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Locked Out
Directed by

Craig George

Written by

Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


September 25, 2015


11 minutes

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Locked Out is the first half of the eleventh episode of the second season of VeggieTales in the House.


Bob and Larry are watching TV at home, when Jimmy and Jerry pass by, with Jimmy having some garlic nog and Jerry carrying a stack of sandwiches. Jerry tosses a sandwich to Larry, who jumps up and is able to catch the sandwich and eat it. Larry then looks down and notices a remote laying on the floor next to Bob's chair, asking what this remote does. When Bob sees what Larry found, he becomes excited, telling Larry that he can't believe he found it, answering that it's their house-folding remote. Larry is confused, before Bob further explains that he lost it a long time ago, which is the reason why they have to live with their house open, at the same time that Ichabeezer passes by while walking Rooney as he looks at Bob and Larry. Larry then suggests that they close the house, which Bob agrees with, before using the remote to close the house. After the house has closed up, Larry is happy that they don't have to worry about Jimmy and Jerry popping in whenever they want, while Bob is happy that he doesn't have to worry about the entire town seeing him in his undies, while Larry is also happy that he doesn't have to worry about losing half of Bob's sock collection to a gust of wind while using them to build a fort.

When Bob is surprised from hearing the last part, Larry tells him 'nothing', before being further happy about having some privacy. Larry asks Bob if he can have a turn, which Bob allows him to as Larry presses the button on the remote. However, nothing happens, before Larry presses the button again, but the house still doesn't open up. Larry presses the button the remote a few more times, becoming more increasingly frustrated while doing so, before Bob tells him to give it a second and that there's no need to freak out. Larry asks what if he wants to freak out, but Bob tells him that all freaking out does is cause us to make bad choices and that no matter what the problem, just stay calm, and to give it to God and go from there. Larry calms down after that, realizing that Bob is right. After a few seconds, the house opens up again, but it suddenly closes once again, before it starts opening and closing rapidly in succession, while Bob tries telling Larry that they should wait it out. However, the rapid opening and closing of the house is too much for Larry to handle as he starts screaming, then runs outside while saying that they have to stop it. Bob suggests that they prop it open with something, and Larry says that it's a good idea, which he starts to do with the remote, but it's too late for Bob to stop Larry as the house wall slams on top of the remote. At first, the remote appears to be fine when Larry pulls it back out, but it immediately crumbles into tiny pieces as a result of getting hit by the house wall, while Larry says, "I freaked out, didn't I?" Bob tries to open the front door, but it's locked, before he tells Larry that he left his keys in the house, then asks Larry for his. Larry is surprised, saying, "I have keys?", which causes Bob to realize that they're locked out. This causes Larry to become even more freaked out, but Bob tries to calm him down, saying that it may seem scary, but they can't freak out and that they must stay calm and they'll be fine. Larry calms down again, saying that he's good now. Bob suggests that they could make a key out of hair, but this only disgusts Larry, before he suggests that they ask Jimmy and Jerry for the spare. Bob is surprised when he hears that Larry gave Jimmy and Jerry a spare key to their house, saying that that would be a bad thing to do, other than now, which is actually a good thing to do because they need a spare key.

At Jimmy and Jerry's house, Jimmy is watching Happy Sunshine Bubbles as he compliments on how cute she is when she does loop-de-loops in her bowl, while Jerry is laying on the couch with Danny the dust bunny perched on his stomach, just as their doorbell rings. Jimmy and Jerry answer the door when they see Bob and Larry, and Jimmy asks them what brings them to their place. Bob answers that they're locked out of their house, before Larry tells Jimmy and Jerry to tell them that they have the spare key to their place, but Jimmy literally repeats what Larry said, even when Larry tries being specific with what he's asking Jimmy and Jerry. Jimmy tells Larry that he doesn't have the key to their place and that he and Jerry would never give Bob and Larry a spare key to their place. This time, Bob has had enough as he begs to Jimmy and Jerry to give him and Larry the spare key to their place, which Jimmy is finally able to comprehend. Jimmy says that they should have it somewhere and that it might take a bit for him and Jerry to find it because their house is a mess, while Jerry adds, "Needle, haystack," before Jimmy tells Bob and Larry that they'll let them know when they find it. Bob and Larry return back to their house, while Larry says he wouldn't count on them finding that spare key anytime this century. Because of this, Bob says that they have to think of something, saying that he'll come up with a plan before telling Larry to come up with a plan as well, feeling certain that one of them is sure to get them in. Bob goes first as he starts thinking really hard, before coming up with an idea. Bob's idea involves aiming a marble and flicking it at a two-mile-long line of dominoes, the last domino toppling onto a little seesaw made of diamonds (which Larry is in disbelief about), which causes a rope to lower a weight onto a toy monster truck, before the monster truck rolls onto a toothpick that is pulled quickly with a rope until they can't see it anymore, which will cause a huge tree to come crashing in and break down the door.

After Bob finishes relaying his idea, Larry tells him that they can't afford a diamond seesaw, which causes Bob to realize that Larry is right, before telling him that he hopes he came up with something better. Larry says that he came up with a game show, which Bob is surprised about, before Larry is seen wearing a red bow tie and holding out a microphone before he says, "Welcome back to 'Larry's Pick-A-Door' game show!" Bacon Bill then shows up from out of nowhere after that, which Bob is incredulous about, asking where Bacon Bill came from. Larry explains that Bacon Bill is their contestant who is about to pick a door, at the same time that Bacon Bill says, "Hi, mom!" Larry then asks Bacon Bill which door it will be from three doors, which are Door Number One, Door Number Two, and Door Number Three. Bacon Bill doesn't know because it's too much pressure, before Larry whispers to him to pick Number Three, which Bacon Bill does. After Bacon Bill makes this decision, Larry then says, "What's behind Door Number Three?" When Bacon Bill doesn't react, Larry once again repeats his question. Bacon Bill becomes increasingly unable to answer, which causes Larry to realize that his idea didn't work either, while Bob is surprised that a game show was Larry's plan. Bacon Bill then says that if they knew someone thin, he could slide under the door and unlock it from the inside, which Bacon Bill fits the description for, but Bob doesn't see it that way, while saying that it would work but they don't know someone who's a walking, talking thin thing. Bacon Bill also adds that it's too bad that they don't have a Shark Rocket, but this causes Larry to realize that Bacon Bill does have a Shark Rocket, before Bacon Bill leaves after that to get his Shark Rocket.

Back at Jimmy and Jerry's house, Jerry is looking for the spare key by calling for it, but Jimmy tells him that it's not a dog, but rather a key, which are two completely different species. Jimmy then lifts up the couch, commenting that they have a lot of garbage, ranging from an oversized cowboy hat, a karaoke gumball machine, and a garbage bag full of garbage, before wondering where the spare key is. Jerry then looks over to see that Danny has the spare key, as he and Jimmy start to approach him to get the key back. Unfortunately, the instant Jimmy and Jerry pounce out at Danny, they end up missing while Danny is able to escape with the key, with Jimmy telling Danny to come back. Meanwhile, Larry has gotten the Shark Rocket into place, while Bacon Bill says that he doesn't know exactly what Bob and Larry are doing, but since it seems crazy, he approves. Larry then turns on the ignition for the Shark Rocket, but it also causes the Shark Rocket to fly out of control and also pick up Bob, sending the two flying directly out the window of the House, at the same time that Bacon Bill got knocked into the kitchen sink, but is acting like he is on the ride. Bob and Larry end up crashing outside the House, after crashing the Shark Rocket to the ground. Larry then asks where they are and how they get back, before also asking what he touched that was what. Bob then tells Larry that if he hadn't freaked out, then they wouldn't be in this mess, but Larry asks Bob how he knows that the problem isn't that he's freaking out enough. When asked this, Bob realizes that Larry has a good point, before he starts screaming in panic. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jerry confront Danny once again to try to get the spare key back from him, but he evades them once again. Jerry then slips on a sock that was on the floor as he manages to catch Danny, but Danny escapes again after slapping Jerry with his ears. Jimmy is able to catch Danny and get the spare key from him, all while saying that they should go to Bob and Larry's, but Jimmy ends up slipping on a banana peel, which causes the key to get thrown in the air.

Jimmy and Jerry try to catch the key, but they bump into each other again, just as the key lands on the edge of the guitar, but unfortunately, when Jimmy blows on the key, it causes the key to fall through the hole for the guitar. Back outside the House, Bob and Larry have built themselves a shelter out of branches, while Bob tells Larry that he's almost finished building the shelter, then asks Larry how the fire is coming. Unfortunately, Larry is using one of the sticks used in building the fort to try and get the fire started. Bob tries to stop Larry, but it's too late, as the fire gets ignited, which causes the shelter to go up in ashes. Bob starts to become flustered from what happened, while Larry tries to tell him that they don't want to freak out, but it's too late, as Bob has already started to freak out from what happened as well as banging his head against the side-step of the House and rambling about who's freaking out even in spite of not having any thumbs. However, Bob's crazy laughter causes the giant lobster to raise its claw out of the water from the sound of the laughter. Larry tells Bob that they have to remain calm, but Bob has already lost his marbles, rambling even further about being out in the middle of nowhere with no heat, no shelter, and no nothing, before he likewise starts blaming Larry for his freaking out that got them stranded. A growling sound is suddenly heard after that, which causes the two friends to stop arguing, and Larry asks Bob if he heard that. Bob says that it sounds like that something is out there, before Larry also adds, "Or as if Ichabeezer is moving any joint in his body." A menacing shadow then appears behind Bob and Larry, and Bob says that they should turn around, before Larry suggests that they should continue to ignore it and that it will go away, asking Bob if that's how things work out. When Bob and Larry turn around, they see the giant lobster standing right behind them as they start to run for their lives. Larry thinks that it's a monster, but Bob corrects him that it's actually a giant lobster. Larry thanks Bob for the clarification making things better, before they run ahead to try and escape the giant lobster, until taking refuge in a nearby cave. The lobster is unable to reach Bob and Larry, while Larry asks Bob what they do now, but Bob doesn't know as he starts sobbing about it.

At that moment, Larry's cell phone starts ringing as he answers it, and the caller is revealed to be Jimmy, who tells Larry that he and Bob don't have to be locked out anymore, before Jerry also adds, "Key is out." Larry is happy to hear the good news, but unfortunately, while Jimmy is twirling the key, he drops it into the guitar again and tells Larry that he's locked out again. Danny suddenly jumps out of the guitar while holding the key, and Jimmy once again tells Larry that he got the key back out again. When Larry asks Jimmy he's sure, Jimmy confirms it, saying that he has the key, but Danny hops away while carrying the key as Jimmy starts chasing after Danny to try to get the key back. While Jimmy is chasing after Danny, Jerry dons the cowboy hat and picks up the guitar as he starts playing Mexican-style music, before getting knocked over by Jimmy in the struggle. Larry then hangs up after that, while Bob, still stressed out, asks Larry how they got into this mess, which causes Larry to realize that it was because he freaked out, and he tells Bob that he was right and that if he could have just stayed calm from the beginning, "we would have made better decisions and not be about to get pinched in the face by a lobster," then apologizes to Bob. While the lobster is still trying to reach at Bob and Larry, Larry suddenly gets an idea, telling Bob that they have to be quiet and not freak out, explaining that one time when he was in third grade, they were studying lobsters, and the teacher said that they cannot remember things longer than four seconds. Bob is amazed that Larry remembered his teacher telling him that, before Larry tells him, "Don't scream and run away, and the lobster won't hear us, and then it'll go away." Bob and Larry then proceed to hide themselves behind a rock in the cave while the lobster is still trying to get them. After four seconds, the lobster promptly forgets what it was doing and leaves. After the lobster has left, Bob is happy that the plan worked and that the lobster forgot all about them, asking Larry if they can go home now, which Larry agrees to. Bob and Larry have soon met up with Jimmy and Jerry, who present to them the spare key, which Bob uses to unlock the front door, before thanking Jimmy and Jerry for their help. When Bob asks Larry to see what happens when they don't freak out, he and Larry start singing a song about how we should not freak out even when things seem bad and for us to give our cares to God instead.


Fun Facts


  • This is the first episode for a few things:
    • The first time when both Danny and Happy Sunshine Bubbles are together.
    • The first time when Happy Sunshine Bubbles is referred as female.


  • The door on the title card is not the same as Bob and Larry's front door.
  • Despite what happened to their house, subsequent stories have it open. How it got open is unknown.


  • Mike Nawrocki is uncredited for voicing Danny the Dust Bunny.

Episode Transcript