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Larry and Bacon Bill, at first had a ruffled relationship despite having similar backgrounds. Though they became good friends afterward. Even if they get onto each other's nerves (Bill doesn't get it), they still like each other.




  • Bacon and Ice Cream - Larry didn't like taking Bacon Bill along while delivering ice cream.
  • Beatbox Bill - Larry didn't like Bill for being a showboat in their band.


  • Bacon and Ice Cream - Larry scolds at Bill after dealing with him.
  • Popcorntastrophe! - Larry yells at Bill after he accidentally broke the television set.
  • Crossing Guard - Larry arrests Bill for showing mercy to Bob.
  • Beatbox Bill - Larry is mad at Bill being popular.
  • Delivery Boys - Larry is mad at Bill for being fast on his shark rocket by delivering pizza. 
  • The Truth Hurts - Larry scolds at Bill for showing lacking skills in every area and qualified to be on his team.