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Mike Asparagus (also known as Dad Asparagus or Mr. Asparagus) is an astronaut and the father to Junior and Ermie Asparagus and husband to Lisa Asparagus.


Mike Asparagus first appeared in Where's God When I'm S-Scared?, where he has been portrayed as Junior's dad since. Mike would help Junior and his friends learn lessons (i.e. the first two Larry-Boy episodes). Outside of having the role as Junior's dad, Mike has not had any other roles besides that. His only other roles have been as a professor in Larry's Lagoon, Reverend Gilbert in The Star of Christmas and An Easter Carol, and Sara Crewe's father in a deleted scene from The Penniless Princess.


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Mike is tall and green with a spiked spear on top of his head, much like his wife. His spear spikes straight up, compared to his wife's, which quaffs off to the side. In early episodes, he was seen sporting only a blue-and-yellow-striped necktie. As the show's run progressed, he would gain more clothing.

In VeggieTales in the House, Mike was redesigned along with the rest of the cast. Mike's hair became spiked up more. Mike was also given a casual shirt, with his necktie now being black.


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Fun Facts

  • Despite many occupations that he had in other videos, it is uncertain what Dad Asparagus' job is.
    • In Spacetato, it is revealed that he is an astronaut.
  • Like with his wife, Mike never had an official name until VeggieTales in the House. His name is based after Mike Nawrocki, and his background is based after his father.
  • Mike, along with his wife, make a picture cameo in The VeggieTales Show on a bulletin board backstage.