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This article is about the special compilation. You may be looking for the song or the book.
Larry Learns to Listen
Directed by

Mike Nawrocki

Produced by

Chris Wall

Written by

Mike Nawrocki


September 10, 2011


1 hour and 12 minutes

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Larry Learns to Listen is a special VeggieTales compilation, and is based on the book of the same name.


Larry is seen trying to saw a tree with Bob looking confused. He tells him that he is doing an philosophical experiment on "listening" about what happens when a tree falls down and no one is around to hear it. Bob asks that he thinks the experiment might not be a good idea, but Larry doesn't want to stop and tells his friend about last week when he wanted to know what came first (the chicken or the egg) by dropping them at the same time.

After an hour has passed, both hosts recap on what they watched. Just then, a chicken named Lucy came by to give Larry a piece of paper, which contains a Bible verse. He later apologizes about what he did to her last week. Bob was rather surprised how Larry did for the special, but that just ended when the tree start to fall down and cause the camera to flip upside down.




Larry Learns to Listen/Features

Fun Facts


  • The experiment Larry does is a philosophical thought that raises questions regarding observation and knowledge of reality.
  • The chicken or the egg question is a common scientific theory of which of the two came first.
  • The test Larry did on egg dropping is possibly based on these two:
    1. It is similar on the gravity test that was done by Galileo.
    2. There is a egg drop test that is done by schools, where students need to find a way to drop an egg without smashing it.



  • Because Josh was made in 4:3, it was stretched to fit the rest of the video.
  • The Song of the Cebú is credited, but does not appear in the special, only showing up as a bonus feature on the DVD.


Inside References

  • The Space Squadron controller and console are re-colored versions of the Turbo 3000 console.

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