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This is for the list of minions and henchmen that worked for bad guys in the Big Idea universe.


When Scaryman is in a quest to find the bean to take over middle Earth, he created his own army that are half fork, half spoon, known as Sporks. Their main mission is to find the flobbit that carries the bean.

They ultimately founded the Fellowship of the Bean when the group passed through the red gate. Just as they're about to attack our heroes, the Other Elf bakes some cookies, which immediately changed the Sporks' way since they're tired of eating beard. After the story ended, they stole the LP record for the What Have We Learned Song.

Fun Facts

  • The Sporks have two different colors. Green for evil, and blue for happiness.



Curly is a worm who works for the Bad Apple. He helped out when he was snooping on what some of the citizens of Bumblyburg temptations are, particularly the Mayor, Petunia, and Larry-Boy.

He was arrested by Larry-Boy when he was sponsoring Apply's Funhouse 2 at Bumblyburg Park.

Curly has purple eyelids and wears a stetson. He also speaks in a Brooklyn-esque voice, making him sounding like a carnival barker.

Fun Facts

  • Tim Hodge designed him to move like some sort of a spring, instead of slithering like a snake.