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Lemon Twist (Lola Twizzle)
  • Species: Lemon
  • Hair color: Navy Blue
  • Voice Actor: Anita Protich

Lola Twizzle, also known as Lemon Twist. She is a superhero and is one of Bok Choy's students at Bumblyburg Community College.


Lola didn't know she had any super abilities until during a merry-go-round contest at school and she literally blew away the competition! Thus, she took the name Lemon Twist. One time after Bok Choy's class was over, Lemon and Electro-Melon went to the Bumblyburg Carnival to have some fun. However, due to their differences, they both started fighting and create destruction at the carnival. Fortunately, Larry-Boy arrived and told them what they did, and they later became good friends.


As a child, Lola is very well-mannered and respectful. Though, she could also be obstreperous and argumentative, so she could lose her temper if anything irritates her, such as the one time Larry-Boy pestered her about who Gale is and when Electro-Melon tried to ruin the fun at the carnival. Regardless, she is still an extremely nice, caring, and thoughtful lemon.

Physical Appearances and Abilities

Lola is a yellow lemon with navy blue hair. Her costume is a lime green suit with white rims, black mask, and a gold tiara. Twist has the abilities to create storms, strong winds, and tornadoes.

Voice Actresses




Fun Facts

  • In several promos and pieces of concept art, her hair is black instead of navy blue.
  • Twist's superpowers are based off of Storm from the X-Men series.