Lisa Asparagus
  • Species: Asparagus
  • Hair color: Green
  • Eye color: Teal

Lisa Asparagus (also known as Mom Asparagus) is the mother to Junior Asparagus and wife to Mike Asparagus.


Lisa is similar to her son and husband, she has green hair. She has pink eyeshadow. She also wears white earrings and a white-jeweled necklace.

Since VeggieTales in the House, she gained teal eyes, red lipstick, and red glasses.


Voice Actors

Fun Facts

  • Lisa is the first character is be voiced by different actresses.
  • Like with her husband, Lisa never had an official name until VeggieTales in the House. This may be likely a reference to either Mike's wife, or Phil Vischer's wife, who was known for voicing Mom beforehand.
  • In VeggieTales in the House, Mom gains a Midwest accent.
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