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Main Street is a small residential town. There are several shops in the center, such as a donut shop, a book store, and an auto repair shop. A Christmas tree is also there whenever it is around the holidays.

Outside of the town, there is a local church and several houses.

It only appeared in Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving, though the buildings were reused for Rockwell, Crisper County, and Bumblyburg. The houses were used in The Little Drummer Boy and Celery Night Fever.

Fun Facts

  • The town was based after Chuck Vollmer's hometown Brian, Ohio.
  • When developing the area, Brian Roberts wants to add a center in the road to give a nice hang out to tell the story rather than doing it in the sidewalk. They made the road a three-way which was done because they did not want the characters to cross without paying attention. He joked that traffic engineers would have a nightmare about it.