Larry the Sleepwalker

Bill Breneisen


Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


September 23, 2016


11 minutes

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Larry the Sleepwalker is the first half of the sixth episode from the fourth season of VeggieTales in the House.


At home, Larry is reading a comic book while asking "What's so super about a superhero anyway?" then reads another page, quipping that "that's pretty super". The doorbell then rings, which catches Larry's attention, as he excitedly says, "Could it be?" and when he answers the door, he is excited to see a package in front of the door, realizing that it is and that his box came. When Larry opens the box, he is dazzled to find that there was a brand new rubber ducky in the box, happy that his new rubber ducky came. Larry squeaks the ducky a few times, before Bob comes out from the kitchen asking what that noise is. Larry answers that it's his new rubber ducky and holds it front of Bob while squeaking it, something which Bob is not too thrilled about. Bob tells Larry that the ducky is very loud and for Larry to be respectful and not squeeze it too much, which Larry responds to with, "You can count on me!" Bob bids good night to Larry, who also bids good night back to him, as Bob gets into his tomato elevator and goes up to his room.

After Bob has gone upstairs, Larry says, "Now, to sleep!" which he does as he goes up to his room and gets his night cap, turns out the lights, gets into bed, then goes to sleep as he starts to dream. In Larry's dream, Larry starts singing about having a dream about having pants on his head. After the song and dream ends, Larry still sleeps on, but while doing so keeps squeaking the ducky, which Bob is able to hear from inside his room, waking him up. Because of that, Bob gets out of bed and enters Larry's room, where Larry is still sleeping and squeaking the ducky. Bob takes the ducky away from Larry, but in doing so, Larry gets up out of bed while still asleep, which Bob is confused to see, before Larry comes up to him while asleep and each way Bob holds up the ducky, Larry tries to reach out at the ducky, before taking the ducky back from Bob and getting back into bed again. Despite this, Bob still does not want Larry sleeping while squeaking the ducky so he takes it away from him again and tells him that he can have it back in the morning then puts the ducky into Larry's drawer before going back to this room again. After Bob has left, Larry gets up out of bed again while still asleep and takes the ducky out of the drawer again. Just as Bob is finally able to sleep again, the sound of the ducky squeaking wakes him up again, so he goes back into Larry's room, takes the ducky again, and this time, hides it in the refrigerator in the kitchen, before going back up to his room again.

After Bob goes back upstairs again, however, Larry enters the living room while still asleep and goes into the kitchen and gets his rubber ducky back again. Larry then gets back into bed again and resumes squeaking the ducky again while asleep, which annoys Bob once again as he enters Larry's room again. This time, Bob has had enough as he takes the ducky away again and throws it out the window, the ducky landing on Mr. Lunt's monster truck while he is driving it. After that, Bob is satisfied that he finally got rid of Larry's ducky before he goes back to bed again. However, later in the night, Larry still gets out of bed while still sleeping and goes off to look for his ducky, the sound of the door waking up Bob again. Bob then goes out the door and becomes surprised when he sees Larry chasing after the ducky in Mr. Lunt's monster truck, which is doing donuts in front of Bob and Larry's house. Mr. Lunt asks which way he was going, then remembers off the countertop, which he does as Larry still chases him, but Bob holds him back. Mr. Lunt still drives his monster truck through town, before the ducky then falls off the back and hits Bacon Bill while he is carrying a golf club, just as the ducky lands on his head, which is then covered by his pirate hat. Despite this, Bacon Bill still continues on while still carrying the golf club. The next morning, Bob carries the still-sleeping Larry downstairs and puts him on the couch.

Seconds later, Larry wakes up and bids Bob a good morning, then becomes surprised when he sees that he's now in the living room instead of in his bedroom, thinking that his room got huge. Bob corrects Larry that he slept-walked outside and that he saved him from jumping off the counter and that he kept him up all night squeezing the ducky. Larry says that he didn't mean to, while Bob counters back that it wasn't very respectful. Outside the House, Bacon Bill has gone to play golf, picking a perfect place to play, before he sets the golf ball on the ground and prepares to hit it, while struggling to find the proper term that golfers shout when they prepare to hit the ball, then finally yells "Fore!" as he hits the ball. The ball sails through the air until landing in the pond, which Bacon Bill is excited to see as he jumps up in excitement and takes off his hat while saying "Goal in one!", revealing the ducky still on his head. Bacon Bill then says that he wishes that he brought more than one ball, before noticing the ducky on his head, which he then sets on the ground, then hits it with his golf club. However, Bacon Bill hits it the wrong way as he says, "Aw, bacon bits!" while the ducky bounces off the side of the fountain in the pond, off a bush, and back into the House while bouncing off the kitchen faucet, then lands into the chimney of Ichabeezer's mansion, landing right in front of Rooney who is sleeping, before he wakes up and notices the ducky. Back at Bob and Larry's house, Bob is reading a book when his phone starts ringing, so he answers it while saying, "Hello? Mmm-hmm. You don't say".

Larry then comes up to Bob, asking him if he's seen his rubber ducky, but because Bob is still talking on the phone, he says, "Yes, of course!" which causes Larry to think that Bob has seen his rubber ducky. However, Bob then says, "No, no, no, not at all" before Larry then says, "You have or haven't seen it?" while Bob then says, "Well, you can never be too sure" while Larry then says, "You aren't sure if you've seen my rubber ducky?" Bob then asks the person on the phone "Have you tried Paris?" which causes Larry to think that his rubber ducky is in Paris so he runs off, just as Bob concludes his phone call. Bob then passes by Larry, who is now wearing a beret and carrying a paper bag with a baguette in it, while Bob says that he's going to bed, while Larry is surprised that Bob was on the phone the whole time, then sadly goes upstairs. Bob then enters his room, ready for a good night's sleep then gleefully states that he hopes that he dreams about socks again then goes to sleep. Likewise, Larry also gets into bed and does his usual bedtime checklist, but this time says, "Rubber ducky, uncheck" then goes to sleep once again. However, Larry starts sleepwalking again while looking for his ducky, then opens and closes the door, which once again wakes up Bob. Bob goes downstairs again and is surprised to see Larry sleepwalking on the countertop again while trying to find his ducky. Because of that, Bob gets down to the bottom and places several pillows on the ground, but Larry instead lands on him instead of on the pillows. Larry then sleepwalks past Pa Grape's store, while Bob tries to catch up with him to stop him, though Larry manages to dodge his way past all the traffic while still sleepwalking.

Larry then sleepwalks towards Ichabeezer's mansion and tries to enter the mansion, but keeps bumping into the doors. Inside, Ichabeezer hears Larry bumping against the door while saying that he's coming, then adds that there's a hundred percent chance that he wants him off his lawn. Larry then enters the mansion, knocking over Ichabeezer, while Bob also knocks over Ichabeezer while chasing after Larry, just as Larry approaches Rooney who has the ducky, but Rooney runs away while carrying the ducky. Rooney then enters one door, while Larry chases after him, with Bob likewise chasing after Larry, the chase continuing through the other doors in Ichabeezer's mansion. When Bob comes out from one of the doors, he tries to find where Larry went, but he gets hit by the middle door thanks to Rooney, before Larry also comes out from the door as well while still chasing after Rooney. When Ichabeezer tries to stop Rooney, he gets knocked over again by Rooney, then Larry, then Bob, before Rooney then goes upstairs, Larry still chasing after Rooney and knocking over the suit of armor bust, which Bob manages to stop from falling over. Rooney is still running away with the ducky with Larry still chasing after him, just as Bob gets the suit of armor bust back in place again, before Rooney comes back downstairs again, followed by Larry, who knocks the suit of armor bust over once again. Rooney then runs out the door while carrying the ducky, Larry still chasing after him, before Rooney then places the ducky next to some bags of trash that are laying next to the fence surrounding Ichabeezer's mansion.

However, when Rooney tries to go back for the ducky, it ends up getting taken away along with the rest of the trash by Jimmy and Jerry, who are acting as garbagemen working the night shift. The truck then drives away, while Rooney can only watch in shock, while Larry still sleepwalks after the truck to get his ducky back, while Bob still chases after Larry. Jimmy and Jerry are still driving the truck, just as Larry sleepwalks in front of them, which causes Jimmy and Jerry to panic, as the truck swerves out of control, and also causing the ducky to fly out of the back of the truck. The ducky bounces off a lamppost, off an awning, and lands on top of one of the ceiling fan's blades while down below, Larry starts sleepwalking into the elevator that leads to Mayor Archibald's office, while Bob still chases after him, but the elevator closes before Bob can reach Larry. After reaching the top floor, Larry gets out of the elevator and sleepwalks once again, while Bob also reaches the top floor as well in time to see Larry standing on top of a giant candle holder then bounces off a giant ball and landing on top of the ceiling fan to get at the ducky. Bob tries doing what Larry did as he bounces off the giant ball, at the same time that Larry gets his ducky back, but Bob misses landing on the ceiling fan and instead grabs hold of the cord, which turns on the ceiling fan as it starts spinning. The force of the spinning ceiling fan causes both Larry and the ducky to fly off the ceiling fan as Larry bounces off the couch, off the awning, then back towards the ceiling fan, running into Bob, which causes the two to fall down into the fountain in the town center.

At the same time, the ducky flies across the House as it bounces off the top of the counter and out the window before bouncing down a trail that leads to a construction zone and lands in a metal pail. The pail then gets picked up by the hook of crane and lifted up to the top of a building that is under construction. The next morning, Bob is asking Larry what happened last night, Larry answering that either he slept-walked again or his pillow is an anvil, deciding that it's one or the other. However, they are approaching Jimmy and Jerry, who immediately hide when they see Larry coming their way, while he and Bob pass them by, while Jerry says, "Destructive!" At Ichabeezer's mansion, Ichabeezer is getting the paper, but when he sees Bob and Larry coming, he says, "Not again!" and runs back inside his mansion while Bob and Larry pass by, Bob asking Larry when this all started. Larry answers that he's been sleepwalking ever since his rubber ducky went missing, which causes Bob to realize what he did, before he confesses to Larry that he threw out his rubber ducky, then tells Larry that he said that he should be respectful when it was him who should have been respectful, which Larry says is a twist. Bob then suggests to Larry that they try replacing the rubber ducky with something else, which Larry says is worth a shot then thanks Bob. At Bob and Larry's home at night, Bob is sitting in a rocking chair while holding a book, while Larry is in bed with several toys, ranging from a teddy bear, a pony, a ThunderLion Ultra-Veggie action figure, a toy robot, and a striped ball, while Bob tells Larry that hopefully, one of them will do the trick but he's staying with Larry just in case.

Soon, Larry is asleep with the lights off, while Bob is still reading his book, before Larry gets up and prepares to sleepwalk again, but this time, Bob pulls out a lasso and lassos Larry to try to keep him under control. Unfortunately for Bob, Larry still jumps into his chute that leads to the living room, pulling Bob with him, until landing in the living room again, before Larry then leaves the house again and goes off into the town again to try to find his ducky, while still pulling Bob along from behind. Madame Blueberry is carrying a stack of pies when Larry comes her way while still pulling Bob with him, which Madame Blueberry is surprised to see. Larry then bumps into the stack of pies, which sends them airborne, though Madame Blueberry is able to catch the pies, but one last pie still lands on her head, which in turn causes her to drop the rest of the pies. Larry is sleepwalking while pulling Bob before getting onto a skateboard and somehow putting on a helmet, skateboarding right towards a grove of potted cacti that are in the town center. Bob ends up crashing through the cacti and ends up getting some needles all over him, while Larry then skateboards towards Jimmy and Jerry once again, before Bob ends up getting thrown into the back of the garbage truck, but gets out again. Larry then skateboards on top of the House while still asleep lands in a tree then comes back down to the ground again, while Bob still follows him, but slips on the skateboard that Larry left behind.

Bob then looks to see Larry sleepwalking towards the construction zone, where the ducky is still perched on top of the still-under-construction building. Bob realizes that Larry is sleepwalking towards the ducky then offers to help Larry get the ducky. Bob then follows after Larry, who sleepwalks into a pipe up towards the top of the building, while Bob goes over to the crane and controls the crane, which causes it to carry a girder towards the other end of the pipe, which Larry comes out of as he steps onto the girder then steps onto the structure of the building as he resumes sleepwalking towards the ducky. However, just as Larry is about to reach the ducky, a butterfly lands on the ducky, which causes it to fall off the building before Larry can reach it so he climbs back down again. The ducky bounces off the sides of the building structure then lands on a girder that is placed in a see-saw-style manner on the ground, which Bob is surprised to see as he rushes over to get the ducky, but in doing so, he ends up inadvertently causing the crane to drop the girder, so because of that, when Bob tries to get the ducky, the girder then falls onto the other girder, which catapults the ducky up into the air once again and flies past Larry again who goes back the way he came again, before the ducky lands on another part of the building structure.

Bob goes back to the crane again and controls the hook, trying to slightly nudge the ducky off the building structure, until knocking the ducky off as it falls past Larry who is still sleepwalking down the structure until the ducky lands in the metal pail again. Bob is even more frustrated, but nonetheless uses the crane's hook to pick up the pail with the ducky in it, but the hook starts swinging around, which causes the ducky to fall out of the pail again and bounce back down the structure again until landing in a mini elevator that rises up the structure, while Larry climbs up one of the ropes after the ducky. When the elevator makes it to the top of the structure again, the ducky rolls out while Larry still sleepwalks after it again. The ducky then bounces off the edge before Larry jumps off after it and is finally able to catch it again. However, because Larry is still in mid-air, he ends up falling, which prompts Bob to control the crane again as it swings the hook around, before Bob jumps onto the hook and swings around as he catches Larry, before the two crash to the ground again. After the whole ordeal is over, Bob is finally relieved before he goes to sleep, but Larry starts squeaking the ducky once again, which annoys Bob once again.


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  • The title card depicts Larry with a hard hat on, but he never wore it in the actual episode.

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