Larry Lights the Way is a book released in 2003.

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Larry Lights the Way



Kids ages 4 to 8 will enjoy seeing their favorite characters in an all new VeggieTales story that helps them understand that God made everyone special.

When 8-year-old Prince Junior is suddenly anointed King, he realizes the entire kingdom is filled with very grumpy veggies, except for one: Larry the Lamp Lighter. Larry is cheerful, polite, and full of encouragement. Soon, the young king wonders how he can help his whole kingdom face each day with a cheerful heart.

King Junior decides the kingdom needs to learn to use the gifts God has given them in order to rid their lives of grumpiness. So, he challenges them to solve a riddle and requests that everyone present their solution at a royal banquet. But this makes the people even grumpier -- until Larry the Lamp Lighter encourages everyone by helping them realize that God made them special.

This beautifully illustrated book helps kids understand that God has blessed everyone in a special way, and he wants each person to use their gifts to serve others.

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