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MOPS and VeggieTales Partnership Promo is a 2011 YouTube video of VeggieTales promoting MOPS.


Junior is typing on Qwerty on the MOPS website when Laura and Larry came in and ask Junior what's he doing. Junior tells them that he is helping his mom. He explains to them that he has heard about a thing called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and says that being a mother of a preschooler can be challenging. Offscreen, Lisa then calls Junior and asks him why is there water dripping from the ceiling. Junior explains that sometimes kids can do things like fill up the bathtub so their Webkins can go sailing and forget to turn off the water. Which is what exactly he did. Junior says that when MOPS comes in for support. After a brief ad from MOPS, Lisa wants Junior to have a talk with her. Laura offers to help finish signing up Lisa. And Junior goes to tell Lisa about MOPS while Laura finishes signing up Lisa up.




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