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Michelle Frances Conrad
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Black

Michelle Frances Conrad is a seven-year-old girl who is a member of the Rockhopper crew from the Federation. She is also the twin sister of Jason.


She went with her brother to Grandmum's cottage when their parents went on a business trip.


Like her brother, Michelle is smart and clever. However, she can be stubborn sometimes. She may think she knows a lot, but she realizes that she has a lot to learn from her penguin friends.

Physical Appearance

Michelle Conrad has long brown hair tied in two pigtails, black dot eyes and freckles. She wears a blue T-shirt with a yellow flower printed on it, purple shorts, blue sandals, and pink glasses.

In The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka, her pigtails became slightly shorter, and they were moved towards the middle of her head and positioned at a downward angle as of The Amazing Carnival of Complaining (although they were still shown in their original position in some of the nighttime scenes of certain episodes made after this).


Michelle Conrad appeared in every episode of 3-2-1 Penguins!

Voice Actors



  • Heba Attia (Arabic dub, SAT-7 Kids)
  • Nikola Votočková (Czech, both dubs)
  • Sandra de Castro (European Portuguese dub)
  • Nayéli Forest (French dub)
  • Naama Shachar (Hebrew dub)
  • Bálint Sugárka (Hungarian dub)
  • Kim Hee-jin (Korean dub)
  • Paulina Cossio (Latin Spanish dub)
  • Arianna López (Latin Spanish dub, Invasion of the Body Swappers!)

Fun Facts

  • She is the only 3-2-1 Penguins! character whose design has changed.
  • Michelle is only five minutes older than Jason.
  • Her surname likely comes from from Big Idea illustrator Paul Conrad.
  • In the original episodes, she doesn't like wearing glasses. However, this trait seems to have vanished after the series came back.
  • In 12 Angry Hens, Michelle falsely punishes Jason for denting the Rockhopper by banning him from going with the Penguins on a mission after Grandmum accidentally framed him while vacuuming the house.



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