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Lyle's Answering Machine is a DVD feature that was included in Lyle the Kindly Viking.


Bob: Hi, I'm Bob!

Larry: And I'm Larry! You've reached the... what are their names again?

Bob: I'm sorry, we forgot you names, who are you?

(silent for a second)

Larry: Oh, yeah. Anyway, we're just over here watching some VeggieTales, and they can't come to the phone right now.

Bob: So leave a message and they'll get right back to you.

Larry: They better, 'cause it wouldn't be nice if they got the message and didn't call back

Bob: I'm sure they'll call back. Remember, God made you special.

Larry: And he loves you very much.

Both: Goodbye!!

Fun Facts

  • Even though it is titled as Lyle's Answering Machine, it is actually more like Bob and Larry's since they are the ones recording the voices.