The League of Veggie Heroes is a team of superheroes, lead by Larry-Boy.

The team is consists of:

Aprilcot temporary joined the team, though it was an act to sabotage the team.


The team was unofficially formed prior to Motato's 100th captured by Larry-Boy, when it was only him, Junior Jetpack, Night Pony, and JimmyBoy. After finding out about that everyone was ignoring Larry-Boy and thinking they're going against him and having their own group, he decided to stop his comrades, only to find out they were planning a surprise party for what happened earlier. Larry-Boy apologized about the miscommunication, but Night Pony thought what he said about forming a team would be a great idea. Archibald Asparagus planned ahead and gave the team their own base of operations called the Hall of Produce, and the group decided to officially start the team!

How to be part of the team

Since the team formation, the only way to proven noteworthy as part of it is show how heroic you are as a superhero. The only exception was Bob, as he wanted to be part of it desperately, despite not being a superhero.


In the episode Aprilcot, it is revealed that each hero has their own ranks, which is based on how much they serve justice. The highest level is 10, and once the hero gets to that level, they can gain access to the Hall of Produce Super Computer. It's unknown which level each of the members have, though it's possible Larry-Boy is 10, while JimmyBoy is the lowest.


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