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Lizard King is one of the kings of Bullamanka. Outside of the planet, he is best known for driving the Space-T Freeze ship. He serves as the main antagonist in the episode The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka and one of the tritagonists in Hogs and Kisses.


He was known for cheating in a tournament of Squid-Tac-Toad with the Bandicoot King. After the Bandicoot King lost (due to the Lizard King cheating thanks to his henchmen), he ended up in a cage. The Rockhopper crew later came to arbitrate the tournament, and he later agrees to have a rematch with Michelle after overhearing a conversation about her being a champion (albeit with three of the game pieces replaced with Zidgel, Midgel, and Fidgel as Red-Naped Ibs and Kevin as the Squid-Hopper). However, he still manages to find ways to cheat. Before her friends were sent down the Gurgler, Michelle tells him what he has been doing is wrong. The Lizard King eventually changes his ways and decides to restart the game.

He later encountered Jason when he got inside his Space-T Freeze ship.


Before his reformation, the Lizard King was a dishonest and competitive fraud who did not hesitate to carry out any of his plans.

After his reformation, he shows genuine concern for anyone whom he suspects is in some sort of danger.

Physical Appearance and Abilities

The Lizard King is an alien lizard. He is somewhat based on a frill-necked lizard, as his neck frill pops up whenever he is angry. His nose, mouth, and center of his body is a lighter shade of greenish-turquoise than that of the rest of his body. He has small light green spots on his arms and tail. He wears a light brown hat, a brown belt, and thick brown leather gloves.

He is known as one of the best players of Squid-Tac-Toad, and he can speak in a fast manner.


Voice Actors



  • Marek Libert (Czech dub, TV Nova)
  • Eduardo Wasveiler (Latin Spanish dub, I Scream, You Scream!)

Fun Facts

  • His motormouth tic vanished after his initial appearance.
  • The belt that he wears around his waist is larger, which would have fallen off due to it not being tight enough.
  • He is the third villain in a Big Idea production to reform.
    • He is also the only 3-2-1 Penguins! character to redeem.
  • In both Tod Carter's drawing and the progression reel, the Lizard King's frills were going to be longer.
  • In the TV series, his voice sounds different from the original videos.