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This is for the list of minions and henchmen that worked for bad guys in the Big Idea universe.

The Koala Twins


The Koala Twins are koala-like aliens who work for The Lizard King.

They assisted the Lizard King when he cheated in the Squid-Tac-Toad game.

They first appeared in The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka and appeared as background characters ever since.

Voice Actor

  • Buddy Lewis

Fun Facts

  • Even though neither of them speak, Buddy Lewis is still credited for doing their crying sound effects.



When Scaryman is in a quest to find the bean to take over middle Earth, he created his own army that are half fork, half spoon, known as Sporks. Their main mission is to find the flobbit that carries the bean.

They ultimately founded the Fellowship of the Bean when the group passed through the red gate. Just as they're about to attack our heroes, the Other Elf bakes some cookies, which immediately changed the Sporks' way since they're tired of eating bread. After the story ended, they stole the LP record for the What Have We Learned Song.

Fun Facts

  • The Sporks have two different eye colors: green for evil, and blue for happiness.

Baron von Cavitus' Minions


Baron von Cavitus' Minions work for the Baron.

Voice Actor

Fun Facts

  • Minion #1 shares the same voice actor with Cavitus

Potato Guards

Wicker had an army of potato guards to help him out to search out any clues that'll lead to Noah's Ark, so he can find the umbrella to cause world domination. He had a total of five; four had beady eyes with big noses and chin, and bushy eyebrows. They also wore blue sweaters and hats. There's another one that disguise himself as a tourist while visiting Mexico and he kidnapped Julia when she had the clue that'll lead to the Ark. That potato might've also kidnapped Rattan while visiting the country.

The four guards only appeared in Noah's Umbrella, although the tourist potato made cameos in later episodes.

Penguin Minions


A minion of penguins that work for Dr. Flurry. Their names are Eenie, Meenie, and Michael. They were first sent to take back the Fear-Dar so Dr, Flurry can start inventing his doomsday device. They were arrested towards the end, alongside Dr. Flurry.

They first wore spy-like head gear, a leather suit, and a utility belt, and a laser to create holes with for various purposes. The suits also contain the This Little Piggy logo on the side. Outside their spy gear, they wear colored name tags with their rescpectie names. Eenie is red, Meenie is yellow, and Michael is blue.

Fun Facts

  • They are modeled after the original penguins created before Big Idea switched to Maya.