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Mexican Ice Cream is a song from the VeggieTales episode Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella.

Julia sings alongside Minnesota while selling ice cream.


Julia (Petunia Rhubarb): One sunny and hot summer day, to Mexico I pushed my wagon painted bright green

I raised a cabana I rang my campana and gave all the children their ice cream

Para la nina (for the girl)

Children: Helado de pina

Julia: Pineapple ice cream. Para la senora (for the lady)

Children: Helado de mora

Julia: Raspberry. Para el chico Andres (for little Andy)

Crowd: Un Helado con nuez

Julia: Ice cream with nuts

Crowd: Para toda la cuadrilla

Julia: For the rest of the group

Crowd: Un helado de vanilla

Julia: Vanilla! Take it Minn!

Minnesota Cuke (Larry the Cucumber): Umm.... Para la nina.

That's you Helado de pina. What's that, pineapple?

Para la senora. Hello Miss?

Helado de mora. Raspberry

Para el chico Andres.

Um... Helado con nuts Nuez!

Para toda la cuadrilla, U helado de vanilla.

That's vanilla I guess...(frustrated)

Fun Facts


  • This is the second song that Mike and Lisa worked together, the first being Dance of the Cucumber. One of the kids mentions said song.
  • As Mike stated in the commentary, it was originally a different song as a placeholder. But it was later discovered that song was not public domain.