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*'''Species''': Peas
'''Jean-Claude and Philippe''' are French peas in [[VeggieTales]].
Jean-Claude and Philippe are very cheeky and mischievous.
Jean-Claude and Philippe are green peas with freckles. Because they're twins and look very alike, it's hard to tell who is whom. The difference with them is their voices, as Jean-Claude's voice is low, while Phillpe's is higher.
==Voice Actors==
*[[Mike Nawrocki]]
*[[Phil Vischer]]
==Fun Facts==
*The French Peas are based on the Frenchmen from the "Monty Python" series.
*During production on "Josh and the Big Wall", a former staff member who is French-Canadian was offended that they're French and the bad guys. However, they showed the episode to actual French people and thought it was funny.
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