after losing it to Belloq.
    • The rumor about the Canadian barrel makers is a direct reference to Adolf Hitler believing that the Ark of the Covenant would make the Nazi army invincible.
    • Julia's malt shop being flooded with ice cream is a reference to Marion's bar being set on fire.
    • Julia's quote "I always knew that someday you'd come walking through my door" is a reference to Marion's quote in the film.
    • Cuke says "Worms! Why'd it have to be worms?" when he's suspended over the bridge. This is a reference to a quote from the film, except Indiana says "Snakes! Why'd it have to be Snakes?"
    • The line "didn't you ever go to Sunday School?" is used.

Fast Forward

Other languages

  • مينيسوتا كيوك والبحث عن فرشت شمشون (Arabic) (same translation)
  • Sampson 失梳事件 (Cantonese) (Sampson Lost Comb Incident)
  • Minnesota Cuke und die Suche nach Samsons Haarbürste (German) (same translation)
  • 窒轹流子搜寻記 (Mandarin) (Taiwan) (The Search for the Swindler)
  • Minnesota Luke og jakten på Samsons hårbørste (Norwegian) (same translation not counting Minnesota Cuke's name change)
  • مینه سوتا کیوک و جستجوی برس موی سامسون (Persian) (same translation)
  • Minnesota Cuke e a Escova Perdida de Sansão (Portuguese) (Brazil) (Minnesota Cuke and Samson's Lost Brush)
  • A Busca da Escova de Cabelo do Sansão (Portuguese) (Portugal) (The Search for Samson's Hairbrush)
  • Миннесота Огурчик И Искать Расческу (Russian) (Minnesota Pickle and Look Comb)
  • Minnesota Cuke y la Búsqueda del Cepillo de Sansón (Spanish) (Latin America) (same translation)
  • Minnesota Cuke và cuộc tìm kiếm chiếc lược của Samson (Vietnamese) (Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Comb)






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