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Lost in the Woods

Bill Breneisen


Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


September 23, 2016


11 minutes

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Lost in the Woods is the second half of the first episode from the fourth season of VeggieTales in the House.


At Mayor Archibald's office, Mayor Archibald asks Petunia for his "daily to-do checklist", which Petunia does, the first item being "fix the House heating system", which Mayor Archibald says is finished. Petunia next reads the next item, which is "Approve housing permits", which Mayor Archibald says he got done, before Petunia next adds "Calm restless citizens", which causes Mayor Archibald to realize that he didn't do that one. Petunia is surprised when Mayor Archibald tells her this, before Mayor Archibald says that he actually did and says to check that off while spinning in his chair. Petunia praises Mayor Archibald for being great at getting things done, then tells him that he just has one more thing on his to-do list, which is meet with Bob and Larry, just as Bob and Larry show up and greet Mayor Archibald. Mayor Archibald asks Bob and Larry what they've come to see him for, Larry answering that they wanted to give him a surprise gift, which Mayor Archibald is delighted to hear, saying that he just loves surprises. Bob then tells Mayor Archibald to put on a blindfold and come with him and Larry, before putting the blindfold on Mayor Archibald's face, as he asks what it could be, listing off several possibilities, such as a pool party, a book fair, and all-you-can-eat ham.

Soon, the trio have gone outside into the woods as Mayor Archibald asks Bob and Larry where they're taking him and that they've been walking for six hours. The three have soon stopped as Larry removes the blindfold from Mayor Archibald's face and tells him that they're taking him camping, but Mayor Archibald does not want to go camping because he can't camp and that he has to get back to work because he's a busy mayor. Larry assures Mayor Archibald that they aren't planning to camp very long, just six weeks or so, which Mayor Archibald is even more apprehensive about before he starts to run away as Larry asks him where he's going, Mayor Archibald answering that he's going back to work. Bob tells Larry that Mayor Archibald is going the wrong way, while Larry says that they better catch up to him before he gets lost. In the woods, Mayor Archibald finds himself lost and asks himself why he ever agreed to let Bob and Larry give him a surprise present. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jerry have also decided to go camping, Jimmy telling Jerry that today they become brave mountain men, but Jerry is quickly frightened by something rustling in the bushes before jumping into Jimmy's 'arms' while saying that he's too scared. Jimmy tells Jerry that he knows it's scary but they're going to overcome that fear and asks Jerry to hear his fierce battle cry, before Jimmy then gives off a loud howl that echoes through the woods, but Jerry can only meekly say, "Meep". Jimmy tells Jerry to give off a nice loud roar, before he roars right into Jerry's face. Jerry is prepared to make a roar, just as a butterfly lands on his face, scaring Jerry so much that he runs off, while Jimmy muses that this is a lot harder than he thought.

Meanwhile, Bob and Larry are looking for Mayor Archibald, Larry smelling the ground like a bloodhound in an attempt to pick up Mayor Archibald's scent. Larry says that all he smells is dirt, while Bob tells him that all he smells is him smelling dirt, though Larry says that he's okay with that, as long as he doesn't smell any bear. Mayor Archibald is still wandering aimlessly through the woods then steps on a branch that breaks, the loud snapping sound attracting Bob and Larry's attention, before Larry cries out "Hello?!" However, Mayor Archibald mistakes Larry's call for a wild animal before deciding to make animal noises to make peace with what he thinks is a wild animal, before he starts making a series of howls. Bob and Larry hear the howls, while Larry decides to use a donut to get what he thinks is a wild animal off their tail, then throws it, despite Bob telling him that that was their only breakfast. The donut continues flying while Mayor Archibald still continues howling until the donut hits him in the face, which causes him to yell "Hey!", while Larry says that the wild animal said what Mayor Archibald said, but Bob realizes that that wasn't a wild animal. Bob and Larry then come up to Mayor Archibald, who is laying on the ground while he still has the donut over his eye, which Larry is relieved to see, before telling Mayor Archibald that he now has two monocles. Mayor Archibald takes the donut off his eye and throws it away before angrily telling Bob and Larry to take him home this instant, Bob telling him that they'll go home right away. Larry starts to go one way, but Bob tells him that he means to go the other way, which causes Mayor Archibald to say, "Please don't tell me you don't know the way home!"

Larry then says "Cows have four stomachs", as Mayor Archibald asks him what that has to do with anything, Larry telling him that it doesn't, then reiterates that Mayor Archibald told them not to tell him that they don't know the way home. Bob then suggests that they climb a high spot to see which way is home, before Larry decides that they climb the nearest hill, which Bob agrees with, as he and Larry go off, while Mayor Archibald can only begrudgingly go with them towards the hill. Meanwhile, Jimmy is telling Jerry that "to be a mountain man, you gotta be able to handle whatever the forest throws your way", then challenges Jerry to get across a nearby river bed. Jerry points out the long distance, but Jimmy assures Jerry that he can do it, which Jerry has no choice but to do now. Jerry takes a running start as he jumps off the edge, but after a few seconds of staying mid-air, he falls back down again, before he starts trying different methods to try and cross the river bed, such as using a pole to catapult himself across, a jackhammer, throwing a rock onto one end of a board that he's standing on, and firing himself from cannon, but all of these methods fail. Jimmy then tells Jerry that there's a bear coming for him, as he runs out at Jerry while carrying a cutout of a bear, scaring Jerry so much that he jumps clear across the river bed. When Jimmy sees this, he congratulates Jerry for doing it, and when Jerry realizes that he actually did it, he feels proud of himself. Meanwhile, Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald have approached a large cave in the side of the hill, which causes Larry to ask how they climb a hill that has a big hole in it, Bob answering that they climb up the sides. Mayor Archibald offers to go first, but when a loud growl is heard, he instead asks Larry to go first.

Bob then looks from behind Larry and Mayor Archibald, telling them to run, while Mayor Archibald asks Bob what he said, unaware that a giant lobster is now right behind him and Larry. Finally, Larry and Mayor Archibald turn around to see the giant lobster behind them, before all three run for their lives, with the giant lobster chasing after them. Bob and Larry end up losing their backpacks, before they, along with Mayor Archibald, take refuge up in a nearby tree, while the giant lobster tries to reach out at them and circles the tree from down below. Mayor Archibald asks how they'll get out of the woods now, before Bob tells him that "giant lobsters only have a four-second memory" and that the giant lobster will forget they're up in the tree if they hold still. After six hours have passed, Larry asks Bob if the lobster is gone, Bob answering, "After us sitting up here for six hours, he'd better be gone". Mayor Archibald pleads to Bob and Larry to take him home now, which prompts Larry to tell Bob and Mayor Archibald to follow him down, before they come down from the tree again. Larry then looks around and gives the all clear to Bob and Mayor Archibald once he sees that the giant lobster is nowhere in sight, which Mayor Archibald is excited to hear, asking once again if they can go home then. Bob tells him that it's late and that they should pitch their tents instead of hiking in the dark, though Archibald protests that he doesn't want to sleep in a tent, Larry telling him that it's a good thing because they lost them. Bob asks Larry where they lost them, Larry telling Bob that if he knew where they were, they wouldn't be lost.

This causes Mayor Archibald to cry out in anguish that there's no food, no shelter, and no fuel, though Larry tells him that the entire forest around them is made of fuel. Mayor Archibald retracts his statement about fuel then further laments that there's no microwave, no sauna, and no big-screen TV, which causes Larry to realize that he doesn't want to be out in the woods either. Mayor Archibald then runs off screaming into the woods again, while Larry quips that "for someone who doesn't want to be lost in the woods, he sure runs into the woods a lot." Bob and Larry then chase after Mayor Archibald while Bob calls out for him to come back. After some time has passed, Bob and Larry finally find Mayor Archibald, who is curled up unconscious while surrounded by leaves. Bob tells Larry that they need something to wake Mayor Archibald, before Larry comes up with an idea, then comes up to Mayor Archibald and says, "Look over there! Undecided voters!" This causes Mayor Archibald to wake up instantly, before realizing that they're still lost in the woods, but Bob tells him that there's really nothing to be scared of. Bob then says that nature is beautiful and that they "should soak in this tranquil solitude". However, a giant figure suddenly lands right behind Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald, the giant figure revealed to be a giant Cherry mountain lion, which causes Mayor Archibald to ask Bob what he was saying about tranquil solitude. The trio then run away from the Cherry mountain lion after that, before finding themselves further in the woods while it is now nightfall, lamenting about being lost in the woods with no food, no shelter, and no air, though Mayor Archibald points out that there is air out in the woods, which causes Larry to say, "Really? What a luxury!"

Bob apologizes to Mayor Archibald for getting him lost in the woods, saying that if only they had a leader they could all look to for help. Larry tells Mayor Archibald that he's a great leader, though Mayor Archibald tries to refuse, but Bob tells Mayor Archibald that he leads their town with such passion and conviction and that he knows he can get them out of the woods. Mayor Archibald says that that's different and that he was elected mayor, before Larry says that he votes to make Mayor Archibald leader of "this disastrous camping nightmare", while Bob tells Mayor Archibald that he's got his vote. When something moves past in the bushes, the trio are scared again, while Bob says that they're all out of options and that they're doomed, before he and Larry scream and run off. Mayor Archibald looks around at his friends, who are still running around in a panic, before he takes a deep breath and finally accepts the role of leader of the camping trip, saying to himself "No more being afraid in the woods", and that he must calm the restless citizens. Mayor Archibald then grabs Bob and Larry as they stop panicking, before he then says to himself, "Fix house heating system", before telling Larry to get them some firewood. Mayor Archibald next says to himself, "Approve housing permits", then tells Bob to get them some leaves to build a shelter, then tells the two to get to work, which they confirm. While Bob and Larry go off to do the chores that Mayor Archibald assigned them, Mayor Archibald starts singing about not being afraid while out in the woods, as long as God is by his side and capable of giving him the courage needed to get through his fears.

After the song ends, the shelter has soon been built, while later in the night, Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald are asleep in their shelter. The bushes then rustle again, waking up Bob as he asks what that was, and when the rustling still continues, Larry also wakes up and tries assuring Bob that "it just sounded like a mysterious creature slowly lurking towards us" and goes back to sleep again, but quickly wakes up again when he realizes what he just said then asks what they do. Mayor Archibald answers that they stick together, which the three do, before a cat yowling sound is heard after that, while Bob says "There it is again!" The Cherry mountain lion shows up again, while Mayor Archibald tells Bob and Larry to stay calm while he distracts the beast as he throws a stick, which the Cherry mountain lion chases after. After the Cherry mountain lion has left, Larry asks now what, Mayor Archibald answering that they move, which Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald do as they quick run through the forest, but the Cherry mountain lion gets in front of them again, causing them to change direction as the Cherry mountain lion chases after them. Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald jump over a chasm, but the Cherry mountain lion jumps over the chasm as well, before the three run over a large tree branch, which the Cherry mountain lion also runs across. Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald still run for their lives with the Cherry mountain still chasing after them, until arriving back at the same hill with the cave that they came upon earlier, which Bob says is a dead end.

The Cherry mountain lion then corners the three as they find themselves trapped with no way out. Fortunately, Mayor Archibald has a plan as he runs into the giant lobster's cave, while Bob asks what kind of a plan that is. Mayor Archibald then runs out from the cave with the giant lobster chasing after him, before exiting the cave as the lobster also comes out from the cave as well. When the Cherry mountain lion notices the lobster, the two giant monsters start to fight against each other, while Mayor Archibald tells Bob and Larry that now they climb. Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald start to climb up the hill while tied to each other, Larry on the top, Bob in the middle, and Mayor Archibald at the bottom, while Mayor Archibald tells them not to look down. However, when Larry agrees with what Mayor Archibald says, he ends up looking down, which he panics about as he falls down the hill, pulling Bob with him, but Mayor Archibald ends up keeping the two from falling even further. Mayor Archibald tells Bob and Larry that he's got them before he resumes climbing up the hill again, before making it to the top, pulling Bob and Larry up to the top with him. When Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald make it to the top of the hill, Bob sees that they made it back to the House again, which the three cheer happily about, before Mayor Archibald says that they should go home. After the three have made it back into the town square again, Bob tells Mayor Archibald that he knew he had it in him, while Larry thanks Mayor Archibald for being such a great leader. Mayor Archibald then says that once he remembered that God was near, he could lead in any scary situation. However, the sound of roaring is suddenly heard, which scares Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald once again, the roaring revealed to be Jimmy and Jerry, now that Jerry has overcome his fears at last.


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Real-World References

  • The part where Jerry gets scared when a butterfly lands on his face can only bring to mind a similar scene from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Wormy."

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