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Madame's Soccer Skills
Directed by

Craig George

Written by

Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


March 25, 2016


11 minutes

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Madame's Soccer Skills is the second half of the thirteenth episode of the third season of VeggieTales in the House.


Madame Blueberry is sitting on a bench on the soccer field while knitting a sock, at the same time that some carrot soccer players and Ichabeezer have managed to score a goal against Larry's team. After making the goal, Ichabeezer taunts Larry by telling him that he'd better up his game because he'll lose to Ichabeezer's team of professional soccer players. Ichabeezer asks the carrot players if he's right, the carrot players answering with "We are the best!" Larry then tells his team, consisting of Bob, Tina, Bacon Bill, and Captain Mike to huddle up, telling them that he has a new strategy that will turn the game around, which is that instead of losing, they should try winning. Bob says that that's not much of a strategy, but Tina and Bacon Bill think that it's brilliant. Larry tells Captain Mike that he's their star player, and after asking how much they're down by, the answer being twenty goals, asks Captain Mike if he can score that many in the next thirty seconds. Captain Mike says that no one has ever scored twenty goals in thirty seconds, but Larry tells him, "I knew I could count on you!"

The last half of the game starts as Captain Mike goes up to the ball, everyone awaiting the outcome. Captain Mike then goes out to kick the ball, but just as he is about to kick the ball, he suddenly throws out his back, which causes him to start rolling around the field with his body in a curved shape while everyone can only watch. Captain Mike then hits the ball while he is still rolling, but because he was rolling in the opposite direction, he hits the ball directly towards the goal that Larry is guarding, as Larry ducks, allowing the ball to hit the goal, before the ball then bounces back and hits Larry. Ichabeezer then laughs and tells Larry and his team that they just scored on themselves, while the carrot players say "We are victorious!" Larry is saddened as Bob, Tina, and Bacon Bill approach him, before Captain Mike rolls up to them, Captain Mike apologizing to Larry that he's out of the game, then asks if someone can roll him off the field, which Bacon Bill does. Larry then tells Madame Blueberry, who is still knitting, that she's in, but Madame Blueberry says that she's quite alright on the bench. When Larry tells Madame Blueberry that they need her, Madame Blueberry says that she's just not very confident, as she puts down her knitting and comes out onto the field, though Larry tells her to just give it her best and that it'll be fun. Madame Blueberry says that she doesn't understand what's fun about kicking or running or sports in general, though Larry asks her why she even signed up, Madame Blueberry answering that she thought she was signing up for sock-knitting.

The next game then begins as Mayor Archibald blows the whistle, Larry's team competing against Ichabeezer's team once again. Larry is kicking the ball before kicking it to Madame Blueberry, who doesn't know what to do, Larry telling her to pass it. Madame Blueberry then asks if someone could get the ball then picks it up and holds it up, asking for Bill or Tina to come get it, but one of the carrot players kicks the ball from her grasp and kick it into the goal, knocking over Bob, who is acting as the goalie, while Mayor Archibald says that "Team Ichabeezer wins!" In the town center, Larry tells Madame Blueberry that she can't just ask one of her teammates to take the ball, she has to pass it, though Madame Blueberry just laughs and says that next they'll be telling her that she can't touch the ball with her hands either. Larry tells Madame Blueberry that he's been meaning to talk to her about that, though Madame Blueberry says that she didn't want to play anyway. Larry then tells Madame Blueberry that they need her, and that if she doesn't play, they'll have to forfeit, though Madame Blueberry then suggests that she can get someone else to play for her, and that she heard that Mr. Lunt is fantastic and that she'll ask him, which she goes off to do. Larry laments that they'll never beat Ichabeezer and his carrots, though Bob tells him that maybe it won't be so bad, because they still have Tina and Bacon Bill, but when Tina and Bacon Bill are shown jamming to saxophone music, Larry once again repeats his lament.

Madame Blueberry then meets up with Mr. Lunt at his shop and greets him, then asks him if it's true that he once won a soccer championship, which Mr. Lunt confirms, then asks to see his trophy. Mr. Lunt brings out a bowling ball instead of a trophy, which Madame Blueberry points out, which causes Mr. Lunt to ask if he went bowling with his soccer trophy, and no wonder he did so bad at bowling. Despite this, Mr. Lunt tells Madame Blueberry that he won a soccer championship, which Madame Blueberry is delighted to hear, then asks Mr. Lunt if he would like to play in her place on Larry's team. Mr. Lunt is not too sure about that because he's pretty busy at the shop at the moment, but Madame Blueberry begs to Mr. Lunt that she'll do anything. Because of that, Mr. Lunt says that he has a monster truck that needs a new tire, for Madame Blueberry to do that and he's in. Soon, Madame Blueberry is trying to replace a tire on the monster truck, but has completely underestimated how heavy monster truck tires are, as she ends up getting squashed by the tire she was carrying because of its weight. Madame Blueberry manages to prop the tire upright, but after a few seconds, the tire falls on top of her again. Madame Blueberry next stands up the tire again then quickly rushes over to the other side, but the tire falls over on her again. Madame Blueberry next tries rolling on top of the tire, but she ends up getting rolled along with the tire while doing so, the tire stopping next to the monster truck, before it falls on top of Madame Blueberry again. Soon, Madame Blueberry has finally gotten the new tire attached to the monster truck, before the entire monster truck falls over on top of her after that.

Back at Mr. Lunt's shop, Madame Blueberry returns while telling Mr. Lunt that she's finished, which Mr. Lunt is happy to hear, but tells Madame Blueberry to do one more thing for him and they're good. Madame Blueberry tells Mr. Lunt that he said he's in after the monster truck, before Mr. Lunt tells her that he meant he's in after that, plus the next thing. Madame Blueberry finally gives in before asking Mr. Lunt what it is, Mr. Lunt telling her to take his insane hamster for a walk, which Madame Blueberry is absolutely shocked to hear. Because of that, Madame Blueberry finds herself getting dragged all over town by Mr. Lunt's hamster when taking it for a walk, as it drags her in and out of the fountain and around a lamppost. Mr. Lunt is still reading his comic book and laughing while reading it, before his hamster comes back as he greets it, the hamster's name revealed to be Mr. Whiskerface, asking him if he had a nice walk. Madame Blueberry then comes in while looking rather dizzy from getting dragged around town, then asks Mr. Lunt if he shall play now, which Mr. Lunt agrees to, after this last thing. Madame Blueberry angrily tells Mr. Lunt that he said that they were good after the last thing after the original thing, before Mr. Lunt once again tells her that he meant they were good as soon as this last thing is done and asks if that was not clear. Madame Blueberry once again gives in and asks Mr. Lunt what it is, Mr. Lunt answering that the last one is easy, which is to pick up a package for him, which Madame Blueberry says doesn't sound too bad, before Mr. Lunt finishes that he accidentally delivered to the ceiling fan, which Madame Blueberry is even more shocked to hear. On top of the ceiling fan, Madame Blueberry gets swung around until running into the shop again while holding the package that she managed to get.

After getting the package, Madame Blueberry places the package in front of Mr. Lunt, the package revealed to be a new hat identical to the one that Mr. Lunt is already wearing, which he then swaps out for the new hat. After that, Madame Blueberry asks Mr. Lunt if he'll play now, which Mr. Lunt confirms this time, and after asking back and forth whether Mr. Lunt really is sure and that there's nothing else he needs her to do, Mr. Lunt confirms it, but is about to say that there is, but says to forget it and for them to play soccer, which Madame Blueberry is happy to hear. At the soccer field, Larry is playing with the ball, when Madame Blueberry comes up to him, telling him that she found his replacement, which is Mr. Lunt. Mr. Lunt is balancing on top of a soccer ball but falls off after that. Larry tells Madame Blueberry that is she played, she might have some fun, which Madame Blueberry counters with "As much fun as sitting on the bench and avoiding the game completely?", which Larry says is a lot more fun. The game is soon underway as Ichabeezer asks Larry if he's ready to lose, Larry answering "I am ready to lose, at losing!", which Ichabeezer is confused to hear, before saying to just start the game already. The game starts as this time, Larry is able to swipe the ball before Ichabeezer can then kicks the ball to Mr. Lunt while telling him to show them what he's got, but Mr. Lunt asks what he does, asking if soccer is "the one with the hands or the one with the feet". Larry tells Mr. Lunt to kick the ball, which Mr. Lunt is about to do, but one of the carrot players kicks it away from him before he can, before that carrot player kicks the ball right into Larry's team's goal once again.

Larry is shocked at what he just saw before angrily telling Mr. Lunt that he thought that he won a trophy for a soccer championship, Mr. Lunt confirming that, saying that he was the best sixth-grade waterboy for the best soccer team there ever was. Larry angrily tells Mr. Lunt that he's on the bench, which Mr. Lunt is happy to hear, saying that he'll feel right at home and says that if anybody needs a water, they'll know who to ask. Larry then calls out to Madame Blueberry that they need her. The next half of the game starts as Larry kicks the ball after tripping, before the ball comes up to Madame Blueberry, Larry telling her to kick it. Madame Blueberry is unsure of what to do, as Ichabeezer and his carrot players start to approach her, before Larry tells Madame Blueberry to give it her all. This time, Madame Blueberry is able to kick the ball really hard, which sends it flying so fast that it seems like it's on fire, sending it flying past Ichabeezer and the carrot players, before landing in Ichabeezer's team's goal. Bob, Larry, Tina, and Bacon Bill are surprised at what they just saw, as are Ichabeezer and his team. Madame Blueberry asks if she did something wrong, but Larry tells her that what she did was amazing and that she's incredible, before Madame Blueberry says that that was wonderful, before Larry starts singing a song about giving it your all when playing sports and to always try your best whether you win or lose. After the song ends, Mayor Archibald gives Larry's team a foul for giving a big musical number on the field. Larry once again passes the ball to Madame Blueberry, who is able to kick the ball past the carrot players and kick it into the goal. Ichabeezer then kicks the ball away from Tina and kicks it right into Larry's team's goal, while saying that it won't be that easy.

Madame Blueberry next kicks the ball to Bacon Bill, who kicks it to Larry. Larry is kicking the ball when one of the carrot players snatches it away from him, and kicks it towards Bob who tries to block, but misses as the ball instead lands in the goal. Larry once again is kicking the ball when Ichabeezer snatches it away from him, but this time, Larry is able to slip in and snatch the ball back from Ichabeezer, then jumps up and kicks the ball directly into Ichabeezer's team's goal again. Mayor Archibald then says that time is up and that it's a tied game and asks everyone if they know what that means, Tina thinking that it means that they all run home and that there's no closure, but Ichabeezer says that it means that there's going to be a penalty kick showdown. Mayor Archibald explains that each team gets one shot against a goalie and that the first one to score wins. Larry is up to kick first as Ichabeezer, who is acting as the goalie, tells him "I've been stopping soccer balls since before you were born, Cucumber!", though Larry counters back that he's been scoring goals since before he was born, which Bacon Bill thinks is amazing. Larry makes the first kick, but Ichabeezer blocks it with ease, before asking who wants to get scored on. Larry then tells Madame Blueberry that this is all her, but Madame Blueberry says that she's too nervous and that she doesn't have the experience, but Larry tells her to just give it her best, which is all he asks. Now inspired, Madame Blueberry takes her place at the goal while Ichabeezer is tossing the ball up and down, before he asks Madame Blueberry if she's late for tea and crumpets, though Madame Blueberry says that as a matter of fact, she is.

Ichabeezer then makes the kick as Madame Blueberry jumps up to block, but unfortunately, she misses as the ball then lands in the goal, while Madame Blueberry lands on her face. Ichabeezer laughs that he wins again, while Larry comes up to Madame Blueberry and tells her that he's so sorry, before telling her that she did great and for to not beat herself up, but Madame Blueberry gets up saying "That was so much fun!" then asks who knew soccer could be so exhilarating. Ichabeezer stops when he hears Madame Blueberry say this, as he angrily tells Larry and his team that they can't be celebrating because they lost and that he gets to celebrate. Bob, Tina, and Bacon Bill also come over to congratulate Madame Blueberry, while Ichabeezer tries to cheer for himself, then tells the carrot players that it's time to go. However, because Ichabeezer called them "loser soccer drones" while doing so, one of the carrot players tells Ichabeezer that they're sick of him talking to them like that, while another carrot player says that just because they're professionals doesn't mean they don't have feelings and starts sobbing. The first carrot player then tells Ichabeezer "You made Gary cry, I hope you're happy!" then tells the other carrot players that they quit as they leave, leaving Ichabeezer behind. Bob is surprised when he hears that Madame Blueberry doesn't care that they lost, Madame Blueberry answering, "Not one bit", while Larry asks why she should because she gave it her all then says to hear it for their new soccer star, Madame Blueberry, which they do.



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