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Larry Whitaker


Jason VanBorssum


Sean Roche
Larry Whitaker

Music by

Christopher Davis


June 10, 2003


7 minutes

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Merry-Go-Wreck is the fourth and final LarryBoy Super Short.


After Bok Choy demonstrates his class how to capture villains, he ask a student for a special assignment once class is over. Eager to help, Larry-Boy decides to do it, only to find out that he has to clean out chalk erasers. Classmates Lemon Twist and Electro-Melon offered the plunger hero that he can come to the amusement park with them after he's done with the chores.

Things go well at the amusement park, until both Lemon Twist and Electo-Melon started creating chaos at the various rides and games they interact (eg. merry-go-rounds, bumper cars, ring tossing), which lead them both arguing who should clean up the mess.

Larry-Boy eventually finished Bok Choy's assignment, and decides to head out to the park before his teacher would give him more to clean. He discovers the park is in complete shambles, thanks to the two bickering and argumentative heroes. He stops the commotion and tells both Lemon Twist and Electro-Melon that they need to work together to repair the mess, and the two put aside their differences and help tidy up. They then produced both cotton candy and popcorn using their superpowers. After Larry-Boy compliments how great the food tastes like, the three enthusiastic superheroes laughed together.


Fun Facts


  • This is the second time a letter broke or exploded, the first was in Fly By Might.
  • This short marks the first and only time for several things:
    • The first and only short to focus on another character besides Larry-Boy.
    • The first and only time the college is seen in broad daylight.
    • The first and only short that fits the lesson with the main episode, unlike the previous ones.
    • The first and only time Lemon Twist gains a new voice.
    • This also marks the only time Lemon Twist is seen without her tiara.


  • The formula to capture villains is "X = Pi 2+ Y".
  • The sign states that the lesson is for night, even though it is daylight. Though it is possible that Bok Choy was going to continue the lesson later.

Inside References

  • One of the words on the chalkboard is "Materialism", from the third episode.

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