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The League of Incredible Vegetables are a team of superheroes.

The team is consistent of;

  • Larry-Boy
  • ThingamaBob
  • Vogue
  • S-Cape
  • Ricochet
  • Alfred


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  • Species: Tomato

ThingamaBob is one of the members of the League of Incredible Vegetables.

Physical Appearance and Abilities

ThingamaBob is a red tomato who wears a gold mask and belt, which contains the team's emblem.

Like the other members, he has no real super powers and uses his costume instead to battle. His belt has a lot of functions, such as arms and gadgets (similar to Larry-Boy's belt from the cartoon series). He also has a hammer.

Fun Facts

  • The name is often known as a place holder for something someone forgets.
  • Even though Bob had a alter ego from Bad Apple, this is a brand new hero identity. Mike Nawrocki stated this because younger fans didn't get the Robin reference due to his lack of appearances in the recent Batman media.
  • According to the episode's website, his favorite superhero is Batman.
  • His gold color scheme is similar to Marvel's Iron Man, while his hammer is similar to Thor.
  • His biggest fear are monkeys.
  • When Big Idea began work on superhero spoofs, the initial plan was that Bob would be the one to adopt the persona of Bat-Bob, with Larry-Boy being his sidekick. This changed, however, when they decided that Larry-Boy seemed to be a lot funnier, and thus the idea of Bob having a superhero identity was shelved until The League of Incredible Vegetables.
  • The fact ThingamaBob uses gadgets to fight crime is similar to the titular hero of the 1980s cartoon Inspector Gadget.
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