Lessons from the Sock Drawer

Mike Nawrocki


Chris Wall


Mike Nawrocki
Phil Vischer

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


Genius Products
(Mass market)
Word Entertainment
(Christian market)


May 6th, 2008


79 minutes

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Lessons from the Sock Drawer is a special VeggieTales compilation.


A boy named Edmund has a pet hamster who disappeared after he accidentally leaves the top off its cage, so he writes to Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber for advice. During countertop vignettes in which Larry and Bob interact with the puppet-wielding Khalil and Mr. Lunt, the group tries to find suitable stories (from previous VeggieTales videos) to help Edmund. The pair then help Edmund using the video shorts and elements of the verse:

"A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing."
— Proverbs 17:22

Although the video exclusively utilizes previous shorts and music, save for the countertop vignettes, the presentation is exactly like any original VeggieTales video with the letter, countertop dialogue, and scripture verse.



  1. Going Up! (from "Sumo of the Opera")
  2. Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly (from "A Snoodle's Tale")
  3. Omelet (from "Lyle the Kindly Viking")
  4. The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill (and Came Down with All the Bananas) (from "King George and the Ducky")
  5. Larry's Lagoon (story from "God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!")
  6. The Forgive-O-Matic (skit from "God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!")
  7. Lunch (parable from "The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment!")
  8. The Story of St. Patrick (from "Sumo of the Opera")


  1. Binky the Opera Singer (from "Auto-Tainment!")
  2. The Blues With Larry
  3. I Want to Dance (from Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly)
  4. Gated Community
  5. The Forgiveness Song (from Larry's Lagoon)
  6. Modern Major General (from "Auto-Tainment!")
  7. Larry's High Silk Hat (from "Lyle")

Fun Facts



  • On the alternate cover of this DVD and on the DVD-ROM features, they show Junior with a pot on his head, although the story in question isn't on the DVD.
  • The opening title card of Binky the Opera Singer states the short was from 2003 (when it was first featured in "Auto-Tainment!"), but the short was actually made in 1999.
    • On a similar note, the opening title card of Lunch states the short was from 2003 (when it was first featured in "Auto-Tainment!"), but the short was actually made in 2001.
  • On the 5.1 Surround audio track, the segments from "God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!" are only in Stereo.
  • At the end, when Lutfi says that it's time to close the door on the vault and let these treasures away, he said it's until the Blu-ray edition, however, there was no Blu-ray release of this episode.

Inside References

  • War and Peaches and Lime and Punishment were titles of early scrapped episodes of the show.

Real World References

  • Hee-Haw was a syndicated program that ran from 1969 to 1997.

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