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"I've been so foolish. For so long I have had so much. A roof over my head, plenty of food, good friends. But all I wanted was more, more! No more! There's a new Madame Blueberry in town and she's going to be thankful for what she has."
— Madame Blueberry while giving up on something more she wanted
Madame Blueberry

Madame Blueberry is a French blueberry who likes having anything she wants, though very friendly to everyone. She is also the mayor of Bumblyburg in the main Larry-Boy series.


In her debut episode, she wanted more things after seeing all the nice stuff all her friends got, and sobbed about it. Later, some salesmen showed up and told her about the new store called Stuff-Mart that has everything she wants.


Young Ebenezzer

But there's nothing here! Not even a jellybean...

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  • According to an issue of What's The Big Idea?, Madame Blueberry had a husband named Monsieur Blueberry, who was a World War II pilot. A few pictures of him can be seen in her house in the Madame Blueberry (episode).
  • Despite being a blueberry, she is around the same size as Bob. In reality, blueberries are as small as peas. The size was changed possibly because she would look very tiny in the animation and be too hard to animate.
  • In her debut, she was seen with brown hair. However, in subsequent episodes, she is seen with blonde hair. There is debate whether or not she may wear a blonde wig or she dyed it.
  • Madame Blueberry was the only French fruit, but in the Netflix series, her accent changed to a British-American accent, replacing her French accent for the first time.
  • Her only villainous roles in the original series are in The Ballad of Little Joe and Sweetpea Beauty. She also plays Delilah in The Veggietales Show who cuts Samson's hair.
  • Her name is based on the name from the classic literature novel "Madame Bovary".
  • She was actually conceived before Where's God When I'm S-Scared? was in production, according to the behind the scenes on God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!
  • It is implied that Madame might actually have feelings for Bob.
  • According to Phil Vischer, Gail Freeman-Bock had done the voice of the character during production of her debut episode, but as Bock was a union actress and most of the VeggieTales voice actors were non-union, she had been recast with Megan Moore Burns and the character's lines were re-recorded. Bock would later voice Madame in Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed.



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